Chapter 90

Marie Pov

In a matter of seconds, everything changed. The brother I grew up with was no more...

Everyone watched speechless as Seb disappeared right before their eyes. The sound he was making was anything but human. Marie thought it reminded her of a lion but deeper. So deep in fact that she could feel it in her own chest.

"What do you mean roar of the wolf?" She questioned Helia

"I mean that your brother is very special. Just watch" The crone replied.

Marie turned her attention back to Seb and her heart dropped. Seb wasn't howling anymore but growling. His eyes were beaming a bright yellow and had doubled in size. His fingernails had changed into claws and he began using them to rip off large chucks of skin off his chest. Beneath the skin was black thick fur like hair. It was the color of the night sky and so

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