16 A Strong Maybe


As the time approached for our picnic on the mountain, Miles and Marvin had already gone ahead to help Noah and Sebastien with the preparations, leaving Oliver and me in our room. We were planning to catch up with them soon. I watched as Oliver meticulously tried on three different shirts, putting in a lot of effort to look good for Elaine. His fashion dilemma amused me, and he joined in on the laughter when he noticed me chuckling.

Out of the blue, Oliver asked, "What's going on between you and Josephine? Did you guys have some kind of disagreement?" I was taken aback by the question.

"Not really; why do you ask?" I responded, trying to hide any unease in my tone.

"I've noticed that she usually keeps her distance now. She used to be friendly—giving a little hi or hello and laughing at our jokes. However, she's been rather cold this week," Oliver explained, expressing his observations.

I couldn't hide the truth and told him, "She mentioned that we made fun of her two years ago
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Holly Bee
amazing chapter as always
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i hope they work out

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