Chapter 14

Sabrina was stunned.

It just occurred to Sabrina that today was Sebastian and Selene’s engagement party.

As early as the day before, Sabrina had heard Lincoln mention it when she went to the Lynn family house to return the money.

She saw Selene wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, a diamond necklace around the neck, diamond earrings, and a flower crown on her head.

Selene was as beautiful as an angel from the heavens.

Selene was indeed the main character today.

Unlike her, what was she even doing here?

She looked at what she was wearing─ a white blouse covered in cinder block dust and a black skirt that was scratched up and covered in lint balls.

Was she here to beg for food?

‘What kind of ideas did Sebastian have?’

‘What did Selene and his engagement party have to do with her, and why ask her here to make a fool of herself?’

A wave of anger surged to Sabrina’s heart.

Sabrina looked at Selene with a calm but sad expression. “Yes, what am I doing here?”

“You! Sabrina Scott! You’re so shameless! Today is my engagement party with Sebastian! You’re all dirty, and your limping legs cannot even come together. How many men have you just been with, and did you just come to bring bad luck to me? Get lost!” Selene wished to tear Sabrina into pieces!

Was it easy for her to hold this engagement party with Sebastian?

Sebastian did not like publicity, so she had to keep a low profile. Even when having this engagement party, Sebastian also did not notify the Lynn family as they only found out after her father inquired about it.

It was fortunate that the Lynn family also had substantial resources, so it only took a day to prepare everything that was needed. Selene’s engagement dress, accessories, Jade’s dress and Lincoln’s suits were luxurious goods that ranged from a hundred thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars.

The Lynn family even invited a few close relatives and friends.

For a happy event like an engagement party, even if it was low profile, three or five friends still needed to be invited, right?

Jade was bragging to a few friends and family inside the main door, “Although the Ford family is ranking at the top of South City, Sebastian is a low-profile person. Being his mother-in-law, I truly liked Sebastian’s calm and dependable character.”

“Mrs. Lynn, Selene is fortunate to marry into the richest family in South City. Congratulations! In the future, friends and relatives like us can also bask in the glory of her success, so don’t be a stranger.” The family and friends smiled and flattered Jade.

The number of women who wanted to marry into South City’s Ford family could probably circle the city if they held each other’s hands, but they still had to see who could be the blessed one.

The blessed people would naturally be surrounded by others who would rush over to pay them their compliments.

While the ladies who the Lynn family invited were all busy flattering Mrs. Lynn, they heard Selene─ who was waiting for Sebastian at the door─ screamed and yelled, “Security, Security! Get this piece of trash away!”

When Lincoln and Jade came out and saw Sabrina, the couple became furious.

“Sabrina, you’re truly a piece of work. You must have heard the news of Sebastian and Selene’s engagement the day before yesterday, so you’re here to stir the pot, right?” Jade pointed her fat finger at Sabrina and poked her face.

“Come look at her, everyone! Look at her, her clothes were almost torn apart, and she walks funny. She must have just finished intercourse, and it must have been more than once. I had already forgotten that, Selene said you specialize in that kind of business at night. Did you just come after finishing your business to bring us bad luck?”

“Sabrina, we couldn’t do anything for you if you create problems for us.”

“However, if you have provoked Sebastian, then you’re just asking to be killed.” Jade degraded Sabrina with vicious words while using Sebastian’s name to bluster and threaten.

The guests also took turns to accuse and scold Sabrina.

“Did you think you could steal the limelight from Selene just because you’re here? I heard that you were fostered in Selene’s house for eight years. Eight years, but they have raised a venomous snake instead!”

“You’re a woman for sale! You came to the wrong place if you’re looking for business here. Even if men who can afford to come here planned on hiring one, they wouldn’t hire such inferior goods like you. You should be walking the streets in the slump instead.”

“Still not leaving? What an ungrateful thing! Were you thinking of ruining Selene’s happiness? What are you playing at? Why didn’t you rot in prison? Get lost! Don’t let Sebastian see you or you would be dismembered!” Lincoln aggressively shoved Sabrina out.

Right at this moment, Sabrina had an urge to bite and kill!

However, why?

Why did Sebastian ask her here?

Behind her, a voice said frivolously, “She is not a beggar. She is also not the filthy woman you talked about, and she is my partner.”

All people present here turned to look at the person behind Sabrina.

“Master Nigel?” Selene asked as she was the first to be shocked.

“Miss Lynn, congratulations on becoming Sebastian’s fiancé.” Nigel’s beautiful peach blossom eyes glanced at Selene.

“Master Nigel, you and her…” Selene looked at Sabrina in disbelief.

“That’s right, Miss Scott got out of my car and she is my partner today for your engagement party.” Nigel reached out his arm and wrapped it around Sabrina’s shoulder.

Sabrina leaned her head helplessly towards Nigel, then looked at Selene and the rest present with a dark cold gaze. “Excuse me, Miss Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn, I am the partner of Master Nigel who came to your engagement party. I am the guest of honor.”

“Follow me in!” A big strong hand suddenly pulled on Sabrina’s arm and dragged her out of Nigel’s arms.

Sabrina raised her head and saw Sebastian.

“Sebastian, you’re finally here! Do I look pretty in this dress today?” Selene quickly asked.

“Sebastian, you see, you wanted to keep a low profile, so we didn’t dare to invite people, but I don’t know how this Sabrina found out…,” Jade smiled and explained.

Halfway through her explanation, she saw the cold murderous look on Sebastian’s face and dared not continue.

“Why are you here?” Sebastian looked inconceivably at the whole Lynn family. He did not invite anyone to his and Sabrina’s engagement party─ only him, Sabrina, the pastor, and his mother.

This wedding was only to fulfill his mother’s wish.

“What?” Selene was stunned.

“Return now!” Sebastian glared at Selene with an extremely frosty gaze. “Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!”

The Lynn family and their guests were all speechless.

Sebastian then turned his frosty gaze that was as sharp as a sword to Nigel.

“Se...Sebastian. You’re holding my…” Nigel could not even complete his sentence.

Sebastian’s arms on Sabrina’s shoulder tightened. “Follow me in and change into a wedding dress now!”
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Stacy Sayavongsing
The potential is there to be a good story but too much is missing in the beginning. The reader needs more detail and description. We can’t perceive what could be a great story playing out on the mind of the author. It’s choppy and all over the place. I couldn’t get through more than a few pages.

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