Chapter 15

Sabrina stood frozen and was dumbfounded. “What…What did you say?”

Even though she had always been calm and indifferent when she faced with everything, she was shocked to the core when she heard what Sebastian said.

“Woman! You have delayed things long enough!” Sebastian had never intended to explain to Sabrina. He forcefully dragged her by her arm into the deeper end of the restaurant.

Behind him was a stunned Nigel─ the person who had just driven Sabrina here from the construction site and pretended to be Sabrina’s partner. Nigel held his forehead while he fumbled to take his phone out and nervously dialed a number.

Soon, the person on the other end picked up his call.

“Zayn, I may be dead soon.” Nigel’s voice quivered.

Zayn, who was driving, teased and asked, “What happened? Master Nigel, don’t tell me that you have already gotten with the girl you abducted an hour ago, and she almost took your life in the process?”

“I am in no mood to joke! That person was Sebastian’s woman.”

Zayn did not have the words to reply.

After a moment, Zayn said in an insincere manner, “Uh, Nigel, I …am driving now, so it’s not convenient for me to talk on the phone, bye-bye!”

Nigel was speechless. On the phone, the dial tone turned to a busy tone. He was in a panic when his arm was held on by a pretty girl with colors drained from her face. Nigel shuddered in fright, then quickly shook off the pretty girl’s hand. “What do you want?”

“Ma…Master Nigel, help me, please help… explain to me, just now, what happened?” Selene’s lips were quivering, her makeup smudged by her tears, and she looked like a ghost as she stared at Nigel in a tremble.

Nigel felt disgusted and pushed Selene away.

He could not help but snicker in his heart.

‘There was still such an idiot in the world!’

“It was obvious that he was not here to be engaged to you, but you got all dressed up and waited for him here.”

“So…Sorry, I am in trouble myself, I couldn’t help you. I’ll leave now, I need to go get an amulet to protect me from fatalities quickly.” Nigel said, with raised eyebrows and shrugged shoulders. Then he walked out of the restaurant with big strides.

Selene was embarrassed and in despair.

She turned around and saw Sebastian clutching Sabrina. They were still at the deeper end of the corridor and had not gone in. It was unclear where she had the courage, but Selene carried her wedding dress and quickly caught them up.

Selene swiftly blocked herself in front of Sebastian and Sabrina, recklessly grabbed Sabrina, and asked with her teeth clenched, “Sabrina Scott! Did you do it on purpose? You intentionally ruined my engagement party with Sebastian. Sabrina Scott, my family raised you since you were twelve, and you bit the hand that fed you. How could you be vicious? You’re vicious!”

Selene’s face was a mess from crying.

Sabrina, on the other hand, was calm without batting an eyelid. “Miss Lynn, today is my wedding day. This is my husband, and we had already gotten our marriage certificate. It’s a legal marriage. We’ve never wanted to invite you to our wedding. You came of your own volition, and you even wore a wedding dress. Are you trying to tell the world that you wish to become a homewrecker?”

“I’ve lived for so long, but this is my first time meeting a homewrecker as shameless as you.”

“Even if I take a million steps back and forgive you for being the homewrecker.”

“Even so, you still need to ask, did my husband agree?”

Her tone was extremely cold.

Each word cuts like a knife.

It was the way the Lynn family and the relatives they invited went out of their way to insult Sabrina that made her annoyed.

“A few days ago Sebastian had promised me that he would marry me two months later!” Selene did not dare to look at Sebastian’s cold and grim face but only spoke to Sabrina maliciously.

Sabrina’s tone became even plainer. “Did that have anything to do with me?”

Selene was speechless.

She was not content!

How could this have happened?

Everyone in South City knew that she, Selene Lynn, would marry Sebastian in two months. The Lynn family had also invited a lot of friends and relatives today. However, she and her parents had become a complete joke in front of them today.

How could they save their faces after this?

At this moment, Selene could not care about the rest but only felt an endless discontentment. Selene fearlessly held Sebastian, who had been furious for a long time, and pleaded, “Sebastian, you came to my house a few days ago, and personally told my parents that you would marry me in two months, have you already forgotten, Sebastian?”

Sebastian glared at Selene with a cold, sharp gaze and said with his teeth clenched, “I said two months later, not now!”

Selene was speechless.

Sebastian handed Sabrina to the make-up artist, who came in the opposite direction and said, “In half an hour, my mother would be here. Take her to change into the wedding dress and put on make-up right away!”

“Yes, Director Ford.” The make-up artist brought Sabrina to the make-up room.

Sebastian then shot his deadly chilling eyes onto Selene.

Selene shuddered in fear.

Selene suddenly recalled that she was the real impostor, and she had taken Sabrina’s place to be Sebastian’s fiancé. Could it be that Sebastian already knew that the girl who used her body to save him that night was Sabrina and not her?

If Sebastian had found out about that matter, the whole Lynn family would be eliminated by him.

Selene trembled as she was frightened. “Se...Sebastian, I’m sorry, I will leave right away.”

Before she finished her sentence, Sebastian had already grabbed her by the arm as if she was a chick and shoved her out to the door. At that moment, Lincoln and Jade were anxiously looking deep into the restaurant.

Finally, their daughter came out as they had hoped.

However, she was shoved out by Sebastian.

Lincoln and Jade were so frightened when they saw that and almost fell to the floor.

Lincoln mustered up all his courage and carefully said, “Young…Young Master Sebastian.”

“Listen!” Sebastian said without expression on his face, “If Selene hadn’t saved me, I would have gotten her killed on the spot. Now I’m asking you again, do you want compensation or marriage?”

Lincoln and Jade were in a fear state for quite some time.

They thought Sebastian brought Sabrina to wear the wedding dress because he had already known that they were deceiving him.

However, it did not seem like it now.

Lincoln immediately kept nodding his head and said, “We…We would do as you say.”

“If you want me to marry your daughter in two months ,then get lost now! Don’t show up here,” Sebastian said impatiently.

The Lynn family was truly disgusted.

However, Sebastian could not be heartless to a person who had saved his life.

Lincoln nodded his head, slightly bowed, and wiped the sweat on his forehead: “Yes, yes, yes, we’ll ...... get lost now, get lost now.”

After that, he grabbed Jade in one hand and his daughter, who was still trembling in fear, stumbled out of the Cloudella restaurant.

Sebastian straightened his suit and turned around. He walked towards the deeper end of the corridor and arrived at the dressing room. The door opened with only a slight push.

When he entered the dressing room, Sebastian was instantly stunned.
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