Rosemary- Lucifer’s Cursed Bride

Rosemary- Lucifer’s Cursed Bride

By:  Morticia Addams  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rosemary is an orphaned werewolf girl with extreme gifts. Taken away from her childhood friend Jesiah who is destined to become the king of werewolf’s. Forced to train to become an assassin for the Vatican to kill their eternal enemy Lucifer. Rosemary finds herself in the middle of romance between Lucifer whom she was sworn to kill and Jesiah her loving mate. Enjoy! Excerpt - With my eyes closed, I stretched my arms to feel silky sheets all around me. Coming to, I remembered blacking out near the river so why am I feeling silk and pillows?!? I shot up and took in my surroundings. I noticed a dagger on the wall. Is this another one of Enora’s drills? I thought feeling confused. Then the flood of memories from the past night hit me. I killed her. I killed hundreds of wolves in training. The realization began to sink in and though they were vile creatures and Enora treated me less than an animal, I felt guilt. Guilt that I gave into the monster they created in me. The nuns, the Order, Enora. They never wanted me alive because they cared for me. They didn’t train me and push my power for the purpose of helping protect myself or others. No, they wanted to use me. The empty angry void in my soul was because of them. I was never nurtured in all my time at the convent nor Enoras prison. I was completely unloved. Though I needed so badly to burst into tears, I couldn’t bring myself to cry. Lost in my thoughts, the door to my left began to open and before my host could walk completely in, I grabbed a chunk full of hair on the top of their head and put my dagger to their muscular neck.

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Julia Nora
keep it going 👍🏻 i am wondering, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 18:21:52
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Martyna Rainer
Wow, so exciting👍😊 waiting to read book 2👍👍👍
2020-12-11 04:22:32
user avatar
Morticia Addams
Working on it now ;)
2020-09-25 00:13:22
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mlondolozi clate
great !! when is the part 2 coming out?
2020-09-24 23:41:10
user avatar
Getrude Ndlovu
well written book I can't put it down
2021-06-20 08:01:26
38 Chapters
Chapter 1
I stood somewhat tall at the age of eight. Dark black hair, pale milky white skin with light emerald green eyes staring out at the fields with a dissatisfied look on my face. “Where are you Josiah?” I huffed and stomped. My little friend was suppose to meet me over an hour ago. I turned and walked in the direction I came when I feel someone pounce on my back and I let out a scream as we go rolling down the hill. I try my best to get the upper hand and tackle him to the ground. “Haha
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Chapter 2
10 YEARS LATER...... Rosemary-
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Chapter 3
Josiah-Josiah walked into the Alphas meeting room and slammed his fist down in front of his father. “Im going to ask you just one more time, WHERE DID TH
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Chapter 4
Lucifer- The Evil OneIn all his glory and indefinite beauty, Lucifer sits on his thrown surrounded by beautiful half naked women and his pack of esteemed
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Chapter 5
JosiahI was starting to pick up the pace as I felt a presence in the woods. Being the alpha prince of combat, I quickly shifted to human form so I could
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Chapter 6
Rosemary- With my eyes closed, I stretched my arms to feel silky sheets all around me. Coming to, I remembered blacking out near the river so why am
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Chapter 7
Josiah- “Rosemary” I grab her beautiful face towards mine. I can tell she has been through hell. “Rosemary. You’re mine. I’ll never let you go again
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Chapter 8
Rosemary- I ran so fast through the forest I could barely breathe. That’s when I knew I must have traveled far. It was all to much. I never thought
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Chapter 9
Lucifer-I walked toward the empty shack riddled with the odors of Enora. I never cared for the goddess of war. Her ugly face reflected the image of her s
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Chapter 10
Rosemary-  As I stretch and arch my body across the surface, I feel, yet again, the comfort of silk sheets. As I begin to open my eyes and move my arms about, I feel the restraint around my wrist. Thinking that Josiah must have found me and chained me from escaping. I look up to a dark shadow approachin
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