Chapter 35

Black candles flared into life as Rachel walked into the darkened cave. Her feet were bare,taking in the sensation of utter cold from the harsh stone floor.

“Where am I?” she whispered into the darkness.

What was this place? So cold, so forbidding…


The voice which spoke her name was female,guttural and filled with malice. Dear God, what was this nightmare? Her body tensed and she felt her breath coming in short gasps. It was almost as if she could no longer move of her own free will.

“Who are you?” Rachel asked, trying her best to keep her voice steady. She shouldn’t show her fear, that was what all darkness fed upon. “Why have you brought me to this place?”

“To watch him die,” the voice said spitefully. “To have our revenge.”


Before her eyes, a stone altar rose from the floor, spikes protruding from its surface.

“He will die Rachel…And you will be the one who delivers him unto us…”

Rachel was still visibly shaken from her vision, as Becca handed her a cup of tea.
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