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Brigor came from a wealthy family. He's gentle and likely to do things and bring happiness to others. Everything is fine, but suddenly changes happened for a moment. His Mom left them for another man, while his Dad is having a secret affair with many women. Brigor started rebelling. He doesn't obey anyone and accept the usual standards of behavior. He's oppositely doing everything. After finishing senior high school, he left everything, including his family. He started a new life and a new character. He trusted no one and cared for no one, but the only man who helped him grow and the biggest rival of his father's organization, Ferdinando Desanto, a 60 years old business tycoon. His company grows continuously, which made him become a well-known businessman. He became a high person who deserves to be admired by others. He is lofty, full of himself, ruthless, calloused, and not showing any concern about the other's misery; instead, he enjoys watching them suffer, but is there a chance to change his behavior? Is there anyone who can take him out from drowning into darkness? Will there be a light in his rayless days? Will he regain his right side? Will there be someone who can let him feel that he is loved? Can someone save him? Or he'll get worst?

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1
THIS IS A WORK OF FICTIONNAMES, CHARACTERS, BUSINESS, PLACES, EVENTS, AND INCIDENTS ARE EITHER THE PRODUCT OF THE AUTHORS IMAGINATION OR USE IN A FICTITIOUS MANNER. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO AN ACTUAL PERSON, LIVING OR DEAD, BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS, EVENTS, OR LOCALS IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME"Funny how you think I fell into your trap," He said laughing. "What?" What is he saying?I'm unable to understand something. I'm confused and scared about how Brigor acts. "Do you think that you can discourage me?"What are you saying Brigor? I don't get you." "I'm more
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Chapter 2
My make up artist is now fixing me up, I have a lot of appointments going on for today, but others moved their schedule, so it was lessened as well as my worries it decreased.But the issue yesterday started popping out on articles and news.Damn it, I'm doomed if people will make it a big deal. Being issued when you're a model can make a big effect on the job, maybe some of my clients will backdrop because of what happened yesterday.I knew from myself that I didn't do anything wrong, besides someone saved me because he knew that I'm in danger and the majority of people in that club saw what happened. But you know if someone hates you even though you're right, you'll still be wrong in their own eyes. "Ms.Carolina your
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Chapter 3
Finally! Inner peace. This day is so exhausting and annoying.That guy ruined my mood. He's so full of authority and confidence, how come he's just an assistant? He should've switch positions with his boss. I was about to tuck myself onto my bed to take a rest, but the doorbell started ringing. When will I live a peaceful life? I opened the door and Sierra showed up holding two bottles of beer, damn this alcohol addicted woman. "If you're here just to drink with me I'm not in the mood Sierra Simmons, I need to take a rest this day is so cruel to me," I said slowly closing the door. 
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Chapter 4
"Up for a party?" Sierra asked over a call. "Yes, please I need to have fun my days became miserable since I met that arrogant guy." "You're overreacting again, Carol just don't mind his arrogance and continue to live like what you used to. Besides, why are you so affected with him that much?" "You don't get it, Sierra I'll tell you later what I witnessed earlier." "Great! I'll meet you at the club okay?" "Yes, see you!" I'm wearing a nude dress and a nude pump. I don't need any foundations or eyeshadows, my face is perfectly fine it's just my lips who's pale that needs to have some color. As I entered the club people are staring at me, who wouldn't? If they saw an angel like me it's normal to turn their heads, lol just kidding.I saw Sierra sitting on the sofa with a girl, what the hell that traitor. 
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Chapter 5
Four in the morning. Someone is calling me making my phone ring continuously."Hello," I greeted lazily. "Hi, miss! Remember you have to be at Mr.Sapphirus office by seven good luck!""Tell him that I'm not coming." "Are you going to quit your job miss?" "Yes!" "But why?" "Because of him and why would you call in the middle of my sleep? Goodness Diane!" "Mr.Sapphirus asked me to call you though." "Tell him to mind his own business--" "Give it to me. I'll talk to her," I heard the arrogant's voice behind Diane. "Tell him that I don't want to work with him!" "Good morning," He greeted with a deep tone. "Nothing is good in the morning!" "Can you lessen your v
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Chapter 6
The magazine cover that features me and Sapphirus went viral.Everyone is shipping us and commenting that we're a good match. "Congratulations!" My manager said. "Miss you became trending in social media because of your visual," Diane said. We are inside Sapphiru's office celebrating our achievement. I just smiled at Diane as an answer. After all, I'm busy answering my phone's messages because my auntie and friends are congratulating me. "Since you guys became trending why don't you both pretend sweet to each other?" "What the hell?" I suddenly stopped answering messages on my phone because of what I heard. "Agree!""Like whenever Mr.Sapphirus go to an event with his co-business man, you'll be his partner." "This isn't included in the contract," I said and went back to
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Chapter 7
"What the hell do you want!?" I asked and shoved his hands. "It's already past one a.m and Diane said that we have something to talk about right!?""So what!? It is not that urgent!""So your job is not important either flirting important!?"Everyone is already looking at us, even the ones who are walking while the others are taking pictures"Nothing is flirting with that!""Let's go," he said calming himself and opened his car's door. I entered the backseat and he started glaring at me and was about to say something, but he just let out a deep breath and ignored it. "Why did you do that? And how did you found out my whereabouts?" I asked him as soon as we stepped on his office. "You told Diane that you wanted to talk to me to clear things and to change your not appropriate actions to proper." 
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Chapter 8
"Carol tell me what happened?" My manager asked, they went here because Brigor dismissed them. "I don't know! He's acting really strange!" I said panicking. "Like?" "He k-kissed me, and then I stopped him." "Why the hell did he kissed you?" "I don't know! He's acting so out of place! When he fetch me in the restaurant he was acting like a hero and then when he told his secretary to call me in his office he was swe-ugh! I can't say the word!" "Sweet because he kissed you?" 
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Chapter 9
"I will take this off on one condition.""What is it?""Come with me.""Where?" He asked and place his left hand on my thigh. "Anywhere except this place." "Okay let's go," He grabbed my wrist and raised his hands on his friend as a farewell. "Where are we going?" "Anywhere except this place" As soon as we entered his car, he immediately removed my mask. "I knew it," He said and kissed me passionately down to my neck"Wait," I said but he didn't listen "Wait!" I bawled and move my head in the opposite direction. "What!?" He asked mad. "Calm yourself." "Say whatever you want fast" "Bring us back," "Yeah okay," He carried me and placed me on top of him
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Chapter 10
We were all shocked when he removed his coat and his polo.This guy is seriously insane."Is this okay?" He asked referring to his body. Nobody answered him cause their attention was centred on Brigor's body.I placed both of my palms on my face, ashamed of what Brigor did while the guy next to me couldn't stop his self from laughing."Damn Brigor," Zian said while continuously laughing. "What?" Brigor asked. "Superb Mr.Griffin," The manager said. "What? You're going to remove me?" Zian asked chuckling. "Yeah get out of there," Brigor said. "Is this allowed?" I asked. "Shut up and enjoy," Brigor said annoyed of my question. Why would they let Brigor change role with Zian? When in fact Zian was the assigned model? 
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