Chapter 16

The woman in front of him had taken off the tattered pencil skirt and the white blouse. She had changed into a wedding dress and wore crystal heels.The height of the pair of crystal heels was ten centimeters.

Donning the heels, Sabrina seemed even taller, despite the fact that she was already 170 centimeters tall. Besides, the heels accentuated her well-proportioned long legs.

She had only changed her clothes and had not applied make-up yet.

The way she looked without make-up was enough to stun Sebastian.

She had a natural sense of coldness that she was not aware of, as if everything in the world had nothing to do with her. After having this exquisite wedding dress on, her beauty became even more effortless and unrestrained.

She looked right into his eyes with an innocent and cold look in her eyes, but did not say a word.

Sebastian felt a sudden burst of anger in his heart without knowing why.

His voice was cold with a tinge of hoarseness. “What were you up to this morning? Did you know that you nearly missed my big event?!”

“Is this our wedding?” Sabrina asked straightforwardly.

After asking that, she said to herself, “I don’t need this wedding! I think you don’t need it either. You are going to marry Selene in two months anyway. If you hold a wedding with me now in front of the Lynn family, they would treat me as their sworn enemy!”

The man immediately pinched on Sabrina’s tiny chin. “Listen, whatever that is going on between you and the Lynn family- whether you owe them or vice versa, or whatever type of tangled relationships you have, I do not care to ask.”

“There was also Nigel Connor!”

“Today was supposed to be our wedding day, but you walked out of Nigel’s car in a messy dress.”

“It seemed like you are truly a woman with a past as messy as a puddle of muddy water!”

When the man said these words, there was an inexplicable irritation in his heart.

He was inexplicably annoyed.

He saw everything clearly from the moment she got out of Nigel’s car. Sebastian was in his car and was on the phone with the hospital at that time. He wanted the hospital to delay sending his mother over by one hour.

He witnessed Nigel getting out of the car as well when he hung up the phone.

Nigel placed his arm around Sabrina in front of the crowd, and she even looked like she enjoyed leaning on Nigel’s shoulder.

Truly shameless!

“Mr. Ford!” Sabrina’s chin was hurting from being pinched by him.

However, she gritted her teeth and did not scream in pain. She said in a plain tone, “The thing between the two of us is only a two-month contractual relationship. When I went to the Lynn’s, you discussed your wedding with the Lynn family in front of me, and I didn’t even bother you at all, so I hope you wouldn’t interfere with matters regarding my personal relationships too.”

The man sneered. ‘This woman truly had a lot of guts.’

She dared to bargain with him.

“Did you think you have a say when it comes to me?” Sebastian asked with a light snort.

Sabrina said, “Why?! We are in a partnership, why shouldn’t I have a say?”

“I am the one paying you, and you are the one serving me, of course you don’t have a say! Since you signed the contract with me, you should properly marry me, play your part as Mrs. Ford, and diligently serve your mother-in-law! If I find out about your crap during my marriage with you, you would die without a burial place!” said Sebastian with a flat tone as well.

It was almost impossible to detect his emotions from his words.

However, Sabrina understood well that he was indeed vicious, but he was also a man with money, power, and influence.

Otherwise, the Lynn family would not be afraid of him and behaved like lackeys in front of him. On the other hand, Selene was so eager to marry him.

Sabrina bit her lips and softened her tone. “I went to the construction site for an interview today. Master Nigel is the owner’s son of the real estate company that I applied to. When you called me to come here in a hurry, I could not wait for the bus and he offered to send me here. That was all we were.”

“What job did you apply for?” The man frowned.

“Bricklayer.” Sabrina’s tone sounded a little down.

She had taken the trouble to hand-draw the designs and construction drawings. She had drawn so perfectly and meticulously. However, the recruiter did not want her as much because she did not have any academic achievements.

Unexpectedly, he hired her as a ghost designer instead.

A ghost designer was an anonymous designer who specialized in providing drawings for other slightly more established designers in the field. All the credit would go to the other designer.

She would get nothing, no matter how great her drawings were.

Moreover, she understood from Nigel’s words that a huge portion of her work in the future might be doing odd jobs on the construction site.

“You’re going to move bricks at the construction site?” Sebastian did not expect that at all.

“Are you, Mr. Ford, going to be restricting my work as well?” Sabrina asked with a sneer.

The man’s anger has reduced quite a bit. He released Sabrina and instructed the make-up artist, “Do her make-up. I’ll wait outside.”

“Alright, Director Ford.” The make-up artist took Sabrina to the inner room. There was a make-up table in the room with all kinds of cosmetics and skincare products.

Sabrina’s make-up was complete after half an hour.

After the make-up artist put the veil on her, Sabrina walked out of the make-up room. Sebastian─ who was sitting outside the door ─ saw Sabrina, and he was suddenly stunned again.

Sabrina was indeed really beautiful.

Without any make-up, she had a natural sense of coldness that she was not aware of. After putting on make-up, she exuded a kind of unique beauty that was aloof.

If Selene, who was also wearing a wedding dress but had heavy make-up, was standing right in front of Sabrina at this moment, she could not be compared to Sabrina.

After Sebastian froze for a few seconds, he raised his elbow and ordered her, “Take my arm.”

Sabrina was speechless.

Apart from having collided with him in the bathroom on the first day she stayed at his place and being pulled in just now as he forcefully clutched her wrist, she had not had close contact with him, let alone to hold his arm.

They were extremely unfamiliar with each other.

When she was still hesitating, the man grabbed her arm and forcefully stuffed it into his bent elbow.

Sabrina suddenly had a dazed sensation.

She recalled the man who was dying in the darkness. The man was very strong and domineering. After he thoroughly enjoyed the front, he made her turn her back to face him. She was controlled by the man in his arms and did not have any power to counter, let alone seeing that man. She only remembered that man also lifted her arm in such a strong way, and the way Sebastian lifted her arm felt the same.

The man had already led her towards the front end of the restaurant while she was in a daze.

Sabrina knew that he must have wanted her to greet someone with him.

The two stood at the restaurant entrance, and they saw someone pushing a wheelchair towards them. Sabrina took a look and saw that the person in the wheelchair was indeed Grace.

Grace looked at Sabrina with a benevolent face and asked, “Sabbie, did you like this surprise from me?”
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Dominique Patricia
When will she tell Sebastian that she’s the one that saved him and that she is also pregnant!! I’m on chapter 16 still reading love this book so far

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