153 Reminiscing 


While Sophia was with her father. I decided to make some plans. The case seemed closed on our side.

We had finished the initial assignment, which was figuring out what happened that night.

Uncle Sylvester had also explained that only people with jurisdiction can interfere with the case onward.

There wasn't much to do but pick up the people mentioned. It was over, meaning an alpha would be appointed for Grizlo. It meant we would have to get to our normal lives, and I could not see a normal life without Sophia. I was nervous now that her father had been found and he would be free. I wondered if she would feel the same.

I hoped to drag the case a bit longer, but it was impossible. I decided to call the staff at my house in Lucland to fix the place up. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew that once Sophia turned eighteen, I would not hesitate. She had asked me about where I lived in Lucland. I planned to spend time with her there and live with her in the near future if she would hav
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Petagay Thompson
I agree. I love them
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Marlenny Fernandez
Y’all have it wrong. Leo is very proud and have trust in his sons but he’s not the type of man that will cover the sun with a finger and pretend he doesn’t know what his sons are capable of. They are mischievous and impulsive and that’s what worries him. But he’ll come alone
goodnovel comment avatar
I love how he has taken to her. I wish Leo would show more faith and pride in his twins can't wait for them to find their mate. I wonder if they will share

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