15 Misunderstanding


I had never been so uncomfortable in my life. Normally, I should have been overjoyed that we were finally going to investigate the matter, and I should have been grateful for Uncle Leo's determination to explore the islands in the east. However, an unsettling thought lingered in my mind—I would be spending more time with Josephine than I had expected. Being away from her would certainly make dealing with the bond a lot easier. I couldn't trust myself to behave appropriately with her close by. As our parents assigned roles for the investigation, I stood there silently, unable to voice my concerns. I knew I should simply be thankful because they were all going above and beyond for my sake.

When my father dismissed the rest of us and asked Justin to stay, I wanted to remain too, but it seemed I wasn't meant to be privy to their private conversation. Justin, being the oldest, would be responsible for all of us, and I assumed there would be additional instructions that we wouldn't
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