Runaway Mate of The Alpha King

Runaway Mate of The Alpha King

By:  SuzieLee06  Ongoing
Language: English
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I had always been looked down upon by my Pack because of my Omega blood. Even my own Alpha family didn't think highly of me. When I left home and fell in love with a rogue, I ended up being rejected. And when I returned to my Pack, my Alpha father received a letter from the Alpha King. The letter read, ["Dear Alpha Quinn, I'm writing to inform you that your third daughter, Etizia, is my mate. Send her to me, or face the destruction of your Pack. Sincerely, Alpha Nox.”] It wasn't something to celebrate. Not because of the rumors about Alpha Nox wearing a mask to hide his ugly face, but because he was notorious for his ruthlessness. He had killed many innocent werewolves. Despite my reservations, my father wasted no time in sending me to him. Even if I tried to escape, I would still be forced to marry him. "I'll probably end up dead," I thought. But to my surprise, the cold Alpha King treated me kindly and with care. How did an Omega wolf like me manage to tame the beast of all beasts? ** ** The Alpha King leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "Are you still considering escaping from me?" I replied, knowing the futility of my answer, "It doesn't matter what I say, you'll never allow me to run." He gently lifted my chin and smiled. "That's the right answer, my Luna. I can shower you with kindness, but I won't tolerate you turning your back on me. NOT AGAIN." With a swift motion, he removed his golden mask, revealing his true identity. My eyes widened in shock as I recognized him.

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96 Chapters
1. A Letter From the Alpha King
Etizia's POV I was only 17 when my heart was shattered into a million pieces. The culprit behind my broken heart was none other than a male rogue. "I've found my mate. I'm sorry, Etizia, but we need to end things," he confessed, leaving me devastated. I had no choice but to return to my Pack – the Esquar Pack. "Look who's back!" sneered my stepsister, Phia. The pathetic Omega daughter who thought she could find happiness outside the Pack. But what happened? She was rejected by some nobody rogue!" Her laughter filled the house, piercing through my already wounded heart. I paused while washing the dishes, taking a deep breath to steady myself. Today was my 18th birthday, the day I was supposed to celebrate the arrival of my wolf, Genivie. However, instead of receiving congratulations from my family, they continued to belittle me for returning home. "They were never going to celebrate, you know. They've always despised you," Genivie whispered in my mind, offering me a small comfort a
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2. My Mate?!
Etizia's POVIt was the dead of night, with everyone in the Pack fast asleep, creating the perfect opportunity for me to escape.Despite the locked windows and two guards stationed outside my room, I knew of a secret passage that only I was aware of.With a small bag containing my essential belongings prepared, I braced myself for my daring getaway. Before opening the concealed door that led to the rear of our house, I took a final glance around my room.The atmosphere was thick with silence as I cautiously navigated the narrow path, my heart pounding with tension.I was acutely aware of the consequences that awaited me if Iwere to be caught attempting to flee - a sentence of death by being forced into marriage with the Alpha King.Moving as stealthily as a mouse, I managed to slip out of the house undetected, evading any unwanted attention. Beads of sweat trickled down my face, evidence of the adrenaline coursing through my veins.Gasping for breath, I surveyed the imposing fence th
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3. "Woke Up In His Castle"
Etizia’s POVA flock of birds took flight, following their instincts.As the night wore on, the sky became overcast.The moon was hidden behind the clouds, unable to illuminate the dark forest.When the clouds dispersed, the light shone through. Before me stood a massive black wolf with fiery red eyes.I held back a groan as I witnessed the wolf pounce on the bear. "Grr," it growled, issuing a low warning.The injured beast panted beneath its weight, in imminent danger of a deadly bite.I blinked, tears welling up and a sob escaping me.Only then did the wolf slowly raise its head, its eyes flickering.The magnificent creature was unfamiliar, yet I could recognize it in an instant.‘He is the Alpha King. My mate.’I took a shallow breath, feeling a surge of fear coursing through my body, causing me to tremble.Darn it. I had managed to escape, but now I found myself caught once again.There seemed to be no way out of this situation.As I desperately crawled backwards, trying to evade
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4. Married With The Alpha King
Etizia's POVThe big day had finally arrived. I stood in front of the mirror, gazing at myself in the wedding gown."Ha!" I couldn't help but let out a sarcastic laugh. "Wow, I'm actually going to marry the Alpha King."I hadn't even seen his face when he wasn't in his wolf form. Not that I was expecting a handsome husband or anything. I just wasn't thrilled about the whole situation."Isn't she unlucky?" I heard a voice coming from the door.I narrowed my eyes at the door, where two maids were standing guard."Yeah, marrying the Alpha King might make her powerful, but there's a rumor going around that he's incredibly hideous. That's why he wears a golden mask to hide his face, right?"The Alpha King wears mask?That's the first time I've heard that.Intrigued, I approached the door and pressed my ear against it."It's not just a rumor. They say that anyone who lays eyes on the Alpha's face dies instantly.""Does he have a curse?""No. He kills them."I gasped silently, covering my mo
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5. Mating Night
Etizia’s POVIt's official. I've become the new Luna of the Alpha King's Pack, and tonight marks our first night together."Can I come in, Luna Etizia?" the maid asked."Sure, come on in," I responded reluctantly.Hany, the maid, entered the bathroom holding a dress in her hands. "I've brought the dress you'll be wearing tonight."I glanced at the seductive nightgown she held. "Just put it aside for now. I'll wear it later.""The Alpha King wanted me to let you know that he's starting to get bored waiting for you," she said.My fingers twitched. I hugged myself and muttered, "I'll be finished with my bath soon."The maid nodded and replied, "I'll be waiting for you outside the bathroom."As the maid left, I let out a sigh. I couldn't believe I had to serve a husband whom I didn't even love.But there’s nothing I can do.I finished my bath and then I slipped into the crimson fabric that the maid had given me. As I gazed into the mirror, my eyes of warm amber fluttered open, while my ha
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6. "The Queen, Me?"
Etizia’s POVI let out a gasp as his hand yanked me down.My cheek landed on the soft pillow, and my body jolted. My mind went blank for a moment. Fear crept in as I imagined the worst.Alpha Nox is my mate. His scent captivated me, and my body craved him. But that's where it ended. I never imagined giving myself to someone I didn't love.Yet, I'm just an Omega. What chance do I have against the Alpha's hold?So, when Alpha Nox pulled me onto the bed and positioned himself on top of me, I resigned myself to my unfortunate destiny.‘I just have to close my eyes and endure it all,’ I whispered before shutting my eyes.But then…"Since you made me wait, your punishment is to sleep beside me all night."My husband's deep voice echoed in my ear.As I opened my eyes, I noticed him shifting slightly away.His face was so close to mine, and even behind the mask, I could see the intensity in his dark red eyes akin to a deep wine. The mask couldn't conceal his strong jawline, highlighting his r
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7. "Almost a Good Life"
Etizia’s POV In the Esquar Pack, I went through the worst. I couldn't eat to my heart's content, couldn't dress up nicely because my stepsister despised it, and was treated like the lowest of the low. I didn't expect my life in the Renoir Pack to be any different. But then, the maid informed me that Alpha Nox had commanded everyone to treat me like their Queen. I couldn't believe it. Why would a merciless Alpha King do such a thing? Could it be because I am his wife? His Luna? His mate? Is it possible for him to do this even without any love between us, but only a bond forged by the Moon Goddess? Days went by, and it dawned on me that Nox wasn't just joking around. "Luna, are you not enjoying the food? You barely touched anything else," the chef in the castle questioned me. I glanced at him and replied, "Oh, I love everything. I'm just too full. You really went all out with this feast. I can't possibly eat it all." "Thank goodness. I was worried my cooking wasn't up to par fo
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8. "The Rogue is my Brother-in-Law!"
Etizia’s POVThe first time I experienced love was after I ran away from home.After leaving Esquar Pack, I had to blend into human society. To support myself, I resorted to selling fruits in the market.One fateful day, a charming man approached me and confidently said, "You're an Omega, aren't you?"With just one glance, I could tell he was a werewolf."I've been wondering where that delightful scent was coming from. And it's you," the werewolf said, flashing an enticing smile.Although it was a brief encounter, that's how it all began.I fell head over heels for the handsome werewolf, who introduced himself as Timothy, a rogue residing in the forest.I thought I had finally found my happily ever after. However, Timothy eventually left me.“I found my mate, Etizia. I am sorry. I can’t be with you anymore,” Timothy said, hanging his head in sorrow.Crying, I held his hand and said, “You told me that you don’t care about the bond. That even if you found your mate, you’ll stay with me!
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9. "Only the Beginning"
Etizia’s POV I took a deep breath and stood confidently in front of Timothy, with Nox by my side. It had taken a great deal of bravery for me to finally look up and meet his gaze. As I did, I noticed that Timothy's face mirrored my own expression; a strained attempt to remain composed. "Hello, Alpha King," Timothy's wife, a stunning woman, greeted us. Her words prompted Timothy and me to avoid each other's eyes. "It's been quite a while since I last visited," she said, her eyes locked onto mine. Her smile appeared pleasant, but it made me feel uneasy. "And now, I see the Luna. It brings me joy to return, doesn't it, Timothy?" Timothy remained silent, his gaze shifting downwards as he let out a sigh. To my surprise, it was my husband, Nox, who spoke up instead. "It's been quite a while, hasn't it? We just reunited after marrying our respective mates." Observing the two of them, I couldn't help but notice that their smiles didn't quite reach their eyes. They appeared far from ha
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10. "Husband, Ex-lover, and His Wife"
Etizia’s POV In the dining hall of the Alpha King’s castle, my heart raced like a horse in full gallop. This was the first time I sat down to dine with my husband and to add to the tension, my ex-boyfriend and his wife were also present. Thankfully, only my ex and I were aware of our shared history. I noticed Timothy stealing glances at me from across the table. To avoid any suspicion from Nox, I kept my gaze fixed elsewhere. As the dishes arrived, I was bewildered to spot my favorites. Was it just a coincidence? ‘There’s no way my husband prepared my favorite foods while knowing that,’ I pondered, glancing at his side profile. The four of us sat in a heavy silence as we began to eat, the only noise coming from the clinking of silverware. In the quiet atmosphere, I glanced around at the group. Clearly, nobody was interested in engaging in conversation over the meal. That’s when my eyes settled on Timothy. ‘He told me he was a lone wolf, but he's actually the Alpha King's br
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