110. Just like that, it’s over

Brielle Clarke


I looked up when I heard the door open, already knowing it was going to be Maxim.

I felt awful.

Maxim had seriously told me not to leave the house yet I did, putting myself and my sisters in danger, along with Maxim because who knew what his father wanted to do to him.

From the snippets of conversations I’d heard around the house, Maxim had been provoking his father. Maybe, it was finally time for his father to retaliate and he was only able to get to Maxim through me.

I was scared as fuck, but I felt even more guilty.

Maxim looked right at me and took a step forward, only for his father to point the gun at me, making him come to a stop immediately. “Not so fast, boy.” He shook his head mockingly. “Are you that eager to save her?”

I saw him clench his fists before putting them in his pocket. “What do you want?”

“For you to undo all the stupid stunts you pulled.”

“I’m sorry I can’t restore burnt buildings.” Maxim gritted out, unable to withhold his sarcasm even in
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