107. Trouble in paradise

Maxim Vasiliev


Brielle’s bright idea was to ignore me. She didn’t talk to me all day when on a normal day, she would come into my office at least, five times. She didn’t sleep in the room as well and I hadn’t seen her all day, except for when we all had breakfast together this morning.

I didn’t know why she was acting up when all I was doing was for her safety. I didn’t tell her she couldn’t go out. I just told her she shouldn’t go out until it was relatively safe; when she could go out without me worrying that my evil father would get to her.

“Trouble in paradise?” Mikhail laughed as he joined me in the gym.

I rolled my eyes. It was obvious she had told him about it already. Sometimes, I wondered if he was my best friend or hers, but then again, aside from Marina, he was the only close friend she had.

“She’s being a child.” I understood that she had been locked in all her life but she was twenty-two, an adult, and now exposed enough to know that I was only looking after her.

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