Reborn For A Mission

Reborn For A Mission

By:  Intana Meisya  Completed
Language: English
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A story about a nineteen year old girl named Janielle Mckeen who died five years ago. Now, she's reborn as a gorgeous young woman named Jazzlin Ozza. Little did she know that her reborn has something to do with her old self. Plus, she has to spend her days with the cocky yet attractive, Barra Ainsley, Jazzlin's childhood friend.Then, how's it turned out when she met Haytham Zachary who was also her childhood friend in her previous life?

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amazing story! i am wondering, is there any socmed that i can follow?
2021-08-03 16:37:07
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Bamidele Abdullateef Adebisi
very interesting stories love it so much
2021-03-18 22:47:54
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Bamidele Abdullateef Adebisi
very interesting stories
2021-03-18 22:46:50
61 Chapters
I could feel the beat of my heart as it started to beating again, according to its duties. I blew the air that entering through my nose then enjoying the second air after air. The first inhalation was making me feel alive.I remembered the last time I breathed my last then darkness engulfed me. I thought I was dead, but I was still breathing. That means I got second chance to life. I could barely hear a man calling someone's name. It sounded far away, but a second later it was getting closer.His voice was filled with hope as if he was waiting for the name he was calling to answer him. I moved my fingers slowly, making the man's voice ringing in my ears again. Like amazed and half aware that his call was directed at me. I groaned feeling the pain on my wrist. "Shushh, calm down, Jazzlin." The man's voice was literally right next to my right ear. Jolted, I realized he was talki
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I was reborn as a woman named Jazzlin Ozza.
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All the memories regarding the Ozza family flashed through my mind.Jazzlin's parents had divorced since she was ten years old. Jazzlin was also Barra's best friend since they were babies. However, a few years after entering college their relationship didn't improve. Barra must continued his studies outside the city, giving a gap between their relationship.After the divorce, Jazzlin only lived alone with her mother in this mansion. Her mother was always busy with work, making Jazzlin felt lonely.I concluded that was the main reason Jazzlin had attempted suicide. I didn't know the real reasons because there wasn't the slightest memory of her suicidal intent.I was trying to blend in with my surrounding. Trying to be nice to all the maids who had been so friendly since I woke up.Only one thing that always made me nervous, the presence of Barra. That man really killed me with his heavenly smile. My heart was beating messily, whenever he was a
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He had been sitting there with a look that didn't recognize me at all. His eyes gleamed as the corner of his mouth quirked up.
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The sun rays was piercing my eyes, made me cover them with my pillow. I grumbled still in a sleepy position. "Wake up, dear." Ah, it was my mother's voice, "It's morning, let's have
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I didn't know since when I fell asleep, but the announcement from the flight attendant was enough to wake me up. Vaguely, I listened still with my eyes closed and this damn body that didn't want to move an inch.  
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It was the fifth time I yawned but never get out of bed. I wasn't willing to leave this soft mattress. "What time is it?" I whispered. Enjoying the insanely magnificent scenery was enough to dissolve my mind until an hour had passed.  
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One of my bad habits. If there was something that bothers me, it would plague on my mind. Questions always popped in my head about them. Are Barra and Niki really dating or is it ju
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I wasn't sure that my second life would run smoothly without a hitch. My thoughts branched off to form a conspiracy of its own. I understood why Barra's mood suddenly changed yesterday, it wasn't because of a question about Niki. However, one question that offended the Sanders family.  
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After troubling of turned off all CCTV, we finally got a bright spot."I ask again, are you sure we won't be caught?" Elsa and I were descending through the back balcony door."Yeah, so sure." I whispered half shouting. After successfully descending, Elsa directed me to immediately go into the bush. Several guards passed by but didn't realize we were there. "Follow me."I never knew that under these bushes there was a secret door that could take us directly off the highway. Elsa told me that way was used in danger time. I was a little confused by what she meant because Barra wasn't one of the criminals, let alone the leader of mafia, right? "You wait here, I'll stop the cab." Elsa walked into the dark street until she managed to get the cab. "Hurry up and get in." We got in the car, "We did it." I shouted happily accompanied by Elsa who was giggling at my behavior.
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