Chapter 2

"You're not interested in hearing what I have to say?" Peter asked.

Rachel paused. She usually was, when crossing over the dead. She listened to their final words, and passed on their messages to their loved ones, but in her husband's case, all she wanted to do was get away from him. Even in death, he was bent on making her life difficult. 

"If you expect me to carry a message of undying love to your whore, then think again, Peter.”

In a split second, he was before her, blocking her way. He was dead of course, so she could have just walked through him, but that would bring a fresh set of complications. Walking through his ethereal form, would give her access to his emotions and she didn't feel like reliving the contempt he felt for her.  

"Mindy's a good woman, Rachel. "

Rachel scoffed. "Mindy. . . what is she?A stripper?Even her name sounds trashy.I’m surprised she isn’t here,jumping out of a cake. "

"I know I hurt you, Rachel. I was cruel that night. "

"That night?Peter, in all the years of our marriage, you belittled me and controlled me. You made me feel as if no one would ever love me, because of my gift. I regret ever telling you about it. Even now. "

Rachel simmered with anger. She wished he was corporeal, so she could slap the crap out of him. Something she should have done while he was living.How had she allowed him to control her for so long? Was that the level of self-worth she’d portrayed? 

Five years of her life, wasted on an insecure man, who used mind games to manipulate her, while whoring with anything that moved. He stole her confidence and trust. It was a miracle she'd gotten through it. If not for her sister, Becca, she would have lost her mind years ago. 

"I can't go into the light, Rachel. And not because of Mindy, but because of you. "

Rachel froze at the pleading tone in his voice. So that was why he was lingering? He needed her forgiveness. 

"Please, Rachel,set me free. I'm sorry for all the hurt I caused you. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. All I can do, is beg you to forgive me.The way I treated you,came from a place of my own insecurities.I didn’t know how to love you. "

There was a sincerity in his voice which had lacked all during their marriage and it finally dawned on her that for him to have peace, she would have to forgive him. She nodded her head, even managing a smile. 

"Go in peace, Peter. I hope you find what you were looking for. . . "

When she reached the tearoom, Becca rushed to her side, pulling her away from everyone else. 

"I saw him with you,"Becca whispered. "Did you cross him over?"

"Yeah,"Rachel replied, "we do this for so many people and today I guess it was my turn. "

"I'm sorry things ended the way they did,"Becca said. "Does mom know?"

Rachel lifted her brow. "No, and I think its best she doesn't. Let her believe Peter was the prince she always imagined him to be. Her mind is frail, Becca. Since dad died, she hasn't been the same. "

"I know,"Becca replied sadly. "I suppose happiness is the one thing, the Banning women will never find.

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