152 Mike's Angle  


It was time to question Mike, and Noah was the first to link me. Of course, he would be eager. He had a theory, and Mike’s account would help him fit the pieces together. His reasons differed from Liam's and mine. Mike was a puzzle Noah and Sebastien wanted to solve, while we wanted to find a way to save Sophia and exonerate Mike if he was innocent.

Jellewes came with Lily to get Sophia. My entire team would have to be present at the questioning, so Harper and Jo would not be available.

I needed Lily and Jewelles to help take her mind off what was happening. Jewelles and Lilly planned to keep her occupied until after the questioning. I thanked them for their kindness.

Although Lisa's team were not invited, Lisa insisted to be a part of it. My sister was overzealous like that. I couldn't wait for her to settle down and get on with her life. Tanya had returned home to her mate. The entire ordeal with Harper had shaken her completely. I doubted she would be volunteering for a
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Tessa Martin-Leyva
Also, with both of Glenda, and daughter being alphas with enhanced powers, Mike was an easy kill, he’s a beta, and again, he had the box with the drugs and the note, he had plenty proof, and the confession from the dead alpha, who did have hidden documents about at his place. Glad he’s innocent tho
goodnovel comment avatar
Tessa Martin-Leyva
He could’ve proof his innocence with the box and the note to Glenda from the sender…
goodnovel comment avatar
Cheryl Williams
So they're putting the pieces and money together. I had hoped that Mike wasn't involved. However, his running away made it seem he was guilty ...

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