Redeemed by the Ruthless Alpha

Redeemed by the Ruthless Alpha

By:  Ideaink Six Cats  Updated just now
Language: English
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She was wolfless. All her life, Holly Ambrose had been longing for her family to reciprocate the love she had been working hard to get from her father and her sister, Irina. Unfortunately, they only saw her as an embarrassment to the pack and used her instead so that Irina could refuse to marry Alpha Evander Edgerton: the ruthless and cold-blooded Alpha of the Blackwood Pack. Thinking that it was the only way to escape them, Holly accepted the proposal. Alpha Alec, her former mate and her sister’s fiance begged her not to. He confessed he still had feelings for her and wanted her back as his mate. Too late because there was no stopping her from having her freedom. But would Holly be truly free if Irina had no intention to stop destroying her life after Alec left Irina to claim Holly back? Would she stay with Alpha Evander even after she found out that his former mate came back and was pregnant with his child?

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Christine Owings
67 chapters 6/13/24
2024-06-14 06:24:35
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ChEn WEi LeEn
nice book. did not finish reading it yet.. more chapters to come i guess.. still waiting
2024-06-12 21:25:41
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Delinda Schumacher
55 chapters 5-24-24 I'll wait until it's completed!
2024-05-25 02:07:32
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JC 7
author has 17 books ongoing and none of them finished. maybe I'd take a chance if something were finished. otherwise sorry. complete a book!
2024-05-25 00:13:09
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rosenie pultoo
This story needs editing. It's confusing. First the FL is the eldest sister and later she's the younger sister. The ML had first dark hair and later he's suddenly blonde. Also the story is not in line. First the ML knows about the rejection and at the party he doesn't know shit. I expect better.
2024-06-14 08:47:08
69 Chapters
Chapter 1
[HOLLY’s Point-of-View]I saw how Irina looked at the dress miserably. I could tell her indecisiveness about what to wear after Dad, Randalf Ambrose, Alpha of the Ivory Pack sent her so many expensive dresses for whatever occasion that was coming.I couldn’t help but lean on the wall, not too far from my sister’s room. I sadly sighed while holding a broom in my hand. The calluses and blisters were nothing compared to the pain I felt for wishing Dad to love me as much as he loved Irina—for wishing that he could treat me the same way he treats Irina with so much adoration. I hated it. I wish I could change things.But of course, I don’t have power over the destiny that was given to me. I was wolfless. Weak. A burden to my father’s pack and everyone. Maybe if I was in a different situation where my Dad wasn’t the Alpha, the people here had already thrown me away from this place. A wolfless like me was an embarrassment to everyone. A weakling that makes a pack look vulnerable to the enemi
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Chapter 2
“You know what kind of werewolf Evander Edgerton is!”That cursed voice again. But at that moment, he sounded desperate.I hated that I was starting to grow a habit of hiding myself while eavesdropping on the people of this house. But it was my only way to know if they were planning something against me, or if Dad said something concerning about me staying in his household. Dad was not happy about my stay here.He used to yell at me that being wolfless was worse than losing all my limbs and because of it, I was nothing but a mere insect in his eyes and that horrid gaze every time he saw my face made me want to run away and never look back to this place, ever.But Dad was getting older and he never wanted anyone to serve his tea but me. I thought maybe Dad still had a soft heart for me. And that was enough reason for me to stay and take care of him despite the treatment I received from him and Irina.Inside the receiving area was my Dad sitting across from Irina and Alec who were side
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Chapter 3
I couldn’t move. I was numb all over.Everyone refused to look me in the eye except Alec who was glaring at me with his elbows on the table and his hands clasped over his face. I didn’t know why he had that kind of expression but I was sure he enjoyed watching me being tortured in front of my Dad and his new fiancee—my little sister, Irina.“Oh, before I forget, I bought something for you, Irina, dear,” Dad said to my sister happily, changing the cringing topic so badly as if seeing me standing in front of them was sickening, “I want to see you try them!”Didn’t he just buy her new dresses the other day?“Oh, Dad! Sure!” Irina was extra excited now that the burden of the family was no longer hers to suffer. She leaned closer to Alec and touched his chin with the tip of her finger, her eyes were like sticky honeydew when she flirtily blinked at him. “Can I go with Dad, love?”“Sure,” Alec smiled at her and held her hand. Their sweetness to each other gave a wrenching feeling in my stom
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Chapter 4
[EVANDER’s Point-of-View]White smoke from the cigarette blew from between my lips as I exhaled sharply through my teeth, a newly lit stick was between my index and third finger. It tasted bitter and mint in my mouth as I clicked my tongue, feeling all bored and exhausted.A loud thud of a heavy body filled the room and I turned the swivel chair to look at the glassy, steady look on the dead man’s eyes. I put the cigarette stick on the ashtray while studying the face of the lifeless man lying on the carpet of my office. His blood soaked the textile cover on the floor and the metallic smell of his blood wafted through the vast space, mixed with the strong smell of the cigarette disgusted me.A wave of a hand was enough for my Beta, Kian Ridley, to understand that he could get rid of the body. I didn’t have a choice. I had to eliminate a problem and threat to my business and the pack. This man had caused so much trouble after he committed arson and burned one of the storage supplies tha
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Chapter 5
[HOLLY’s Point-of-View]“Holly!”“Yes, Dad?”Dad’s voice was cold. His eyes were focused on the papers he was reviewing—as if looking at me was a waste of his time, “Have you prepared Irina’s dinner? She told me she’s going out with her college friends tonight, and I want to ensure Irina has everything she needs before she leaves the house.“Yes, Dad,” I answered. It was hard to hide the sadness in my tone, “Irina said she will have dinner with her friends.”“Hmm…good.”“Alpha Randalf, your Beta said you need to talk with me—”I froze when Alec entered the Office and he and I locked into each other’s gaze. I never expected his presence in my father’s study area and if I only did, I would never think of going there.I awkwardly averted my eyes from him the second his eyes glared at me disdainfully. The argument we had still sunk in my head, and the hatred I saw in his face was too much for me to bear.“Leave us, Holly.”Alec was still glaring at me from his shoulders. His eyes were sha
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Chapter 6
[EVANDER’s Point-of-View]“What is this?”Kian handed me a letter with the family signet of Ambrose embedded on the wax seal. Just as I expected from Randalf Ambrose, his determination to be recognized as my ally always amused me. Randalf was a good Beta to my father before he resigned himself from the Blackwood after my father died. It was clear that he never liked me as his new Alpha, and for whatever reason that was, I ceased to bother since Kian was a perfect fit for the way I ruled my territory.I also heard it hurt Randalf’s ego that I had him easily replaced.“It’s an invitation sent by your former Beta, Alpha Evan,” Kian graciously uttered as he bowed his head slightly, his face calm and composed as ever, “For his coming birthday.”“Hmmm…” I answered and tossed the letter on my desk. There was no reason for me to open it since I already knew what it was for, “Send them a reply that I will attend and that I am looking forward to meeting his daughter, the one that he promised me
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Chapter 7
[HOLLY’s Point-of-View]I couldn’t breathe…Something heavy weighed on my chest and I was pinned on the ground by something invisible and I couldn’t even move a finger. I was drowning and yet there was no water. The air was thin, the place was dark and the atmosphere was heavy. I whimpered in pain while my lungs struggled to keep up with my shallow breathing. I wanted to scream but I was too weak.From behind the thick fog, appeared a massive shadow hiding in it. It was gigantic, almost as tall as a three-storied building and I started to breathe hard as my heart started to beat frantically inside my chest. My eyes widened as the giant creature stepped closer to me until it revealed itself—a giant white werewolf with green, glimmering eyes.“Holly.”Her mouth didn’t open but I heard her voice echo all over my head. The wolf was communicating with me and I pulled myself carefully and slowly up from the ground, surprised that the heavy feeling was finally gone. I stood in the middle of
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Chapter 8
His eyes glowed red as he pulled me by my elbow with his face so close to me.“Don’t you dare threaten me, Holly!” he growled, his face inches from me, “Who do you think you are?! You are not a real Ambrose! You are just an insect living in this house! You are nothing! Do you hear me?! You are a weak, wolfless leech!”I didn’t blink. I didn’t bat an eye on him. Alec’s insults were knives slicing my insides but after all the insults, and the humiliations I received from him being his mate, I already lost all my senses and built a wall of steel surrounding my heart. He couldn’t hurt me anymore. He couldn’t torment me with his words.What I saw was a miserable man who was too desperate to become the best when there was nothing he could really offer.That expression on my face shook Alec and he let go of me slowly, his face stunned and confused. He scoffed, smirking like he realized something stupid, and then tilted his head as he gazed at my stoic face.“You know what? I don’t understan
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Chapter 9
“Holly!”I groaned. It took a lot of self-control not to roll my eyes and sigh in exasperation. What now?Dad’s birthday came and a banquet was prepared for him.I woke up very early to help prepare the food and the venue. The event organizer wanted it perfect and I understood why he was so anxious about it. Irina expects perfection of their service since they paid expensively for Dad’s special day.And especially because the Alpha of the Blackwood Pack was invited.“HOLLY!”“Yes, Irina?” I approached her despite being busy, “What’s wrong?” I made my voice sound casual even though what I really wanted was to scoff and scream at the brat in front of me.“My earing!” She yelled, her eyes wide in panic. Her hands trembled as she searched for something in the grass, “It’s missing, Holly! Help me find it!”I frowned, annoyed but couldn't show that to my sister, too scared that she would tell Dad about it, “Are you sure you dropped it here? What if it fell in the car or somewhere—”“Don’t m
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Chapter 10
[EVANDER’s Point-of-View]“We are in the venue, Apha Evan,” Kian told me after he opened the door for me.I got out of the car and straightened my suit. I scanned the place and was impressed that Alpha Randalf made a huge effort just to make an impression.The party was held in one of the most famous and expensive restaurants in the city. Even Kian was amazed at the setup as we decided to go inside.I didn’t know why I suddenly got restless after I got out of the car. It felt as if the air shifted and I needed something to calm my nerves before I went inside the lobby.“Is something wrong, Alpha Evan?” Kian asked as soon as he noticed the frown on my face, “Are you not pleased with anything here?”“No,” I answered, a little annoyed, “I guess I’m just a little stressed about the last paperwork I did. I’ll just go for a bit. I need a smoke.”“I understand,” Kian replied, unbothered by the forming anxiety in me, “I’ll go first to announce your arrival and for Randaf to prepare himself on
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