Room to Fall

Room to Fall

By:  Mathieu Forest  Ongoing
Language: English
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[ A Beauty & the Beast retelling ] Anyone can ask for a favor from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical heiress, Camille Delacourt―who has the city of New York wrapped around her perfectly manicured fingers and rules it with an iron fist. Dealing out social ruin and favors in equal measure; every request comes at a cost, and once done, you'll forever be in her debt. But when a seemingly crude Italian business mogul who claims he is looking to expand into American markets arrives with a proposition that she can't turn down, things take a sudden twist. Because there's always room to fall, and all is fair in love and war.

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Catherine Emelda
Waiting the next ep
2021-09-20 13:39:46
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Great story so far
2021-02-09 14:44:18
25 Chapters
01 • Camille
And if the devil were to see you, he would kiss your eyes and repent. —Farouq Gouida
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02 • Camille
Just as they were about to begin, a ripple seemed to pass over every individual in the Metropolitan’s private casino and all it took was an enquiring glance thrown carelessly over David’s head to identify the new arrival: Teodor Vukomanovic. Camille felt herself still, considered calling the whole thing off, telling Michael that she couldn’t help him before heading home, but of course she remained rooted in her chair, watching as the older man took in the entire room from his vantage point by the door, where men built like slabs of wood with muscles straining under the confines of their black suits flanked his sides. He
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03 • Nicolo
MILAN It was said that along with a penchant for spending lavishly on designer wardrobes (as a quick stroll around Via Montenapoleone would soon have you learn) the Milanese moved at a pace quicker than you could expect to find in any other Italian city, save Rome perhaps. On any other day, Nicolo Giorgio De Rossi—CEO and chairman of the De Rossi Group and a two time GQ Man of the Year award winner, among other things—would’ve been contented to sit back and indulge in a power nap as Marco swerved past tourists, ignoring street signs and speed limits in the cutthroat way drivers in that part of the It
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04 • Nicolo
Courtesy demanded that Nico should’ve walked straight to the boardroom as soon as he arrived, but his lift up the cramped metal box had—for the second time that morning it seemed—triggered his fear of enclosed spaces, so that by the time he stumbled out muttering a halfhearted goodbye to Timothy the intern, it was all he could do to fight against the irrational panic. Already, his breaths had begun coming out in shallow audible bursts. Nico needed a pick-me-up, but his tight schedule hadn’t afforded him time to indulge in one of his favorite pre-work rituals which involved brewing himself an Espresso and savoring
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05 • Camille
“You and you, switch spots!” Morgan Pierce’s clear tenor rang through the Museum of Modern Art’s Sculpture Garden and a Canon camera hung precariously in a limp-wristed hand as the two girls he’d spoken to obeyed, changing positions just like he’d told them to. “Yes, yes,” the photographer said with a satisfied smile. He squinted, raised the camera to an eye. “Now pose!” Click. Click. Click.
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06 • Camille
A woman sat at the bar of the Deluxe with a vacant, far-off expression on her face as if she was not really there. Like she’d upped and left her body behind to fill itself with alcohol until it could take no more. This was the state in which Camille found her best friend. Octavia Tang Carmichael had an ethereal quality about her even sporting a pageboy haircut. Much of it had to do with her fine-boned face, how it happened to be an almost perfect combination of both Eastern and Western features like her name suggested—a pouty mouth, wide brown eyes so dark they looked black in some lights, and slanting cheekbones.
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07 • Camille
“No you didn’t. We’ve been together for five years.” The other woman made a noncommittal sound, taking another sip of her beer, and once again Camille was reminded of the uncomfortable stalemate she always found herself in when it came to choosing between her best friend and boyfriend. It was an inexplicable feud that began right at their start of their introduction when Milo, with surprising maliciousness, made a comment about the killing of elephants when he saw the ivory figurine she’d gotten as a housewarming gift from her mother, and Tavie, not one to back down, called him out for being an overgeneraliz
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08 • Nicolo
CAPRI Nicolo De Rossi may have come from a family often referred to as the Kennedys of Italy, but he was not a man who went out of his way to act like he did. In fact, save the condo in Lombardy which he’d purchased he could not say for sure if truly there was ever a time he’d gone out of his way to splurge on anything. He had an expensive car and chauffer of course, but these had come with his job; and all of his clothes were purchased by his sister-in-law and be
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09 • Nicolo
POSITANOTwo hundred meters away from Spiaggia del Fornillo and located even closer still to the Path of the Gods was the Villa Orseolo, a sprawling property with little over a dozen interconnected villas, each commanding their own rocky promontory.
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10 • Nicolo
Flanked on either side by his two sons, Adolfo stood by one of the white columns outside, where he received the guests who began to arrive at about four p.m. in groups, bringing with them the smell of expensive French perfumes and occasional murmurs of admiration as the villa in all its extravagant largesse unfolded before them.As expected, they were a colorful bunch: two Pulitzer Prize winners the Count claimed to
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