Reunited With The Bad Boy CEO

Reunited With The Bad Boy CEO

By:  Hee Sha  Updated just now
Language: English
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“I thought what we had was real. I never for once played with the thought that you could be playing me.” His hands were running aggressively across his hair. “I was with you for revenge, Shawn. Did you really think you were going to get away with what you did to me?” I queried without remorse. His mouth slowly curled at a corner. “Do you want to know what I'll get away with right now? I'll get away with banging you hard tonight and then dumping you in the morning.” He closed the distance between us, and planted his lips on mine before I could protest. —— Calista Whitaker underwent a traumatic experience at the hands of Shawn Donnelly and his gang at High School. Shawn was holding a night party in his house and had invited Calista to come over and be his date. Calista who had been crushing on Shawn for over five years was elated and gladly went with high hopes. She gave her innocence to Shawn that night but only to wake up the next morning to find Shawn and his friends taking pictures of her naked. Turns out Shawn only approached her over a bet with his friends and soon, Calista’s nudes were flying all over the internet. Calista was both heartbroken and humiliated and her parents had to send her to stay with her grandma in the countryside. Six years later, Calista crossed paths with Shawn once again but as a representative of her company to take on the construction project of the company Shawn owned. Past emotions resurfaced the moment the two met again, and Calista now wanted nothing more than to make Shawn pay for all that he had done to her in the past.

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Thunderbeauty ⚡
Nice work author. Keep it up...
2023-12-18 02:06:53
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Keemah Ajoke
Nice one......
2023-12-13 02:15:06
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well-written with a good plot. I recommend!
2023-12-12 11:48:09
89 Chapters
First Night of Desires
“Do you want me to put off the light or do you want to see every bit of it?” Shawn asked me, unbuttoning his shirt.Staring at the switch in a bid to avoid his gaze, “Dark is better.” I replied, my fingers swearing to fall off should I not quit brushing them against each other.Blame my nervousness. Timid was too kind a word to describe me but then again, my reaction was justified.I expected the lights to go off but instead, Shawn began to chuckle and advanced towards me, bare-chested. I was sitting at the edge of the bed and he climbed atop me. “I want to see every bit of it, Pookie. Don't try to run from my radar.” Every corner of his lips broke into a maleficent grin.Why then did he ask initially? I would have put my thoughts into words but my timidity wouldn't allow me to speak. I stared at nothing in my fingers instead. “You know it's funny how you stare at me so much in class that you grew popular for it and couldn't look into my eyes now that we are together in my room.” Sh
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In Trouble
I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing. At first, I thought I was hallucinating or something close to that. Yet, the entertained chuckles told me otherwise as it emanated from the four boys except for Shawn who only stood with a straight face, eyes settled on my body but avoiding my gaze.They were flashing their cameras and taking pictures of my nakedness!The frenzy struck me so hard at first that I remained frozen with widened eyes. It wasn't until their laughter increased that I regained a bit of my senses and knew to cover myself up with the duvet.“I can't believe half-nosed Calistar could look this hot without clothes.” Gabriel, one of our classmates thundered with taunt.I had always known Gabriel was a jerk. He was always the first to call me out for staring at Shawn in class and also the one who invented the ‘Half-Nosed Calistar’ nickname.I wished for the roof to fall on him right now and crush him to death. With tears burning in my eyes, “Get out! Get out, you asshol
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I ran faster than the wind. I just wanted to sprint home and bury myself beneath my shower. One thing I needed to worry about right now was how to handle my parents. I finally arrived on our street and was almost by our house when I found both of my parents with Fiora in my dad’s Minivan. Owing to the stain on my body, I couldn't wait to address them because I was sure they were out to search for me. However, my eyes collided with that of my mum’s and I was sure they had seen that I was okay.Thankfully for me, the door was opened and I wouldn't have to wait for my parents to come with the entrance key.Hurriedly, I entered and found Cassey, our neighbor’s first daughter playing with Isla, my little sister. “Calista, your back!” Isla screamed upon sighting me after I stepped in.I was too drowned in shame to even look Isla in the eyes. “Yes, I am,” I stated and rushed to get to my room.“Did you not meet your parents on the way? Everyone went searching for you, Calista!” Cassey’s v
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We Meet Again
“Open it.”And… I did.‘Hey, Calista. I need you to know that had I thought you were this innocent, I wouldn't have pulled such a fast one on you. I'm sorry, girl. I know I owe you and won't ask you to forgive me because I'm undeserving of it. Instead, I'll ensure the pictures and videos are all deleted and never posted. Xoxo.. ♥︎’I read the content of the text out loud to Fiora.“Let me see.” She impatiently snatched the phone from me and read the message herself. When she was done with it, “Such a disgusting loser! Argh! I wish I could turn into a cat and scratch his So-called handsome face off!” She gripped at nothing in the air and ended up making the both of us laugh...The weekend was concluded and we resumed school. I did all I could to avoid Shawn and his friends but it was inevitable and they never failed to throw tantrums at me. True to Shawn’s words, the videos and pictures were never released.Well, not until we graduated. The moment we were done writing our exams, my nu
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Shawn Donnelly
After checking with him, his secretary led me to his office and soon, I was inside. This should be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. To maintain composure after seeing Shawn’s face for the first time in six years.I knew if I had a gun at the moment, I wouldn't have hesitated to use it.“Good day, Mr. Donnelly.” I reprimanded myself and forced a professional smile on my face as our gazes interlocked.Shawn’s face was bland. His expression was numb as though he had just seen a ghost. I noticed how mature his face was now. His facial features were sharper. His jawline was more defined and his cheekbones were more central. I could remember his eyes were once bright blue but now, they were close to steely grey. His blonde hair remained the same though.Even if I hated to admit it, Shawn was more handsome now.“C — Calista?” He stuttered and my legs wobbled in response.I had to maintain my stamina and composure. I knew there was a chance he’d recognize me but since that unfortunate ni
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You did well, Calista
I smiled at him but heaven knows it was a cynical one. “Alright then, Mr. Donnelly. I guess we’ll be meeting at the site tomorrow. Will you be arriving after all of our materials are moved or before?” I asked.“You look like someone who knows exactly what she's doing, so I'll trust you, Ms. Fairchild. I will arrive after the materials are moved to see for myself if everything is intact. I like to be precise.” Shawn stated with a professional lilt in his tone. Look at him acting like he's not so rotten on the inside; I grimaced to myself but played along anyway. “I’m honored to have your trust, Mr. Donnelly. You won't regret it. Guess I'll see you tomorrow then.” I extended my right hand in the initiation of a handshake.He stared at my hand for a split second before taking it. I could tell that he was battling something inside. Probably the guilt of his past misdeeds. Although I do not look like the old me, I was glad he was able to pick on Calista’s face on mine.It meant every time
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Alice is wonderful
“I saw the house burn down the next time you entered the kitchen and tried to commit this grave crime of cooking!” I snorted, catching Alice off guard.Though flabbergasted, she chuckled and then gave me a pet Pat. “Why you!” Another chuckle. “It can't be that bad. I need a few more practices and then, I'm good. By the way…” She waved her hand. “How was the meeting?”For a while there, I forgot all about Shawn and my worries but now, they came rushing back. “For starters, I’d say fine.” I shrugged.“But then why did your countenance suddenly turn ugly?” Alice wasn't convinced.My chest had begun to tighten again. “Nothing, Alice. I just need a refreshing bath.” I replied, walking out of the kitchen.“And some finely cooked Lasagnas!” Alice called behind me and I couldn't help but smile again.She was just a sweetheart. Her husband sure was damn lucky. However — men? I bet he’d still cheat on her if he could.I entered my room. It was not so big but manageable room that Alice and Bill,
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The construction site
I had to wake up very early the next morning since it was the first day of the construction. I needed to give the right impression.First impressions matter.It wasn't just to Shawn but also the entire board of directors. This was like a way of buying their favors and being in their good books. A promotion awaits me in our company when I successfully carry out this project.Alice was still sleeping and so, I moved swiftly and silently as I made myself a whole-grain toast with avocado spread. I brewed a cup of coffee too as I slept late last night, working and had few hours of sleep.After consuming my brief breakfast, I dropped a note for Alice to inform her that I left for work already. Girl’s heavily pregnant and needs as much rest as she could get.I drove my car out of the garage and then, out of the house. Danileigh’s ‘The Plan’ was a little above the average volume as I vibed and sang along. Music and singing even if I got the words all wrong helps keep my spirit alive...I arr
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Pretty Punishment
SHAWN DONNELLY~~He hated to get up this early. It was no doubt that the Shawn of his childhood was more mature now. He had shed a lot of his recklessness but somehow, old habits don't entirely die.If at all they’d entirely elude him, it takes time and process. And — he had been working a lot on that. Lots of processes have been yielding fruits in all sincerity.He was able to make it to the top with a little sprinkle of his old bad-boy attitude and a lot of his newly found reserve and knowledge. He knew he had to change — not after his family nearly disowned him after that incident six years ago.That incident took a lot of his spirit away. He almost committed suicide out of guilt. He has had sleepless nights and restless days for more than a year.Once, he went for confession at the chapel and the priest told him this...“You have committed the sin, brother but you have suffered for it with guilt. Your Punishment is the memories that linger to haunt you but your salvation lies in
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A tough one
Shawn and his secretary strode outside where they met Landers, his driver who was already ready with the car.“Good morning, Mr. Donnelly!” Landers called the moment he sighted them.The other workers had also bowed their heads in respect at him. Shawn waved at them. As he goes nearer to Landers, “Morning, Landers. We are not going to the office today but to the new site.” He provided as the man rushed to get the car’s passenger door for him. “Good morning, Mr. Landers.” He heard Gia chirping in a greeting at Mr. Landers as she sat beside him in the front seat.“Good morning, Ms. Gina. Looking radiant as always.” Landers returned Gina’s greeting with a compliment as usual.Landers was king of throwing compliments here and there. Although Gina did look radiant but, to Shawn, Gina always did too much to improve her appearance. Like the excessive makeup always plastered on her round face and the heavy earrings amongst others.However, her professionalism has prompted their working togeth
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