She Belongs To The Alphas

She Belongs To The Alphas

By:  maramartha  Completed
Language: English
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“Part your legs for me, Beth. Yes, like that. All nice and slow like a good girl.” * * * When Beth’s boyfriend of five years cheats on her, she decides she’s done being a good girl. Donned in her best party dress, she stops at a fancy club with the intention of partying and drowning herself in the best liquor they have to offer. Her plans seem to be going well until someone notices the beauty on the dance floor. A hot, handsome stranger with the most flirtatious smile she has ever seen. The two get talking, and he makes the most outlandish offer: one night in his bed. What better way to forget a cheating ex other than to let a stranger flush his memories out of her system? So, she says yes to the best night of her life. But what happens when this hot stranger demands more than a night stand with her? What will she do when another handsome man approaches her with the craziest story about werewolves?

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Will this book be continued ?
2023-10-09 07:43:01
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Delinda Schumacher
113 chapters 10-7-23
2023-10-07 23:25:32
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great story. how do one become a part of the Maraville?
2023-10-06 10:02:45
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Tone Guttormsen
Love this book and cant wait to se how the relationships turn out in the end
2023-08-29 02:39:45
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Karen McClure Morgan
Love it!!!
2023-07-23 23:38:05
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Enjoying this story. Whew, their relationship is something else. Waylen needs to just tell her already. Thank you for writing this story about a melanated girl that looks like me. Love it!
2023-06-07 06:09:43
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You have done it again!! I am hooked :) :) :) can’t believe I started this today now there is not update tomorrow. Just my luck. So excited to see where this goes. I’ll admit it, I’m also very nervous…but also excited!! Appreciate you and your writing very much!!
2023-04-16 05:21:30
114 Chapters
1: Wild, crazy, and calm
I watched the digits on the bottom of my laptop screen. My eyes stung from staring too long, but I couldn’t look away. Time seemed to be crawling where I was concerned. 4:53 pm. Seven minutes more. My fingers drummed against my worktable. From my periphery, I spied Mr. Parker, my boss, pulling out a file from a new folder. My gaze dropped to the telephone on my desk, expecting it to ring with another request from him. It didn’t. Oh. Was he working on something new? I pulled up a new screen on my laptop to check his itinerary for the rest of October. The only unchecked item on the list was a meeting with the CEO of Sterling Corps, Indiana’s most popular weaponry dealers. I still hadn’t figured out why Mr. Parker was trying to meet up with them when the company had a dealer. But I wasn’t in the position to ask that question. My job description as an assistant required obeying the boss’ orders. The phone on my table buzzed, and Fumi's name popped on my screen. I ended the call and
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2: A group in a group
The limousine pulled up in front of a giant grey building. I was closest to the window, so I rolled it down to stare in awe. There was no way anything here was affordable. Someone opened the door before I could recover. I grabbed my purse and stepped out. Becca exited through the other door. Her arm hung around my shoulders as she came to stand beside me. Her sequin dress stopped below her knee. The air was a bit chilly, but she was dressed summer style. “Alright, girls,” Becca murmured when Fumi stopped beside her. She threw her other arm around our friend’s shoulders, nudging three of us forward. “Let’s get shopping.” Her excitement was contagious. They were only tagging along, and I might end up with a dent in my account balance, but I couldn’t help giggling. A man pulled the door open for us. None of them appeared fazed by that. Younger Beth wouldn’t have batted an eye, but the older me, that had to take on more responsibilities than I bargained for, always did. The place wa
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3: Morning Quickie
WAYLENA shrill sound jarred me awake. My eyelids snapped open. I blinked at the ceiling a few times, trying to locate the source of the unfamiliar sound. Rolling onto my side, my body met with something firm. I reached for it without looking, and a smile touched my lips when my hand connected with something soft and firm. Boobs. I was touching boobs. I scooted over to the edge of the bed and plucked the phone from the stand.The unfamiliar tune cut through the air once more. I frowned at the redhead who hadn’t stirred. Whatever the human’s name was, she had to wake up. The call seemed urgent. I yanked the cover off her, expecting her to jump or protest, but she only moaned. Spanking her cute ass earned me another moan. I laughed, walking away to grab the shorts at the foot of the bed.Inside the bathroom, I splashed some water on my face. Light brown eyes stared back at me. I didn’t need to look closely to see the specks of gold in them. Show me someone who hadn’t slept well in days,
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4: Over
Ian wasn’t picking up my calls. I didn’t want to panic, but what the fuck was going on? I paced my room, the phone pressed to my ear as I listened to the ringing on the other end. Before his stupid voicemail came up, I ended the call. Becca’s name flashed on my screen as I was about to redial Ian’s number. She had talked about getting freaky with Ian tonight. Given his recent withdrawal, I was down for it as long as we didn’t go too far.I sent her a text and called my boyfriend. He picked on the first ring. For the first few seconds, I was too stunned to say a word. “Beth,” he started.“Baby.” I sat on the bed, my hand placed between my legs. Emotions swelled inside me, mostly fear, and my eyes found the ceiling as tears gathered in them. “You didn’t call or text me. I missed you, baby.” “I need to tell you something.” “Are you back?” “That’s not what this is about. I need to—” “Where are you? I could come over.”“You are not listening to me, Beth. I need to tell you something.”
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5: Slut mode activated
Lights swirled in the club, hitting my face as I tried to find my way to the bar. The only good thing Ian did was break up with me on a Friday night. I could party my sorrows away. Too bad my best friends were busy with their men to join me in this adventure. I hadn’t told them. I couldn’t tell them. Not now, not yet, not when they were thinking Ian would propose to me on his birthday. Why would he ask my best friend for my ring size if he had no plans for us? That was plain cruelty. Wickedness at its peak. Good thing I broke his key in the keyhole before leaving. He could start his new life with her by changing his locks.Again, I pushed thoughts of him out of my mind and strolled to the bar. The bartender flashed me a smile, and I leaned over, so my boobs were more visible to him. Becca would scream if she saw me right now. Fumi would probably faint. But I was in slut mode. I wanted to bring out the bad girl in me. The bad girl Ian and responsibilities tamed. My nipples strained a
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6: Good girl
The ride to his place was a blur. I didn’t recall our conversation before settling for our current destination. The car stopped, and he picked me up. My legs circled his waist, and my teeth sank into his neck, wanting more of his taste. He tasted like rich whiskey. People’s voices rang out and faded around us. If I had paid any attention, I might have noticed the unusual setting of his house. We entered the elevator, and he still wouldn’t let me down, not that I wanted him to. Once the elevator slid open and we were alone in the hallway, he became feral. He dropped me to the floor, grabbed my wrists above my head, and pinned me to the wall. I couldn’t protest when he shoved a hand into my panties and cupped my pussy. Until now, I didn’t know what I was missing. My back arched as a finger slipped into my folds. I was so slippery wet that the sound of his finger pushing in and out echoed through the walls. His lips covered mine to steal my moans and cries. When he pulled back, it
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7: Leave
A headache woke me up, followed by the sound of running water. I pressed a pillow to my face, begging the sound to stop. Who was in my bathroom? Becca and Fumi, as crazy as they were, knew better than to walk into my room when I was asleep. My hand reached for the phone that should be on the nightstand but connected with something else.I pulled the pillow down. There was a glass of water and some pills on the stool. A stool? I didn’t have a stool by my bed. I sat up. Where the hell was I? The ache between my legs brought back some memories. I hid my face in my palms and groaned. I slept with a stranger. A stranger fucked me, and I loved it. I… I wanted more. I craved him like a drug.God. I banged the side of my head as the other memories trickled in. That bastard, Ian. Waylen made so good on his promise, though. I was done with Ian. The objects in my vision danced. But I managed to get the
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8: Stop
WAYLENI fucked up. The first mistake was tailing Beth to the club. The second was fucking her. But the worst of all was breaking all the goddamn rules. I fucked a human in Indiana.What was I thinking? I pushed that image of her out of my mind, putting the anger of that scenario into the current situation. If I had been home, I might have been able to prevent this from happening. But it was too late. “Where were you?” I yelled at the man standing a few feet away from me. The windows and door shook from the force of my voice. Len, my wolf, was close to the surface and wasn’t as logical or forgiving as I was. I gripped the top of the chair so hard my claws sank into it. Silence followed my question, and I cocked my head slightly, giving Jaxon, the bastard assigned to watch my father, a chance to explain before I separated his head from his neck. Fear reeked off him like a foul
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9: Make me
It was a little past 4 pm when I woke up. There were already tons of messages from my mom to confirm that I would be in attendance, as if I had a choice. Putting on my best dress, I stood in front of the mirror and frowned. There was a mark on my neck. Granted, I had hickeys from where that bastard bit me. But this one looked different. It looked like a half-moon. What the hell? I retrieved a piece of wipe from the pack and rubbed hard at the spot, expecting the mark to go away. But it stayed. The skin around that area grew redder from scratching it. I chose to ignore it for today and move on with my life. After applying makeup and curling my hair, I was ready to go. My dress was nothing like that of yesterday. Maybe that was what drew Waylen to me. Was that his real name? Or something he used to attract girls to him? What kind of name was that, anyway? That was my first red flag, but I ignored it. My fault.My first stop was the store t
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10: The dress stays on
WAYLENBeth’s face paled as soon as she heard the click behind her. The click that signified I had locked the door, and she was alone with me. The one thing she had tried to avoid.Her heart drummed faster against her ribcage. As much as she tried to hide her fear behind that tough exterior, I could still smell it. It was almost as addictive as the smell of her arousal, and it drew me in. Len growled inside me. We wanted out, to be buried in her pussy, with our teeth deep in her neck. That was the only time he ever calmed down. The first time, actually. She had so much power over us, and she didn’t know it. I intended to keep it that way.Caging her between the sink and my stiff body, I placed my hands on each side of her hips. This position revealed the height difference and showed how easy it would be to bend her over the sink. Len liked that idea. This was his fucking fault. I was supposed to stay far away from her, but he was obsessed with her. Sta
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