Risking it

Risking it

By:  Chaotic Soul  Completed
Language: English
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Would you hook up with the guy who turned down your best friend? Definitely not! It's against the girl code. . . . Hazel Woods is a carefree, young, witty girl who loves to have fun. She is the type who respects friendships more than anything and would do anything for her best friend who has been there for her since forever. A silly bet for $500 dollars turns her life upside down where she struggles to save her friendship whilst controlling her desire for the hottest guy she has ever encountered. Jayden Brooks is anything but humble. He knows the effect he has on a woman and uses it to his advantage. Once he sets his eye on a woman, he would do anything to get her in his bed but... Would Hazel be any different? Or would she be another one of his hot pursuits? Read more to find out what happens when the truth comes out and hearts are broken. P.S : Not a regular cliche story!

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39 Chapters
Chapter One
Hope you all enjoy this one as well!Frequently updates on my Patreon exclusively!✨Follow me on instagram as well for more exciting updates.User id : _ ._chaoticsoul_._"Are you sure you're not coming to the party?" I asked my best friend who was now lying on my bed with her blonde hair spread out."Nah! I don't plan on seeing that asshole anytime soon. I can't believe he turned me down." She replied and continued to munch on her chips angrily. I have no idea how she maintains that body of hers without hitting the gym. She was exactly the opposite of me, model like physique, long blonde hair and steel blue eyes."How are you so sure that he will be there tonight?" I asked with a small chuckle as I wore a long sleeved white blouse and a black A-line skirt. I finished my look with a pair of only pumps that I owned. It was pretty worn out and I mentally made a note to buy a new pair of shoes with my next paycheck."Oh, I'm pretty sure he will be there, Hazel. It's a Saturday night and
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Chapter Two
I felt an intense desire that I've never felt before as he tighten his grip around my waist and the way our lips brushed against each other ignited a fire in its wake. Everything around me seemed to dissolve and all I could focus on was the way our lips moved in sync with each other and I don't know if I turned him on yet but my entire body was burning with desire and need. I could feel a slight tingle between my legs as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth and I let him explore effortlessly. My toes curled inside my pumps and I gripped his soft, silky hair that curved around the nape of his neck. I had no idea how long we stood there kissing like sex starved teenagers but we finally broke apart when his friend yelled at us on the top of his lungs."In your face, loser!" He started laughing, pointing towards Jayden's slacks. I looked down and my eyes went wide, witnessing the bulge of his manhood poking through the rich material. I started to blush profusely while Jayden looked at
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Chapter Three
"Coming!" I yelled, suppressing a yawn as I walked towards the door. It was Monday morning and my shift doesn't start until 11. I thought of sleeping in but my plan was completed ruined by the person knocking on the door right now."I'm gonna kill Beth when she wakes up." I mumbled under my breath and opened the door to find Zach, standing in front of me with a bright smile on his face, looking crazy hot as usual. Shit, I looked like a mess!"Zach...Wh-- What are you doing here?" I started to blush, pushing my hair away from my face and tried to pull down my long oversized t-shirt. He paid me no mind and walked inside with a package in his hand."You were supposed to text me last night." He stated cooly, walking inside the kitchen."Shit, I completely spaced out. I'm so sorry." I pouted, still wondering what he doing down here."Umm...do you want me to wake up Beth? She is still asleep." I was about to walk towards her room."No, it's okay. I came to check on you and I also got you s
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Chapter Four
"Can I get you anything else?" I asked, not having a clue as to why he was adorning an evil smirk right now. "Nope. I'm all good, Hazel..?" He paused, waiting for me to tell my last name."Woods. Hazel Woods." "I'm Jayden Brooks but I'm sure you already know who I am," He extended his hand for me to shake and I raised my eyebrows at his cockiness."That's very presumptuous of you, Mr. Brooks.""Come on, my friend must have atleast told my name before asking you to kiss me last night." He added with a wink, making my eyes go wide in shock."Ex-Excuse me?""Do you know what I prefer?" he asked me in a dangerously low voice, making me swallow hard."Huh?" He gestured towards me to come closer and I obeyed him. I slowly leaned against the counter, not breaking his gaze and our faces were just inches away from each other.He came closer near my ears and his hot breath near my neck was enough to make me go weak in my knees. "I prefer tasting this drink off your lips," he whispered, his
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Chapter Five
"What the fuck, Jayden? Are you out of your mind? Kidnapping me like that," I almost yelled in anger and looked around us to find no one. The street was completed deserted and I rubbed my hands from where he held me earlier. I had no idea what he was doing out here at this time. It was fucking creepy."Get in the car," he ordered, straightening his jacket and opened the door for me to enter. I stared at him for a good thirty seconds before I rumbled up with laughter, shaking my head."First of all, what the hell are doing out here at this time of the night? And second of all, who the fuck do you think you are? I'm not some girl who gets in your car just because you're hot. I'm not a fucking prostitute." I rushed out angrily and slammed the door shut."So you think I'm hot?" he asked, dismissing everything else with a sly smirk, leaning against his car.Ugh! He was unbelievable.I noticed that everything about him screamed money. He looked like a spoiled rich brat and I looked like a
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Chapter Six
"Just don't give up on her, Mason. Trust me, she loves the chase." I spoke to Mason who was standing in front of me with a box of liquor. "I know and I wasn't planning on giving up anyway. Thanks, Hazel." He grinned widely and walked towards our inventory room while I resumed my work with a small smile. I knew Mason and Beth would make a cute couple and I decided to nudge them a little towards each other. After all, what are friends for? I just want her to be happy and it's the least I could do for everything she has done for me. "So how did you get a guy like Jayden Brooks to notice you?" Anna asked from beside, making me almost spill the drink that I was preparing."What?!" I shrieked, panic evident in my tone. Fortunately, Beth was yet to arrive at the pub. She doesn't have to work at all as she owns a part of the pub but she joins us behind the bar counter atleast once a day to help us out which is really sweet of her."Well, he was here earlier today asking for you and I told h
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Chapter Seven
"Hazel! There is a mail for you." I heard Beth calling me from the living room and I came rushing outside to find her going through all our mails."Here you go," she handed over a green envelope to me and I already knew who might have sent it to me.Not again!I threw it on top of the coffee table and walked inside the kitchen to make some tea for us."Wait, aren't you gonna open it?" she asked, entering the kitchen with the envelope in her hand and I turned around to face her. "No, I don't want to." I shrugged, placing the kettle on the stove but she didn't seem to let it go."Come on, I know it's from your mom." She stated, waiting for me to respond but I remained silent. "Hazel Woods, have you been doing this every single month?!" She asked with her hands on her hips and I mentally groaned in frustration. She has no idea about my relationship with my mom and I haven't told her as well. "I don't mean to intrude but I really think you should read them, babe. It's your mom." She tr
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Chapter Eight
Shit!I knew Jayden would see right through his lie because I had told him Zach was my boss yesterday in the car.I decided to play along anyway."Right this way, Mr. McKenzie." Jayden gestured towards the right with his hand and I could sense that he was fucking mad.I spent the next half an hour, tasting different samples of whisky. Zach didn't try any as he has to drive us back and to be honest, I was impressed with everything they had to offer. I loved the taste, it was rich, strong and so fucking smooth."What do you think, babe?" Zach asked, looking down at me with his arms still around my waist and I gave him a small smile."I love it."Jayden kept eyeing us both suspiciously and waited for us to give our decision."Well, if my girlfriend approves then I'm all good, Mr. Brooks. Let's finalize the paperwork and supply." Zach announced and I let out a huge sigh of relief.I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Jayden called someone on his phone and we stood there wait
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Chapter Nine
"C--Could you just give me a second?" I stammered and rushed past her towards Zach's office."Yeah, go ahead and make out with him. It's not like you have to hide anymore." She called out, making me groan out loud.How did this even happen?That's right! All because of me.I entered his office and shut the door behind me. He was already waiting for my outburst and gave me an apologetic look."How the fuck did this happen?" I asked, holding my head and he let out a huge breath."Jayden came over to collect the paperwork and my sister also arrived at the same time. We were all talking about the business and having a drink then all of a sudden he opened his mouth about us. I couldn't even deny, Hazel." He explained, looking more worried than me and I could understand his situation as well. "Stupid Jayden. This is all because of him. Beth is so mad at me." I whined, sinking down on the chair in front of me and he let out a small chuckle."She almost hit me for not telling her first and I
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Chapter Ten
"If you come any closer, I'll scream bloody murder." I tried to threaten him as he backed me up against the door. I could feel his breath on my face and I was trying everything in my power to not grab him and kiss the hell out of him.How can someone ooze so much sexual power?!"I'd love to see you scream, Hazel." He whispered, pulling out my t-shirt that was tucked inside my jeans and continued, "Too bad, the walls are soundproof." He tsked, slipping his hands under my t-shirt and I gasped when his rough hands touched my waist, his fingers slowly tracing my abdomen."How many girls have you fucked here?" I asked without thinking as it was the first thing that popped into my mind and all he did was laugh a little before responding."Jealous already?""You wish." I scoffed, turning my head to the other side but the sexual tension was killing me both mentally and physically."Kiss me." He demanded, his fingers now under my t-shirt, resting on my boobs."Fuck off.""I want to fuck that m
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