Alpha Female

Alpha Female

By:  LottaP  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zelayah thought she had a perfect life. Her mate was her first crush. She has always loved him. He was best friends with her older brother. He her as his mate while she was still a pup and her father allowed her to move to his pack when she turned 17. They marked each other as soon as her wolf scented him. Her best friend since childhood followed her to her mate's pack. She had the love of her life and her best friend and only friend with her beside her. What could possibly go wrong? Her friend Khalis Turner decides she wants Zelyah's mate and her Luna's position. Khalis schemes with other alphas to break up the relationship between Zelayh and Kosta. Khalis feeds Kosta a bunch of lies about Zelayah. Kosta has his own demons and insecurities. Khalis feeds on them and causes a wedge between Kosta and Zelayah. Will Kosta and Zelayah live happily ever after or will Kosta live with regret and remorse after losing his Alpha Female?

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user avatar
Any updates??
2024-04-14 08:51:10
user avatar
Ollisha Golden
very good storyline. love that she decided to remember she was strong before him
2024-04-07 18:48:44
user avatar
Nini Smith
OBSESSED.. for obvious reasons! This story is very well written and the characters are really relatable.. aside from the wolf part lol. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. WE ARE ALL ANXIOUSLY ANTICIPATING WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!
2024-04-01 15:47:30
user avatar
Kellie Thompson
please update soon as I want to know the rest of the story and if he actually realises what he has lost
2024-03-21 04:59:39
default avatar
Joan Williams
Omg!! Love this story. Best I read so for. The Female lead is great. Please add more chapters.
2024-03-07 07:13:27
user avatar
Bern Ocuti
please add more characters or if its complete somewhere else place advise.. i really love this story and inpatient. ...
2024-02-28 06:57:29
user avatar
Mindy Mason Haid
please please please finish this! I love this story
2024-02-24 02:02:23
user avatar
Patricia Rios
Looking for the completed story. Let us know when it is available. ...
2024-02-19 01:26:01
user avatar
any update? what's happening?
2024-02-16 07:27:41
user avatar
Nikki Hobbs
More please
2024-02-08 14:05:58
user avatar
Really good book. I like the fact the female lead isn’t some physically abused weakling, just a normal person blinded by love and hurt emotionally but strong enough and smart enough to defend herself despite the pain she’s in.
2024-02-08 08:33:00
user avatar
Stephanie Fullagar
How often do you update
2024-01-16 23:11:49
user avatar
Twyla Sanders-Farley
OMG I need more !!! Please update soon, I just binged this entirely in one sitting and now I'm left hanging. Please let there be whole lot more soon!!!
2024-01-09 20:30:29
user avatar
Lai Lee
wow I binge read all chapter for this. Looking forward for more. I don't really use GN regularly anymore but I'll come back to check this one. Please don't drop this book
2024-01-08 10:32:33
user avatar
I love this story. Constantly looking for updates. I don't often use the pay per chapter apps anymore, but this got me hooked. I'm really looking forward to the next part.
2024-01-06 00:41:16
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54 Chapters
Chapter 0001
“Luna. Do you have a moment?” Khalis asked “Khakis, you know you don’t have to call me Luna. We’ve been friends since pre-k.” I say.“Yes, but what I want to talk to you about will definitely change our relationship,” Khalis says. That’s just weird. How would a conversation change our relationship
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Chapter 0002
I spent the rest of the day working on pack security and setting up meetings. There are a few alphas wanting an alliance with us. Kosta and I have become quite the power couple in the werewolf society. Since we took over as alpha and luna, the pack and the businesses have grown tremendously. I put m
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Chapter 0003
I have all of my stuff moved to a guest room. Once I get settled, I pick up my phone and call my brother.‘Hi, baby sister.” My brother says.That’s all it takes for the dam to finally break. I start crying my heart out. Zach keeps trying to ask me what is wrong, but I can’t stop crying. After a few
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Chapter 0004
After I argued with Zell, I shut myself in my office. I keep asking myself where we went wrong. I never meant to disrespect her like that. I have been so angry lately. Zell and I had a perfect life. She came in a put her all into saving my pack. We were struggling for so long. There were times when
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Chapter 0005
It’s been a few days since I stripped Zell of her luna duties. Zell moved out of the room and is spending all of her time in the guest room. I hate to admit it, but I miss her in our bedroom. I have not been sleeping much without her. I wonder if she misses me as much. Zel has cut herself off from t
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Chapter 0006
“Alpha, If I may?” My gamma says. I was so caught up in my conversation with my beta, I didn’t even notice him coming into the office. That was not very alpha-like of me. I can’t believe this situation has me so mixed up that someone could sneak up on me like that.“Go ahead gamma,” I say.“Alpha,
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Chapter 0007
“You both forget that she destroyed me first. I opened my heart to her. I gave up my whoring ways for her. I opened my pack to her, and she is trying to replace me with another alpha. Just like all the social climbing whore I slept with before her. She is trying to take everything from me. She came
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Chapter 0008
These last few days have been hell for me. I was sure that Kosta would have at least tried to talk to me and try to work things out between us. This is the first time we have slept apart since we mated. It doesn’t seem to phase him at all. On the other hand, I cried myself to sleep that first night.
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Chapter 0009
“Don’t say that Zell. It is all the bitch’s fault. Emil told me that Khalis has been whispering in Kosta’s ears for over a month. She has been slowly wearing him down,” Sapphi said.“The fault is not all Khalis’. Kosta had to be open to it for her words to work on him. How many mated men would even
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Chapter 0010
I need to start getting this pack set up to run without me or my influence. I also need to get with Gamma Tima and give him a heads-up that I am leaving tomorrow. I hate it, but I’m going to have to Luna Command him not to say anything until I am gone. As much as I know him and Beta James loves me,
Read more Protection Status