113. All I ever wanted

Brielle Clarke


Maxim had no plans of making use of the toys anyway.

It was very late at night and every sane person that was present at that party was asleep already, but not me and Maxim.

I was naked and on my knees. The only accessory on my body was the collar that Maxim made me wear. It was black with a silver pendant that had his name on it. It was very derogatory, but it felt hot as fuck.

Maxim had me waiting on my knees while he freshened up, which made me anticipate what was going to happen. Only thinking about sex with Maxim had my arousal dripping down my thighs and he hadn’t done anything yet.

I heard the closet door open and my eyes snapped up. Maxim was still fully dressed in his three-piece suit, with his tie in place.

“Who said you could look at me, whore?”

My gaze dropped immediately before I could think twice about it. I heard him approach me and in no time, he was squatting in front of me.

He lifted my chin, finally giving me permission to look. My eyes were stuck
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goodnovel comment avatar
Awesome read thank you
goodnovel comment avatar
Such great book to bad we did get epilog but love it amazing
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Kanze Amir
the book to Sooo good... I wished that there was at least 1 epilog to read... gonna missed them

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