Protected by the bully (#2 in Bully Series)

Protected by the bully (#2 in Bully Series)

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
Language: English
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Book #1 Marked by the bully Book #2 Protected by the bully ________ Having fallen for his best friend's mate, Zander's finding it difficult to keep up with his promises as a best friend. It is hard to draw her out of his head. Everything about her has attracted him. And watching her around him all the time with his best friend is having an adverse effect on him. He hates it when they kiss, when his friend touches her, and when she lingers around him to make her boyfriend feel jealous. Zander's trying hard to keep it easy between them but in vain— until a mysterious message pops up in his messenger. ***"Hii!" "Who's this?" "You guess *winking emoji*" "Fuc** you" "I asked you to guess, not to swear on me." "I'm asking you for the last time.. Tell me WHO ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" "I wish that was 'I LOVE' than 'WHO ARE' before that YOUUUUUUUUU. *monkey hides face emoji*" "Go to hell..." "Hey, wait! I'll tell you who I am *sighing emoji*" "Bark" "I am," "You are???" "I am... Your mate!" "Wait, what? Hey, where are you going come back online and talk to me. At least tell me your name!" //Protected by the bully//**Book #2 for Bully Series. Can't be read as a stand alone, so it's recommended that you read book #1 first.**

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119 Chapters
Protected by the bully
||Disclaimer||   'Protected by the Bully'    Copyright ©️ 2021 by Chantinglove138    All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or publisher except for the use of brief quotations in critical articles or reviews. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.   Stealing of my work/any idea or portion of the book may result to severe punishment to whoever who plagiarizes as it is a serious crime and won't be excused.    This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is purely coincidental.   ______ Book #1 Marked by the bu
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Chapter 2
  2...   “Zander Brown, I know you are not sleeping, so get up quickly!” Mrs. Brown heaved.  
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Chapter 3
 3 At the school, Zander stopped his car in the parking area. He removed the strap of his seat belt and opened the door to get out. As soon as he kicked the door behind, Ryley, his best friend pounded on him from the back and screamed near his ear. "What the!! Bitch, have you gone insane." Zander hissed as he caressed his ear lobe with the forefinger. He only got a sweet cute smile in return from Ryley, "You can say that though. I really feel amazing. Returning to school never felt so amazing!" "Yeah, yeah." Zander rolled his eyes. "I can see where this foolishness is coming from." He remarked, looking behind Ryley over Valen's figure that has kneeled to the ground. She was Ryley's mate.  She was doing something. It was not visible but Zander could bet she was up to something foolish.  "Ohh, her, she is playing with
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Chapter 4
4'What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I feel so weird around her? Jeez, she should not affect me like that.' Zander stared at his reflection in the restroom. He had his hands placed on the slab of the basin while his dark retina eyed at his own self in the mirror. This was not a new thing for Zander. Such acts have become inevitable on his part ever since it is revealed that Valen was his mate. He cannot stop himself from getting influenced by her antics. 'She can't be mine. Nor is she my mate then why can't I cease myself from falling for her. Gosh, I will go crazy. This girl and her antics are driving me nuts. I need to get a hold on myself.' Zander sighed as he wondered about his varying behaviour softly, making sure that he was not thinking loud enough for others to catch him.  It was crazy. It indeed was. The girl whom he despised in the beginning has started
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Chapter 5
 5 Fiery poured over Zander's face while his shoulders tensed up in a spooky manner. He looked normal in his black clothes. Even then everyone could imagine him as a devil with fire igniting out of his skull with melted skin and shoulders, like red hot filaments, as it is seen in the movie Ghost Rider.  The horrors of everyone's faces came visible in the bright room as they saw the other bullies standing behind Zander while one of them (Ryley) walked toward the corner table and settled down there.  Poor guy who just expressed his mere thought tightened his shoulders and held his breaths as he could see his death standing across him.  "You were saying something buddy, weren't you?" Zander bent forward such that his facade was near the poor guy's ear while he sweated badly.  He took a deep breath and raised his shivery arm to wipe his forehead, "I..
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Chapter 6
 6 “You said something, Valentine?” Zander shifted his gaze as well as grunts towards Valen while he walked further until her table. The girls who were sitting with Valen on her table fled from there not before mouthing an apology. Everyone sat scared in the canteen except for Valen! She twisted her mouth with an ‘I don’t care!’ look on her face. Valen behaved like really she was not frightened by the bully Zander and his dark eyes that were staring at her perilously.  While others assumed that her courage came just because she was the mate to the future Alpha, Valen stood to her grounds without thinking about Ryley at all. For her, he was one of them. No matter what.  What was wrong was wrong in her perspective. She was acting like that not because she was the mate to his best friend but because it was freaking wrong! First da
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Chapter 7
 7  Zander's POV   "No, Alpha, I mean... Yes, alpha." Clarke and Yeoman coughed together, after I answered with fumbling.  They are my friends but they don't leave any moment to tease me. However, I am no less than a jerk. My one dark glare shot in their direction, as they were standing beside each other, shut them up.  They innocently looked at the floor as if they never coughed. Trust me, if it had been a different moment then I must have banged their heads with a baseball bat, my hands were tied with the invisible ropes of obedience as we were standing in front of the alpha of our pack.  I would not have minded to bang their heads across the Principal if he were alone. Who cares about his presence? Not me.  "Anyways," I had to brush away all the thoughts and focus back on alpha's word as he ki
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Chapter 8
8Reyne stacked her clothes in the little closet she was rewarded with. She had wondered that she might have to sew herself a cloth bag to keep her clothes like previously. But excitement hit her hard when she realized that she not only was given a bedroom but also a little bit of furniture that was enough for her.
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Chapter 9
9… “This is the pack house?” looking at the huge mansion standing before her, tall and massive, Reyne’s pupils closely scrutinized it in awe and bewilderment. Just like her new house, this was another outstanding building she saw on the same day. She never observed such a big pack house in her intact life. With a nice garden before the building, the big mansion attained tough across her view. She was admiring every stone of it while her father said, “This is not a pack house. This house belongs to the alpha alone.” her face snapped in his direction as eyes shockingly stared at him. Mr. Stark moved to see his daughter's face with a grimacing facade, “Reyne, in this pack, every wolf and his family is allotted a new house of his own. The concept of 'One pack house, hundred of members' is not followed here. This is the finest pack and most advanced in America." She moved her eyes back at the big building. She came from a poor family with a strict father. They kept travelling from pa
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