Reincarnation : A paranormal horror

Reincarnation : A paranormal horror

By:  Independent_mhee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Modupe Bankole Williams swore never return to the country of her birth, not since her mother returned back leaving her with her cheat of a father and his mistress. But Modupe's ambition is bigger to her than some silly vow she made as a teenager. Which is how she finds herself on a flight to Nigeria with her playboy Colleague, Will and six resident doctors in her care. They suddenly find themselves in some serious trouble when members are found dead in their hotel rooms with missing limbs. Will Modupe escape with her life an job intact or will this mystery hunter be the doom that finally consumes her whole?

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Reincarnation A paranormal horror by Independent_mhee is a thrilling romantic novel that includes the supernatural. Modupe Bankole Williams has cut off ties with her parents. Her mother left, and her father chose his mistress She never wants to go back to her hometown. The place has too much bad memories. Modupe boards a flight to Nigeria with her colleague Will and six others. The group gets mixed up with a case of mysterious murders. All the victims have missing limbs. What did Modupe get herself into? She and the others make it out alive of this predicament?

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Author jennalopex
this is lovely ... I
2024-06-07 21:04:40
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Author jennalopex
This is dope......thanks for creating something like this
2024-05-30 16:28:59
19 Chapters
The sun was setting on the horizon. The orange streaked clouds painted a beautiful picture and everything was calm. A heavily pregnant lady crawled through the forest groaning in pain. Every inch of her dark skin was covered in dirt, bruises and bites. But she didn't seem to mind it. She didn't even mind the stream of blood from underneath her skirts and down her legs. All she wanted was to get as far away as she could from the nightmare she left behind   It was eerily quiet around her, not a single sound which put her on alert.She knew exactly who she was dealing with. He was never going to let her get away. She was never destined to survive but she had to, especially for her baby's sake. He despised it and would not think twice about getting rid of it. She had to survive for her child. But she knew he wouldn't let her live, not as long she had what belongs to him with her,  he'd surely find her. There was no escaping him. Sh
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Chapter One
Dr. Modupe Bankole Williams always had her life under control every moment.  She hated last minute plans,  or people who arrived late to appointments, or even sudden rainfall in summer....  Well you get the gist.  She never liked when things don't go according to her  plans which you can assume, makes her a darling to her patients but a nightmare for the nurses under her.Even her colleagues tend to walk on egg shells around her. She never minded though, She graduated Magna cum laude from Brown University Medical School  and was now an ambitious attending doctor. All twenty-eight years of her life, she had always been the minority as a colored woman but Modupe never believed in playing the victim."Never give up, never surrender" was her motto since she was a teenaged high-schooler. And even though it helped her become the Doctor she was now, it also meant she never allowed herself to be weak or overwhelmed which were useless
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Chapter two
   "Mummy please don't go. Don't leave me here with him." Modupe cried clutching her mother in a hug as tight as her teenage strength could allow. "Please, please, don't go."Mariam patted her daughter's back returning the hug. "Come on, it would just be a few weeks and I'll be back. Why are you crying so hard? I already told you that I'll be back soon for you, baby."Mo shook her head not convinced. Her parents didn't know that she heard their heated discussion when she came home early from football practice the week before. She heard them talk about their divorce. "I need to go home to explain to my parents that I cannot continue to live with a cheat hence the divorce. I'm also going to get my things in order so I can settle there permanently." She had heard her mother say as she came in through the backdoor since her mother didn't like her soiling the doormat with her muddied trainers.She paused mid stride as soon as she heard 'cheat'.
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Chapter three
"Cheers." The happy group of doctors clinked their glasses of wine before downing them. The sat back in their chairs, chatting loudly above the fast Afro beat playing in the hotel bar. "Guys we have just one village to visit and then we are done with our residency. Can you guys believe it?" Louis, a very fair, almost albino skinned kid screamed to be heard above the hubbub around them. "We should let loose this night. We never know, it may be our last chance to.""You're right, Lou. Once we start getting called in, we'd be way too busy." Shirley agreed clearly already tipsy.She suddenly got to her feet and flicked her long blonde hair. "I'm going to the dance floor, maybe check out some cute guys. You  shouldn't wait up for me." She giggled as she sashayed down to the crowded floor beneath them. "I wanna dance too." Roy called out before downing the rest of his drink. "Michelle, you're coming with?" Michelle blu
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Chapter Four
Mo avoided meeting Will's eyes the whole trip to their last location. He had been trying to talk about how she had snuck out while he was asleep after the incredible day they had together but she ignored him  She couldn't face him, not yet. She still needed to regroup and refocus.  She had to remind herself of all the reasons it would not work out.  Men were scum as far as she was concerned. Her father was a perfect example of that.  If her dad, her ex-hero could cheat on her mother in some "weak moment ", then Will who had always been a chick magnet would  most definitely do so too.  She was so scared of being betrayed again. She couldn't. Panic bubbled within her at the thought of ending up like her mother, the fear was like a wild storm threatening to swallow her whole.  They arrived at the village in less than two hours, it was a relaxing journey thankfully and knowing that it was their la
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Chapter Five
"Time of death, 10:26pm" Modupe heard the words, she understood what they meant but it had not sink in. Time of d-death? Who died? Why?  Nothing could shake Modupe out of the thick haze that fogged her mind. Not the sound of things being jostled together as they packed up, not the little howl that Roy let out from nicking his finger while cleaning up the dead girl. Not the loud cries of the baby in her arms.  The little kid whose loneliness reminded her of hers when she was that age was dead. Gone just like that. Without her family any the wiser. Just like.... Modupe choked on a sob.  No, no,  she couldn't be crying. She never got attached to patients. Or anyone for that matter.  "Mo, are you okay?" Modupe adjusted the baby into one arm by crooking her elbow, then used her free hand to dash angry tears. She turned to see Will standing behind her looking solemn. She knew that look, it was the detached grim face
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Chapter Six
Mo hadn't cried since her mother left, not because she considered it a sign of weakness No, it was not that. It was because she recognized the futility of said action. Tears never got anything done that would not have been done anyways. If you cried to someone and they answered you, then they would have if you hadn't. If they are not moved by your tears, then they never wanted to help anyway. Anyone that loves you does not need to see you crying before they come to your rescue was her thoughts on the matter.  Her overwhelming tears and begging never convinced her mother to stay with her. And her mother claimed to love her.  On top of all that, crying wasted your precious time. Time that could have been spent taking action and changing the circumstance that brought you to tears in the first place.  So, did not spend her day crying and moping around. She didn't go out shopping and sight seeing either.  There was nothing she c
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Chapter seven
Modupe closed her eyes and internally willed away the tears of frustration that threatened to leak out of her eyes for the second time in this blasted country. Shirley and Roy were currently being questioned by the police about what they had discovered. She was personally confused about what to do. How had it happened? The both of them of course were not guilty of the crime and knew that if the CCTV footage of the hotel hallways would prove that but Modupe also  knew how messed up the country justice system. The arrested people first and asked questions later. So she had followed them to the station and had requested to be there when the two doctors were questioned. Which was as well with how badly shaken the both of them were, quickly wearing out the thin patience of the said officers of the law. "Oyinbo, Abeg talk fast. No dey cry, na wetin you do make you talk." A police officer snapped at Shirley who was crying and shaking while giving her stateme
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Chapter eight
Aderele's story Before Makunde was born, his pregnant mother went to check his destiny. There she was told that her son, would be the death of her, unless she killed him first.  She was so distraught and wanted to kill the baby but he was the only thing she had of her beloved husband who had died after she became pregnant. So she gave birth to Makunde and took very good care of him, pamper him so that he would love her. Makunde grew to be a great warrior and leader. He took over clans and subjected them to his dictatorship. But Makunde was ambitious. All he had was not enough for him. He wanted to be great. He wanted to be powerful. He wanted to be feared by all. You see, he stopped the people he conquered from doing anything but work on farms and bring him their harvest. He would take all he could from them and practically enslave them. The people had no time to do anything but work, eat the meager meals he gave the
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Chapter nine
The agent found them a three bedroom apartment that night, fortunately. Modupe was relieved about that at least. Now all they needed was to get a good night rest and a plan to prove Shirley and Roy's innocence. Once she was out of this country, Mo promised herself, she was never coming back. Nigeria was obviously injurious to her karma. However, to survive their stay, they had to start by surviving the night. Whilst Mo still had her reservations about the power of the said god Makunde and whether or not he was after them specifically, it was better to be safe than sorry. Will came up with a good plan, Pairing! Everyone was paired with someone else that they had to go every where they needed to with, even the bathroom. So she was paired with Michelle while they guys were paired together. Will with Bob, the most stubborn of the bunch and Jamal with Louis. They had snacks that the agent brought along for dinner that night since it w
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