Romancing a Spinster

Romancing a Spinster

By:  Ashmita  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lady Olivia Cavendish had resigned herself to spinsterhood after she had been jilted by her fiancé. She's beautiful and rich, her father is the Duke of Devonshire. But she learned the hard way that being the daughter of a Duke does not always guarantee happiness. Mr. Jacob Townshend, a self-made man, rich beyond reason and handsome as the very devil arrives in England after spending seven years on the continent. These past years had turned the once good-natured Jacob into a heartless rogue. Read "Romancing a Spinster" to find out what happens when this heartless rouge romances our spinster.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1
25 March 1820Rome, ItalyJacob was lounging on a chair and Mrs. Valentina Lombardi, the most sought after courtesan in Rome was sprawled on his lap, her lush body pressed to his as she tried to coax a reaction out of him. He knew all the other men watching him envied him. But for the life of him, he couldn't muster any enthusiasm for the act.
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Chapter 2
What Jacob saw when he went through the door stopped him in his tracks. His breath whooshed out of him. That ghost of a man, only skin and bones couldn't possibly be his uncle. Uncle had been a large man, he'd been robust. But this man looking at him with his eyes stark against his pale, lifeless face...
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Chapter 3
Mayfair, London"I am not wearing that gown, Aunt Mel. It's practically indecent!" Olivia groaned. "Of course not! Why do you say that?" her aunt demanded, dangling a maroon taffeta gown before Olivia's eyes. It was beautiful, no doubt. "For one, the bodice is so low that my breasts might pop out at any time."
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Chapter 4
"Archie, can we please sit out the next set?" Olivia didn't want to dance anymore. "Fine by me. If we dance one more set together, these people will most definitely call out the banns and print the news of our betrothal in The Times," he rolled his eyes. "But what's wrong? You love to dance," he eyed her. "I do, but my legs hurt," the lie slipped out easily enough. As the set was abou
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Chapter 5
7 years ago. 13 June 1813Derbyshire, EnglandOlivia grunted as another pebble slipped into her slipper. It appeared like she had gone momentarily daft when she'd chosen her dainty slippers instead of the sturdy boots for her jaunt by the countryside.
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Chapter 6
 Jacob couldn't help but like this girl and he was having a fine time baiting her. He chuckled when she began to stammer again. "There is no need to be afraid, I am not going to harm you," he said, using his placating tone. She looked up at him then, raising her face to look at him for the first time since he had come upon her. "I am not afraid,
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Chapter 7
The evening after the Sutherland ball, 1821"How did you like Lady Olivia?" Peter asked. "She seems fine." "Fine? She's wonderful, Jacob. How can you even think about hurting her? Do you not think she's gone through a lot already?" An ugly frown wrinkled Pete's brow.
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Chapter 8
Good god, had she loved the man? Jacob had not really planned this out as thoroughly as he would've liked. He'd seen her in the park and he'd improvised, although not well enough...He certainly shouldn't want to know why her fiancé had runoff. He wasn't supposed to care. But he cared, dammit. He wanted to learn all her secrets and he wanted to kill the sod for hurting her so. You're going to hurt her too.
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Chapter 9
Olivia felt like she was a ship in a storm and Mr.Townshend was her anchor. She didn't regret initiating the kiss one bit. He held her close to him and she felt the hardness of his body against hers. Who would've thought that such a hard, unyielding body could be so warm?! But his lips were soft as they gently moved with hers. Olivia couldn't breathe, the sensation was too much to bear. She'd been kissed before, but not like this...
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Chapter 10
Jacob lay in bed, unable to sleep. He was alone in his uncle's townhouse, except for the butler. He'd even sent Marcel away for the night. Why was it so bloody hot? He kicked at the sheets tangled with his limbs impatiently and got up. He sauntered down to the study and popped open a bottle of wine. He usually preferred whiskey, but his uncle's cellar here was poorly stocked.
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