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Her life was perfect, she lived the life that everybody wants. Free from all the pain and suffering the world has to offer for a mere human like her. She was beautiful, loved and adored by everyone and most of all, she had parents that no one in this world would ever find. ut life is a twisted jerk wanting to ruin everything. When she entered Delphaize Academy, her eyes were awakened, she saw the cruelness of the world. She felt that she was being murdered from inside-out, wanting to bring back the life she used to live. Will she accept the fate that she has been given? Will she conquer the conquest that was destined for her?

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Third Person's Point of view.It was a normal Monday morning, everyone did their daily routine. Students stressing themselves out, hurrying to school. A family car stopped near the school premises. A young girl with deviant features saw students hurrying their asses off, the classes were about to start."I'll be going." She said as she kissed both her parents in the cheeks."Take care sweetie.""Good luck in your speech, we're proud of you!""Thanks, Dad, I'll do my best!" She had that smile on her face that shows how much she loves her parents."This weekend let's celebrate ou
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With an innocent smile, Jamnia went her way asking permission from her Father. She's going out on a date with Dustin to celebrate their first anniversary. With the excuse of doing some important projects, her Dad eventually subdued to her persistence."Thanks Dad." The latter said as she hugged her father."Come home early Sweetie, we'll wait for you.""No need to wait for me Mom, I can manage." She said in reassurance."What's with the dress Jam? Does your project has to do anything with it?"Jamnia tilted her head in disapproval. She knows how strict her father is, coming from a religious and reserved family."Can't I? I just wann
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"Where am I? I need to go home! Let me go! Dad! Mom! Dustin!"The noise coming from the school clinic was getting attention from the students that were passing by. The commotion grew bigger as the continues shouting of a girl having a nervous breakdown didn't stop. Who wouldn't? After experiencing a life and death situation with your loved one. Adding to that, seeing peculiar creatures with strange powers will surely blow your mind. The girl only wanted to leave but she was forbidden to by the guy who was guarding her."Calm down Miss, we won't hurt you." The girl said shyly, she had that psychopathic look on her face."If not then why are you detaining me? I need to go back, I'm pretty sure that my parents are worried by now.""You c
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"Another guy showed up, how lucky of her.""Good thing we've prepared for this."The two figures who lurked the area whispered as vines appeared infront of the two figures below, ready to grip anything in it's path the vines suddenly turned to ashes before it could get anymore close. As if the guy next to Jamnia gave off radiations strong enough to burn anything."Show yourselves.""What do you think are we? Fools?" A sarcastic voice replied as sharp metal like objects bursted towards the direction of the two.The thick sharp edged metal like earlier melted like it was nothing. The innocent girl was amazed but it was still wasn't enough to make her believe in such foolishness. For he
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