Rejected By Alpha, Chased By Lycan King

Rejected By Alpha, Chased By Lycan King

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"Can anyone else make you feel the way I do?" He whispered roughly while trailing kisses down my neck. A soft moan escaped me as I held him tightly "You aren't even my mate." His playful smile turned into a devilish smirk, "And do you think I care about that, little one? Mate-bond or not, I am going to make sure that you are MINE." ........................ The peaceful life of Delilah Dimitri was flipped upside down when she crossed paths with the ruthless and vicious cursed Lycan King, Xander Stoneheart. On her 18th birthday, after shifting into a wolf, Delilah's only hope in this cruel world is her true mate, Alpha Aiden. But to her disappointment, he rejects her and wants nothing to do with her. Heartbroken and shattered, Delilah is so done with the supernatural world. But little does she know that the heartless Lycan King has started to have forbidden feelings for her and is not yet ready to let her go. Adamant to make her his own, would the devil ever be able to win Delilah's heart? What about Xander's own true mate who he needs to break the curse?

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Clara J. Stari
What an amazing read, keep up the good work.
2023-11-18 19:30:01
user avatar
Wow wonderful, got hooked up right from the beginning, can't wait for the remaining chapters.........
2023-11-18 17:53:44
user avatar
Favoi lily
Awesome!! Intriguing I enjoyed this author
2023-11-18 15:27:08
user avatar
Rosie Griffin
This starts with a bang! Great atmosphere and really mysterious characters that draw you in. :)
2023-11-16 18:11:59
user avatar
Latton Ripley
nice story. so far so good .........
2023-11-15 01:14:57
default avatar
Nice storyline, looking forward to more chapters
2023-11-14 22:56:55
user avatar
Dia Haddi
Impressed by your writing style and loved every chapter so far... ML and FL both are awesome
2023-11-14 02:49:26
user avatar
Mitchy writes
I love the story, been hooked since chapter one. more updates Author.
2023-11-13 14:46:34
user avatar
I love love your FL ......... she is so feisty. Great premise and very intriguing beginning chapters. Can't wait to find out where this story will lead. Good luck ...
2023-11-13 01:39:18
user avatar
Hi it is a very mysterious and an interesting story. I just need to read more
2023-11-12 16:32:08
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Safina Bello
Good’s quote descriptive. I love the author’s writing style
2023-11-12 16:22:10
user avatar
This book is a 10/10 and I’m not even exaggerating. I love the descriptions, characters involved and its pace. Definitely adding to my library and please, update moreee
2023-11-11 07:15:53
user avatar
Genuinely Curious
What a great start of a story, I am hooked ...️ I hope author will update more chapters regularly, definitely a page turner .........
2023-11-10 19:05:56
user avatar
Love your story, the FL is savagely nice character. I love how she's dealing with the other characters. The story is gonna make me kill it to reading more. Cannot wait for the update next chapter ......
2023-11-10 13:26:09
user avatar
Pancit Canton
An absolutely jaw dropping story and plot! you can't stop yourself from reading until the very end and you will surely find yourself wanting more. loving this already. can't wait for the future chapters!
2023-11-10 13:17:08
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25 Chapters
Chapter 1
Delilah's POV:Dead autumn leaves were crunching under my feet as I walked through the dense woods behind the campus. I was inhaling the chilly October breeze when it suddenly got stuck in my lungs and my feet came to rest. It was 5 in the morning and I saw no one besides me in those deserted woods. But I, sure as hell, could hear low, painful whimpers.Heart throbbing in my chest, I turned 360° but there was no one in sight. Instinct told me to run the fuck away but my feet were unable to move. Despite the fear, the only thought swirling in my head was to help the one in pain.Eyes roaming around, I croaked up, "Who's there?" My voice echoed around the woods but there was no response.Inhaling a huge gulp of air, I started following the sound of whimpers that took me to an ancient, gigantic tree. Its wide trunk was hiding the view of beyond but I knew that the sound was coming from the other side. I was sure of it.Balling my fists at my sides, I took in a deep breath of courage and
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Chapter 2
Delilah's POV:I choked on the little air trapped inside me and tried to loosen his grip. But the man was made of steel. He didn't even budge. My vision blurred but I could still hear his yelling, "Who do you work for? And what did you do to him?"I opened my mouth and choked out, “I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t even know him.”He growled in rage, “Don’t you dare lie to me.” Once again, I opened my mouth to answer but this time, no words bubbled out. And then, just like that, the very next moment, I was dropped on the ground. I coughed profoundly and looked up at Antonio whose eyes were clamped shut and who was nodding his head as if he was on some invisible phone call.Rubbing my neck, I yelled out roughly, “What the hell is wrong with you, you psychotic, animalistic bastard.”Opening his eyes, he silently assessed me for a few more minutes without being bothered by my bubbling anger. Bending down, he grabbed the two bullets from the ground. Giving me a dark stare
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Chapter 3
Delilah's POV:The boy's body thumped to the ground. My eyes jumped up to the psychopath holding a knife. He mouthed creepily, “RUN.”Chilly shivers ran down my spine. Turning around, I started running away from the crazy maniac of the man who was staring right into my bones with a creepy smile.Ignoring the sharp branches digging under my feet and scrapping my arms, I ran faster than my muscles would allow. Just when I thought that I had enough of a distance between us, a breath knocked out of me as I thudded into something rock hard. I knew who he was. A dark chuckle reverberated in his chest, “Do not let me catch you, little one.”Without lifting my head and looking at him, I turned around and started sprinting to the other side of the woods. I hadn't gone far when, once again, I crashed into something solid. He must be a great runner. That's the only explanation for how he was catching up to me so easily. I stumbled back and lost my balance. Just when I was about to fall, a big, m
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Chapter 4
Delilah's POV:Heart pounding in the ribcage, I moved my hand to the back as discreetly as possible and grabbed the doorknob. Just when I was about to rotate it, a gravel voice echoed in the room, "I won't do that if I were you."My hand stilled and my mind went blank. I knew who he was even though I could not see him. How could I even forget that deep, dangerous voice? The sane part of me told me to turn around and run the hell out of there. But an even saner part knew that defying him wasn't an option.I opened my mouth to shout at him but what left my mouth was a mere whisper, "Why are you here? And what do you want?"The whisper was so low that I wondered whether I had only thought it in my head but he seemed to hear me loud and clear. The silhouetted head tilted to the right and I knew he was smirking as he said, "I always fulfill what I say," the devil took a small pause during which my anxiety peaked higher, "and I am here to do just that."My eyebrows deepened and I finally fou
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Chapter 5
Xander's POV:I jumped down the window and shifted into my wolf form mid-air. Large paws landed on the ground firmly and sprinted into the woods. Ever since I had met that girl one day ago in the woods, my wolf was a jittery mess. The emotions she stirred inside me were undescribable and I didn't even know why. She was a mere human being and feeling this inclination toward a human was not ordinary for a Lycan King.Back in the pack mansion, I went straight to my office to look into the documents regarding business. Flopping down the chair, I grabbed the file but all the words and numbers couldn't divert my mind from that pair of beautiful hazel eyes. Unconsciously, I licked my lips and I could still taste her on my lips. The girl I didn't even know the name of was making me addicted to herself. In my 300 years of being alive, nothing like this had ever happened before.There was a light knock on the door. My heightened sense of smell told me who it was even before he entered the office
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Chapter 6
Delilah's POV:It had been a week since the start of my college and I must admit that I was actually liking it. I would wake up at 5 in the morning, go for a morning run or workout in the gym, take a shower, get ready for college, attend all the classes, and in the evening I would go to the library to spend some time with my books.Adeline and I have bonded over the week and other than her, I have made one more friend, Dorian. He was a cute, shy guy whom I met in the library about three days ago. And yeah, we bonded pretty quickly when we discovered our similar taste in the books. He was a total nerd who liked to read cute romcoms.Ever since that day, we used to meet up in the library after our classes, sit down beside each other, and read our own books in complete silence. Yeah, that was how we spent our quality time together. And for a book lover, it was everything.I had always dated guys like Dorian. Introverts, shy, and nerds so it was pretty shocking that no butterflies flapped
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Chapter 7
Delilah's POV:With a stunned expression and eyes widened with pure fear, I was looking out the kitchen window. Even though I was unable to understand what actually was going to happen still in my mind, I knew it would be bad. So bad.Animals. So many of them. Lethal and brutal. Gigantic and monstrous. All clad in black fur. A huge hound of them was making their way to our home. Their sharp fangs were glinting in the moonlight, eyes glowing red with rage. I knew danger was lurking outside but my fragile legs were glued to that spot by the window.My heart was pounding in my chest but I was just unable to move. Just a moment later, someone switched off the light, and the kitchen gloomed in the darkness. I gasped when calloused hands wrapped around my ribcage and swept me up in the air.Out in the living room, I was put back on my feet and when I turned around, I came face to face with my dad. Mom came running towards me and kneeled down in front of me. She was a sobbing mess whereas my
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Chapter 8
Xander's POV:The next morning, I was out on the ground that we used as the training center. It was 5 in the morning and the pack members were getting ready for the training session. Lucas, my gamma, was standing beside me, eyeing everyone with an assessing gaze. He was about 100 years old but in human years, he was not more than 25. He had fought in many supernatural battles and due to his tactics and strategies, he was the head of the military and training of the pack members.I, with other pack members, attended the training session every morning. It gave the pack a sense of unity and strength and motivated them to do better. Lucas trained us in both human and lycan forms.After vigorous training, I was heading back to my residential wing in the mansion when Antonio fell in line with me, "Alpha, Daniel Hunter is asking to meet you at his residence."My footsteps halted. I turned toward Antonio and passed him a very slight but vicious smile to which he quickly responded with, "Of cou
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Chapter 9
Xander’s POV:The next morning, my wolf was all jittery and edgy. I mind-linked Lucas that today I won't be on the training grounds. I needed some alone time. To think. To decide. Whether I liked it or not, what Antonio said last night wasn't wrong.I knew what was going to help clear my mind. Jogging into the weapon room, I grabbed an axe and walked off into the woods. I kept walking until I reached the area where we had cut down a few trees. Logs were kept on the ground so that they could dry and be ready to light the fire.I was THE Lycan King, the most powerful and the most barbarous. How could I even feel a tiny bit of 'something' for someone who wasn't my mate? Thinking to myself, I jerked off my shirt and disposed on the branch.Carrying a huge trunk, I placed it on the slab of rock and raised the ax above my head. With one swift strike, I cut the log into two pieces and carried on until they were cut down into smaller ones ideal for the fire. Carrying and cutting such huge logs
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Chapter 10
Delilah's POV: Shock zinged through my body as I took in the scene in front of me. My eyes kept shifting between him and the gigantic tree trunk mounted over his shoulder. Neither a bead of sweat nor a sign of panting. He was clearly annoyed by my presence and when I asked him how in the realm of reality was it possible, he threw a pathetic excuse of workout at me. I was still recovering from the chaotic shock when he pointed his index finger toward the muscles packed on his frame. My eyes roamed over his wheat complexion and hungrily took in his chiseled chest protruding out with muscles and his abdomen carved with sexy abs. My finger itched to poke his muscles just to find out how hard they were. His arms were covered with thick veins that were every girl's wet dream. This man, gosh, he was the epitome of masculinity and beauty. I gawked at his half-naked body shamelessly as little explosions of desire erupted inside me. He was such a sight to behold and ignoring it felt like a ma
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