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“I, Edric Jordan, future beta of Madeva Shine Pack rejects you Edna Whitney as my mate. From now henceforth, no bond binds us together!”  All Edna has known all her life was pain because of her unique birth. Pain, hate and loneliness were the only friends she had. Despite all that, Edna gave herself hope that one day, she would find her mate who would protect and be there for her. Today, her joy knew no bounds when her wolf directed her to Edric, future beta of Madeva Shine Pack who is also her boyfriend who turned out to be her mate, but her happiness is shuttered when it turned out that the Moon goddess has played tricks on her and give him two fated mates because she is cursed from birth. However, Edric betrays and rejects her, accepting her foster sister reducing her to nothing but a laughing stock in front of everyone. Determined to not give up despite the rejection, she cuts all ties with her pack and runs out of the pack to start anew in a human world. Alpha Ansel meets her in the forest ready to rape her but her beauty attracts her causing him to take her to his pack. Little did he know that Edna was more than just a cursed omega and Ansel was more than just an Alpha. Would they be able to accept each other's hidden identity and find love amidst the turmoil?

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Just picked it up, good book
2024-03-23 20:27:37
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Christine Njura
Just starting reading but the book is captivating, i hope she finds her mate in the hotel...
2024-03-23 17:25:40
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this is a very nice start. more updates please
2024-03-20 01:41:25
117 Chapters
EDNA POVI slowed down when I reached in front of the magnificent hotel. I was sure this was the place where I would meet him, my mate.But first, I had to make sure that I looked relaxed and hot before I entered the hotel. I had to make sure that my appearance alone, enchanted and called for his attention. It had been a long time since I had seen something beautiful in front of me, like this one.The hotel stood as a beacon of opulence, its facade adorned with intricate architectural details that whispered of grandeur. Its entrance, framed by elegant pillars, beckoned guests into a world of luxury, luxury that I would soon experience.Today was my day. No, not my day but our day together and we would enjoy it in this huge luxurious hotel! “A beautiful beginning!” That was what he said. I just hoped it would be him.My eyes wandered around the place and after seeing what I wanted, I happily ran to the spot and sat down. I was impatient to enter the hotel but at the same time, I had
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“Is that so? Our witch has finally found her mate? How is it possible?” A male wolf who had been observing all of this chimed with a questioning look but I knew he was only mocking me so I dropped my eyes and gazed at the floor.“Who will we be harassing now, Shantel?” Another one asked but I remained quiet.“Let her go to him!” Shantel voiced out but by her voice, I could sense that she was angry at them. Wow, tables really could turn.“Edna, my best friend’s foster-sister, go and have fun, maybe it is your childhood sweetheart!” I melted and curled myself when I heard that. I couldn’t wait to see him now. “Have fun!” She repeated the words while giving her friends, her back while looking at me as she said that, causing me to nod but even a fool could sense that something was not okay here.Shantel wouldn't leave me just like that! Anyway, I had to use this chance and find my mate who might be Edric so that I could convince him to forgive them for what they had been doing to me all
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Hearing that, Edric pulled himself from Mellisa's body and fell on the bed as his breaths were still all over the place. Sweat was still dripping from his forehead while on his face was a deep smile.I wondered what was so funny about him smiling that wide. Maybe Melissa was too sweet!I scrutinised him to see any sign of shame or fear that I had caught him cheating on me and bad mouthing me on his face but there was nothing on his face except happiness that I envied Melissa.He kept smiling shamelessly while still naked in front of me. He didn't even care that I had never seen him like that before. All this time he had been lying to me that he would wait for us to get married so that we could have sex but now he was there busy having it with Melissa. How stupid of me to believe him! How foolish of me to ignore Shantel's sudden change of tone towards me! Maybe they all prepared to humiliate me today so that I could disappear and leave them in peace!I turned my head and looked at Me
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I stared at him for a few seconds with eyelids full of tears. I couldn't blink. The pain in my heart was a lot to bear. I was broken by everything today.My wolf Serene was also weak by the sudden denial of our mate.My life had been miserable since the time I came into this world from my mother's womb who was rumoured to have been killed by her own daughter, me. I had known pain that I was used to it. Despite people saying that I was a witch, that I was the daughter of the devil that I wasn't supposed to come into this world, I kept giving myself hope that one day, I would find my mate and he would protect me from everyone who would want to hurt me. It turned out that the mate I was yearning for was my own boyfriend! Unfortunately, he was cheating on me with my enemy and that on the day that I had just found him. He even dared to deny the fact that he was my mate saying that my enemy was his mate. How could he say that?“Y-you are my mate Edric!” I didn't want to give up. He was,
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“Are you for real?” Shantel who was still in shock for what had happened earlier asked to be sure. I also was shocked by what Edric had just said that I was eagerly waiting for what he would say next. ‘Maybe he will continue taking our side!’ My wolf suggested causing me to bite hard on my lower lip to suppress the pain that was caused by Rushi on my hand.Everyone was looking at him, including me, “It's true! She is my mate too!”“How dare you say that, Edric? Are you denying our mating bond now after all your promises to me? And what do you mean by saying that too?” Yes, too? What did he mean by that? “Melissa, you are the love of my life and you will continue to be. I will always love you and I am very happy that you are my mate,” He broke the silence,“We will get married as quickly as possible if the future Alpha would allow his beta to marry before him!” Boom! Was he out of his mind? Why marry her and I was the true mate? More tears rushed down my cheeks that I went numb on my
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EDNA POV“Amos!” I heard another deep and strong voice coming from behind the man and I curled myself.The voice was deeper than the previous voice of the man who was standing some steps away from me and I shook.‘W-what will we do, Serene? I am scared!’ I mind-link my wolf as I stood there, shaking not because of the cold weather of the night but because of what I was waiting for.Something told me these male wolves were heartless. Something told me that I was in danger and there was a small voice that used to warm me when I was in any kind of danger, and now, I could hear it.“Alpha Ansel, I know you would enjoy this one.” Alpha Ansel? Was my ears playing tricks on me?Had I already crossed the border and now I was in another pack?“Don't play with me, Amos, I have heard you saying you would enjoy the prey,” Now I could hear the voice more clearly and before I knew it, a huge and tall man stood beside the other man whose name was Amos.Would I survive in front of these gigantic men?
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I felt cold all over my body as I tried to put my legs together but the mad man forced them apart again.I was cold, not because of the weather but because of what was before me.This man was really huge. His little buddy was huge and erect. I had never seen something like this before. Not even Edric's. In fact, his was very small if it were to be compared with this one before me.I could also guess that he was used to rape and fuck any woman he wanted.“No!” A realisation that this man was serious and he meant what he had just said dawned on me.It dawned on me that I was going to be defiled and raped and I screamed as Serene helped me through her howl that resonated in the forest.I was scared to death but then, being scared wouldn't help me because the man was determined as he kept on licking and sucking my breasts vigorously that I was in pain.‘Let me out!’ Serene howled in me as I had stopped her from coming out when she clawed the other man who was behind me.‘No, they will hur
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Ansel was staring at me gently as if he wasn't the one who had been abusing me just now. He was no longer hovering all over me anymore, instead, he was three steps away from me.What came over him? Was I already in heaven?What he did again made me shake my head hard to be sure that I wasn't really dead.He removed his jacket and covered my naked body while staring at the ground.“We are taking you with us.” Finally, he found his voice and broke the silence that was covering the forest.His voice was composed and calmer than before as he sighed. He was somehow frustrated and I didn't know what was going on in that hard head of his. I tried to face him but I couldn't dictate any emotion on his face.Wait, what was going on? Was he maybe hurt? Was he in pain? Why was he suddenly this nice? Why didn't he rape me?All of this was hard to grasp as I glanced at the man in front of me, still angry and in pain as I clutched on the jacket he covered me with.And where were they taking me to? We
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I was woken up by a hard slap on my right cheek that I opened my eyes without warning of the sudden assault of sunlight on my face.I could taste the blood on my mouth as my head started spinning.A hard reality dawned on me that I was still with the huge and broad wolves who wanted to assault me and I jolted awake looking around the place.This place was like a cell. I wandered my eyes around the area and then that was when I realised I wasn't in a cell but in a dungeon.They had succeeded in bringing me in their pack, I wasn't wrong. I wasn't sure though where exactly I was but I was sure that this place was a dungeon with the iron smell of blood in the air and with the shackles on the other side of the room and the rotten broken bones on the floor.Thanks to the goddess, I wasn't shackled. That was a relief to me.I tried to lift my head to see who was that who had slapped me this hard but I flinched and dropped my head on the dirty floor.I was in pain and my head was throbbing. T
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The little boy who had black hair that reached his neck, probably like his father's, ran to his father from the opposite direction of the gigantic house to where his father was and the huge man carried him in his wide arms.Because it was tied in a ponytail, making it hard for one to approximate the size.I guessed he was the heir of this pack by the look of it.Meaning, his mother was the Luna of this pack. A realisation caught me off guard that this cold and ruthless man had a mate.I wondered what his mate looked like. Did he behave himself in front of her or was he still herself to her?Suddenly, the little boy wandered his eyes and they caught up with mine because all this time, I was staring at him, mesmerised.“Dady, who is that?” I immediately dropped my eyes on the floor as the little one said that with his baby's accent.“And why is she in bruises and scratches?” Oh no, the little one continued causing me to wish that the floor would break apart and swallow me alive as I clu
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