Chapter 89



Simon Pov

Simon was nervous but he didn't want to show it. Marie on the other hand looked fearless. She stared down Talon with a bravery he didn't expect. Still he worried for both their safety. With everyone else gone, they had next to no chance taking out the vampires alone.

"Why don't you just walk away Talon, while you still can. And take your pet too" Marie bit out. Talon folded his arms and a sly grin covered his face. The smile was unnerving.

Kim however hadn't spoken a word. Since they popped up she didn't really even pay them any attention. Instead she continued to stare at the palm of her hand as if something were there…

"I'll go little girl if I can take you with me" Talon replied with a wink. Marie balled her fist.


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