Rejected by Them, Loved by Their Father

Rejected by Them, Loved by Their Father

By:  RALF  Completed
Language: English
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Ariella has been silent since she was four. Unable to talk after being abused by her sister. But her 18th birthday brings her wolf, healing, and freedom. She Escapes her abusive and neglectful home only to meet her Mates! Just when she feels her life about to begin, they reject her! When her second chance takes claim will she finally have the life she deserves will she forever be the neglected, rejected, and abused Princess of Werewolves!

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Mayuri Pai
Good read. Interesting & once you start can’t stop until finished
2024-06-22 11:03:17
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Sherri Schweigl
Definitely a great book, I loved it. Made me laugh, cry and all the emotions in between. I wish there was a sequel, I would love to see the kids story continue.
2024-06-21 06:16:11
default avatar
Absolutely loved this book! Such a great read, I laughed out loud and cried my eyes out!
2024-06-02 02:52:14
default avatar
Magali Bright
Loved the story, it was a great read.
2024-05-24 08:30:43
user avatar
This book made me SO MAD, extremely happy, giddy, hot, but also made me SO SAD I bawled my eyes out like a baby multiple times. This was a rollercoaster I’d gladly ride again.
2024-05-18 22:35:29
default avatar
Good story
2024-05-11 10:16:21
user avatar
Fiona Cakes
Why are people complaining when the story is not completed as yet? The story is good and sometimes things happens beyond our control. Let’s just hold the bad reviews until after the final chapter. I for one am enjoying the book so far. People need to chill.
2024-05-07 00:33:03
user avatar
Jasmine Datwin
Please someone tell me if the triplet's father is her 2nd chance
2024-05-06 14:11:53
user avatar
I really enjoyed reading the book. I loved Ari. She had definitely been through a lot. However, she is very resourceful, quick-witted and has a strong wolf. The book may seem to be your typical tragedy to love story, I recommend giving it a chance it will definitely surprise you!
2024-05-05 14:58:41
user avatar
Jesse Hopkins
awesome so far
2024-04-30 22:45:16
user avatar
Angi Splawn
this book has everything from betrayal, revenge, laughter, Love, death, and redemption. But if you can't handle a main character losing their life don't jump in heart first..
2024-04-30 11:30:42
default avatar
This story is good except the part where one of the main characters dies.
2024-04-11 10:20:19
user avatar
The writing is very good and I really enjoyed the plot until the last few chapters. No spoilers so I won’t say why but I will say it’s not a quality of writing issue at all.
2024-04-05 20:24:19
default avatar
Hanna Hollin
It’s been a long time since I cried this hard reading a book … so far I’m loving the story
2024-04-04 07:19:06
user avatar
Ren Spencer
I’ve read all the books by the author and I’m enjoying this one just as much as the other books!
2024-04-04 04:23:03
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116 Chapters
1-Princess Ariella Zillard, 18F, Single, College Student
Ari’s POV“ARIELLA!” Alicia’s voice rings in my ears as I throw the last of my stuff in my bag. “You traitor!”I barely move before Alicia’s fist swings past my head.“Alicia, stop!” Tristen, her mate, grabs her. Well, I use the word mate loosely, more like Baby Daddy, Mates are fated, Tristen and Alicia are forced because he got her pregnant.“NO,” Alicia screams, taking another swing. “I out rank her.”Juliet- Come on, Ari, let me at her. I was made to defend you!Me- Down girl. Thanks to you, I got this.“No, you don’t,” I speak back to her for the first time since I was four. Juliet, my wolf, finally healed the crushed voice box in my throat. I’ll give you two guesses as to who crushed it.“Ari, you can talk?” Tristan can’t help the smile that takes over his face.“Really?” Alicia slaps him. “Congratulations on being able to talk. Now, cancel your travel. I need you here.”“No, Mother and Father promised me I could leave at 18 and I am leaving,” I say in my still raspy voice. “I h
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2-Ari, 18F, Mated???
Ari’s POVA 16-hour flight, 2-hour bus ride and I’m standing outside the gate of Conrad Pack.“Name?” The guard asks.Out of habit I reach for the information card my parents had made me for.My name is Ariella Zillard. I am mute.Juliet- We don't need these anymore.I inhale deeply and smile.“Ariella Zillard,” I tell him. I hope no one puts together the royal last name. Most people have no idea we even have a last name.He checks a list, asks for ID before scanning it and opening the gate.“Kale,” he calls to a Warlock who comes over. “This is Ariella Zillard. She is in Philmore Hall.”Juliet- Yummy!Me- Mate?Juliet- No, but I approve of this snack.“Kale,” He holds out his hand and smiles.I smile and take his hand, “Ari.”He takes my duffle and puts it in the back of the ATV. Then, we are off up a steep hill. When we peak, I see the school.There is a large courtyard with a fountain.Kale stops the ATV and points out the building.“As a freshman, you will be mostly in the all-whi
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3-Alpha Finch Conrand 37M, Widowed,
Finch’s POV“Anderson, left hook,” My Beta, Turk, is instructing my eldest triplet as he fights my youngest triplet. “Finley, keep that guard up. You hear me telling Anderson what to throw you should be reacting to it. Anderson, let your wolf out if you can’t handle Finley.”I chuckle. My wolf, Duke, is also laughing. He has never been very connected to the boys. I think he sees them as the reason his mate is gone. I don’t resent them, but I think Duke does.“Remember when you told us to be nice to Finley because we were older and stronger?” Carter, my middle triplet son, asks as I stand next to him.“I do indeed,” I raise my eyebrows.“You lied,” Carter turns to look at me and I see his jaw healing.“You can’t be mad at him for putting in more effort than you and Anderson put together,” Turk reminds Carter.Carter clears his throat and looks down.I give him a shoulder squeeze as Finley finally blocks Anderson and lands a strong right to the chest.I clap as Anderson lays at his b
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Ari’s POVKale holds me behind him as we are pushed into my apartment.“It's okay,” I tell Kale. “They are my mates.”“What the hell is your name and title?” A boy with a Farrah Fawcett flip asks.“Why is that important?” I demand. My voice cracks but I hold my head high.“Answer my brother,” a guy doing a Zach Morris impression growls at me.Juliet- They want to reject us.She is whimpering a little but not the howling in pain I would expect.My jaw drops slightly. As I look at them.“Why are you so angry?” I ask, realizing this is not how meeting my mate should go.“We don’t want you, give us your name and rank,” Farrah states again.“Wait,” I hold up my hands. “You don’t know me, why would you not want me?”“We don’t want a mate until after college. Just accept the rejection now and we will claim you after graduation,” A second Zach Morris explains.My heart clinches. I back up and Kale catches me.“Get your hands off of her,” all three growl at him.This pisses me off. They want f
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5-Consequences of Their Actions
Finch’s POV“So, what do you think?” Turk asks me as we head back to the packhouse.We are both laughing.“Either one comes out alive and the other is free, or they come out loving each other,” I can’t help the laughter. “Are you expecting the boys to come back tonight?” Turk asks, looking down the driveway way from the school.“I am not expecting them back for a couple of days. We have a large group of females who are here as new students and here for the summer session,” I follow his eyes and see the outlines of the boys coming down the driveway.“Did they walk?” Turk asks.“It looks like it. Did they leave their cars at the school?” I ask and we start walking to meet them.“They look sick,” Turk tells me. “That would explain why they are back so early,” I watch them.“You don’t think that they?” Turk trails off as we get closer.Duke- If they did, I will rip them apart! Me- No, you will not.Duke- You are right, but I will want to.Duke sits down in my mind and has a constant g
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6-Triplets Play a Losing Game
Third PersonThe next morning, all three triplets are standing outside Ariella’s door with flowers and scripted apologizes.When they hear the door start to unlock, they kneel down in front of her door.Ariella jumps back at the sight and Kale catches her.“We screwed up,” Anderson starts.“You were right the pain is too much,” Carter continues in a robotic voice.“Please, forgive us,” Finley pleads.They all three hold up their flowers.Juliet- I can’t hear their wolves anymore but I'm not buying this.Ariella- I thought you were going to heal.Juliet- I did. The magic of our Warlock fixed all the broken pieces inside of me.Ariella- So, sex fixed you?Juliet- Okay, the sex was nice, but he healed me.Ariella- I read Anderson and Carter as this is forced because they hurt too much. Finley really seems sorry.Juliet- Finley was the one who didn’t want to reject us.Ariella- I can’t keep Kale if I give them a chance.Juliet- Stab me in the heart.“Finley, I'm sorry, but they don't mean
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7-Home with Kale
Months Later (American Thanksgiving)Ari’s POV“Good morning,” Kale whispers as we untangle from last night.“Do you have to go home?” I ask with a whine. “I can’t imagine sleeping alone.”Kale smiles and captures my lips. Kale and I can’t get enough of each other.The triplets have been trying to win me back every day and I am determined to either always keep Kale or find a second chance.After Kale and I climax, we shower together.“Come with me,” Kale says as he packs his bag. “It would be nice to introduce you to my family.”I smile and pull my packed bag from the closet.Kale erupts in laughter.“Sorry, I was hoping you would ask me!” I giggle.“You are the silliest girl,” Kale pulls me to him for a long deep kiss. “I can’t believe you are with me.”“Why?” I ask, looking up at him. He has one arm around me, holding me close and the other hand holding my face.“Because I’m not good enough for you. But you and I laugh so much. Even when we disagree, we end up laughing. It’s so easy
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8-Ariella Zillard Dean’s List
Several weeks later (before end of Fall Term)Finch’s POV“Here is the Dean’s List,” Turk hands me the list.“The boys are not on here,” I say, shaking my head.“Have you seen them?” Turk asks me. “Their mate must be walking funny. She keeps them in agony every night.”I can’t help but laugh.Duke- I think they are simply getting a much-needed lesson.“It will end when she marks someone,” I laugh. “Honestly, we both warned them.”Turk shakes his head.“Anyway, there is a standout you need to know about,” Turk tells me. “Ariella Zillard. Her background is classified, but she has top marks in all her classes. She also has been impressing the trainers at the University.”“Werewolf?” I ask, trying to pull up her file.“Yeah, but I can’t find her pack,” Turk tells me.“Whoa,” I say, seeing her picture attached to her file. “She is beautiful.”Turk looks over my shoulder. “If you find 18-year-olds attractive.”I roll my eyes.Duke- I approve. So pretty.“Enjoying what the goddess has creat
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9-Real Life will Hit you in the Face
Ari’s POVI pull back and go to the bathroom. Am I ready? Do I want my second chance? What about Kale? Can I just leave and pretend this isn’t happening?Juliet- Bet Kale understands. He is a great guy. But we have a mate! Our mate! We need to be running to him now.Me-What about Kale?Juliet- Bet he understands.I pull out my phone, I just need to hear his voice.“Hey, Baby, you okay?” Kale asks concerned.“My second chance is here,” I say quickly. “I don’t know what to do.”Kale is quiet for minute and then answers. “Yes, you do. You know what to do. Go to him. Have your perfect moment. I’ll move out tonight.”“NO,” I say quickly. “No, don’t leave me.”“Ari,” he says my name and I want to vomit. I’m Baby, my name is Baby. “You know you want your second chance. You deserve that perfect moment. All I ask is that we can be friends.”“I love you, Kale,” I say as a tear falls.“I love you too. I love you enough that I want what is best for you. Your second chance is best for you. It’s ok
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10-Finch is on the Chase
Finch’s POVDuke- Move, or I will take over!I start running, but she is fast! I can’t believe how fast she is.I let Duke take over and he has to stop when he gets inside the dorm building. I shift and put on a pair of shorts.Duke- Upstairs.I follow her scent and sure enough, I find her door. It’s open, so I enter.She is crying. The most beautiful woman in the world is crying and being held by a Warlock.Duke- Kill him.Me- We need her to like us.Duke- Kill him, mark her, done deal.Me- She was the boys' mate. Any idea the hell they will feel if I mark her.Duke- Serves them right.“You will NOT hurt him,” She speaks with authority. An Alpha, nice. I almost want to comply, but Duke is so near the surface.“I won’t hurt him, if he lets you go,” I promise, ignoring Duke and forcing him down.Duke- Her wolf, oh my perfect mate wants us.Ariella steps away from the Warlock but stays between he and I.“Okay, I’m not in his arms anymore. I think you know I can’t be mated to you,” Ari
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