Chapter 93





The moment Bobby walked out the door her heart dropped. She couldn't just let him walk away from her. Lily refused to believe all their secret kissing sessions meant nothing to him.

"Hey wait!" she shouted jogging down the dirt driveway after Bobby. He stopped and turned to face her. "That's it. You're just leaving?" she asked angrily.

"Yes I am. I'm not dying for this shit. If you are smart you'd leave too" He replied casually. Lily placed her hand on her hip.

"What about me? About us?" She questioned steeping closer.

"Get real, there is no us. I mean come on the making out was ok but I only did it because my options were limited and I knew you wanted me" He arrogantly gloated. Lily slapped him hard across the face. The

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More chapters???
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Bharti Surela
how can i read remaining chapters...
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Bharti Surela
these is no chapter after 93

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