The Love saga

The Love saga

By:  Babyofsun  Completed
Language: English
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Love is a very beautiful feeling and we all want to feel it and be with the person we love but is it that easy as it is to say?Join the journey of our characters to know how they wrote their own love saga

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Neha Mehta
good enjoyed reading
2021-03-26 12:32:09
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Ksema Laxmi
No words to explain how involved I was in every story. Mysterious, magical and beautiful ❤
2021-01-03 03:39:19
68 Chapters
True love chap 1
Chapter 1Tere sath Zindagi Bitani Khwaish thi meriPar Mujhe kya pata tha Meri ye khwahish mere Jazbatton ka hi qatl Kar degi~Ankita Ghosh (living my life with you was my wish but little did I know that my this wish will kill my emotions) "Ridhu, what are you thinking?" Maya asked Ridhima who is sitting alone "Nothing Maya, I was just thinking about my ill fate, today I saw Mehek with Rocky. They are dating I guess" Ridhima said, her eyes twinkling with undesirable emotions."Not yet but they will if you don't confess your feelings, yaar you love him for a long time. Why can't you just confess this to him? He won't eat you alive now will he?" Maya said in a dramatic way placing her hands on her hips."Maya you know I can't. He is my friend and I'm afraid my con
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True love chap 2
Chapter 2NOTE: It's the story Ridhima's mother is telling her so it has nothing to do with Ridhima.Being the singing sensation of India, Rudraksha and Randhawa, the name is enough for anyone to go crazy. People of every age are a fan of his melodious voice..."Sir, you have a show in half an hour." His PA Natasha informed him."Yes Natasha I know, give me some time" Rudra replied nonchalantly.Natasha nodded before leaving him alone. Rudra sighed and thought about the upcoming meeting with his father. His father is really angry with him. It has been 7 days since he last met him or went to his home for that matter.His father Mr. Pratap Randhawa is a very strict and orthodox man. He doesn't like his son's carelessness. He hates the fact that his son is a singer instead of being a well-known businessman. Pratap Randhawa has always dreamt that one day his only son will tak
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True love chap 3
Chapter 3It's the day when Rudraksha is about to get engaged with Sikha.He was least interested in it. He was only doing it as a duty but for Sikha it's anything but Duty. She is on cloud nine and why won't she? After all, she is getting married to the person she secretly loves and admires.Sikha is Pratap's best friend's daughter so she was associated with Rudra's family from her childhood. She always noticed Rudra whenever she was in the same place with him but Rudra never paid any attention to her. He always seemed too lost in his own dreamland.Sikha didn't mind it as she knew Rudra doesn't like to be with girls or in any relationship for that matter. And when her father told her that he is planning to get her married with Rudra her joy knew no bounds. It was a dream come true for her. She is getting ready in a peach colour lehenga for her engagement. Be
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True love chap 4
Chapter 4"So Rudra How's your work going?" His uncle, Ram, asked him"It's going good uncle, just need a little break from everything but still I have few shootings here" Rudra replied while sipping his juice."Bhai will you go with me to the orphanage?" Saumya asked him"Hmm, I will. I was thinking about the same. You said it before I could." Rudra smiled"All children will go mad when they will see the Great Rudraksha Randhawa. You know they all are your fans, they love you very much. I'm only waiting to see their reaction" Saumya replied happily.After their breakfast, they left for the orphanage run by Rudra. Thanks to his busy schedule, Rudra didn't get time to visit it at least once in like 5 years. "Bhai wait. Stop the car, we need to take chocolates for them" Saumya said"I already had it with me as I said I was planning on
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True love chap 5
Chapter 5From now on whenever Durva is saying something it's in sign language as she can't talk. I won't mention it all the time.Durva looked at Rudra and her smile vanished. She slowly came towards them and bid hello to Saumya."Durva as you know his identity, Rudraksha Randhawa my brother and he understands sign language." Saumya said"Hi, you have a unique name Durva" Rudra said hesitatingly"Thanks" Durva replied"I heard many things about you from Saumya. I'm really impressed by your selflessness." Rudra said admiring her will to help children."It's not my selflessness. I love this kid, that's why I spend time with them." Durva replied"Saumya can you bring some things from the car I have left it on the back seat" Rudra saidSaumya nodded and left them alone."Durva I'm really sorry for what I said that time
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True love chap 6
Chapter 6Rudra is not happy with the arrangement of him getting married early. He is trying to accept the fact that he was getting married to her anyway, no matter the time. Two months or one month doesn't matter."Bhai what happened? You're looking stressed" Saumya asked"My wedding is postponed. I don't want it yaar" Rudra said"And why is that?" Saumya asked"Because I don't love Sikha this marriage is a burden on me and" Rudra stopped in the middle. He himself isn't aware why he is behaving like this. "Bhai why don't you go and meet Durva and the kids? After all, you will leave soon" Saumya suggested. Rudra didn't like the idea of leaving. He doesn't want to leave from here and he isn’t aware of the reason why? "What will I say to her? That I'm going away because of my wedding?" Rudra asked"It's the truth isn't it?" Saumya asked hi
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True love chap 7
Chapter 7Koi baat nahi agarIshq meri qubool nahi tujhkoPar mere ishq kiTauheen na karnaKehke meri Bhul isko~Ankita Ghosh(it's fine if you don't accept my love but don't insult it calling my mistake) "You what Bhai? Like her? Or love her?" Saumya asked him making his eyes widen"What? Have you lost your mind? Me and love her?" Rudra said like saumya cracked a joke but from inside he knows what he feels for her."Then why did it affect you if she is dating someone or not? She has a life and she will also live her life isn't it?" Saumya’s retort made Rudra shut his mouth. He has no answer to her question."Bhai you know I can read people at least the one whom I knew and loved. You're denying your feelings. Don't do anything that will ruin three lives." Saumya saidAnd it's like he remembered that he is getting marri
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True love chap 8
Chapter 8"Then I'm giving you freedom Rudra. Go back to her." Sikha said, making him a shock. Rudra can't believe his ears. He knows that Sikha is a type of girl who doesn't like to share her things or leave them. How can she leave him this easily? "If you're joking then let me tell you it's a very vulgar joke" Rudra said "And why do you think that I'm joking? I know that it's difficult for you to believe me but I'm saying the truth. I will talk to our parents about this. They won't make any fuss. You can marry Durva whom you love" Sikha said with a smile that didn't reach her eyes "Thank you so much sikha, for understanding me and my love. You don't know what you did for me. I can't wait to introduce you to Durva. I'm sure you will like her as well." Rudra said with enthusiasm After sometime, Sikha left for her home. She didn't cry anymore. She went to her room
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Love by chance chap 1
Chapter 1"Hey Vidushi, what are you doing here alone?" Ananya asked"Nothing just sitting here and cursing that cheater" Vidushi replied with a faint sneer playing on her lips."Huh? What does it mean?" Ananya asked"That jerk Rohan cheated on me, with that bloody Rita" Vidushi gritted out with clenched teeth."Ohh, I told you to not believe him. He is after all a play boy and just can't keep his dick inside his pants" Ananya said shrugging, knowing too well about the 'character' of Rohan."Yeah I now understand it better. Actually you know, it's good that he cheated on me. I was going to break up with him anyway. He isn't my type. I already lost my faith from love long ago. Don't know why but I never believed in it." Vidushi said"Vidushi why don't you believe in love? See I'm so happy with Virat. We are so much in love" Ananya said with dreamy eyes as if recallin
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Love by chance chap 2
Chapter 2"Mr. Angihotri, the girl you have bought with yourself, has a deep injury in her head. So there are high chances she will forget about her past life" the doctor informed him"Can't you do anything about it? I mean won't she be able to remember anything?" Vidhan asked him hesitantly."There are chances she can but everyone isn't that lucky to get their memories back. We can't give you any assurance." the doctor shrugged as a matter of fact.Vidhan doesn't know what to do or think about it. The girl is in this state because she wanted to save him. It's another thing that he was there to save her.Vidhan came out from the doctor's cabin and sat outside. He informed his mother about the incident and was strictly instructed by her to not to leave the girl alone.Vidhan smiled thinking about his mom and her always ready to help attitude.After 3 hours the girl g
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