Running Back To You

Running Back To You

By:  Lucy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kathilyn Winston, a 20-year-old woman who lived with her biological aunt and uncle in New York after the death of her parents by a murder. One day, her aunt and uncle were in debt with Luca Cambridge, Isaac Cambridges adoptive father. Upon their debt, Kathilyn’s aunt and uncle made a deal to marry their biological daughter off to Isaac Cambridge. Hearing the rumors about the Cambridge family that gained their wealth by brutal and cruel means, they forced Kathilyn to disguise as their daughter and marry her off with Isaac. On the day of their wedding, Kathilyn fled the wedding and disappeared. After a year of being on the run in Texas, Kathilyn bumped into her fiance Isaac by the street.

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Mom, I don't want to marry that notorious man! Who knows if he would kill me before I could get a taste of his wealth.” Sydney Danville, a lady with blonde hair scowled. Her blue eyes shifted back and forth between her parents sitting on a sofa in the living room as her hand folded against her chest. “Honey, this is not right. You know about the rumors surrounding that man, right? Our reputation is going to be ruined.” Victoria Danville, Sydney’s mom stood up as she looked at her husband. “Victoria darling, there’s nothing that we can do. We’re in debt, would you rather be tied up with them for life?” Walter Danville spoke, hugging Victoria as she buried her face into his shoulder. “No, I can't agree with this. I won’t allow our daughter to marry that man!” Victoria, the 48-year-old woman with a bun, broke off the hug and turned around to look out the window. The city was bustling, and loud with the noises of the cars. “What if…” Sydney looked at Kathilyn Winston, her pink dres
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Chapter 2
Just as the masked man was about to pull the trigger, his handgun was knocked away and it crashed on the wall, shattering to pieces. “Retreat!” He shouted, running away with his two other men following behind him. Right after, a few other masked men who seemed to be their enemy rushed towards them and chased them. After seeing the men disappear, Kathilyn’s vision turned dark. Opening her eyes, she looked around to find herself suddenly tied up on a chair. The room was dimly lit with a single candle on the table before her. "You're awake now, princess?" A husky and deep voice spoke, sitting on a chair in front of Kathilyn with his legs crossed. She raised her head to see the man with a black mask who saved her before. "W-who are you? Where am I?" Kathilyn stuttered in fear, her whole body was practically trembling. The air felt cold as the menacing stare of the masked man that Kathilyn could feel through his mask. "There's no need to know who I am, darling. Just be a good girl and
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Chapter 3
"It has been two hours, but she's not here yet," Isaac answered worriedly. "Alex, go to her house and see what happened," Isaac ordered one of his men, standing at the end of the hall. The man nodded and he rushed out towards Kathilyn's house. "Excuse me, Miss Stdney Danville?" He knocked on the door, but no one answered. He keeps knocking loudly as if demanding them to open the door. After a few minutes, the door finally opened, and Victoria and Walter appeared. "W-who are you?" Walter asked, his voice sounding anxious. "I'm Alex, young mister Cambridge asked me to check on Miss Sydney Danville since it has been two hours we waited for her," Alex spoke, trying to get into their house. "C-check? Uhh... She's still getting ready..." Victoria and Walter blocked Alex from entering their house, looking at him with an anxious look. Alex's facial expression turned stern and cold. "What game are you playing? Please cooperate and take me to her room." Alex pushed both of them aside and
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Chapter 4
"f-fine... I won't resist." Kathilyn gave up and stopped resisting. The man withdrew his knife and kept it in his pocket. He continued to tie Kathilyn's hands with a rope and shoved her into their black van. "Wait, where are you taking me?" Kathilyn asked, looking at each one of them as the driver drove the van away. "Why are you kidnapping me?" She asked again, but the men kept quiet with a frown on their faces. It seems that they're uncomfortable with her talkative manner. "Can you loosen the rope a little bit? It's too tight. And who uses ropes these days? You guys are old-fashioned." Kathilyn continued to ask, then one of the men shoved a piece of white clothing into her mouth to shut her up out of frustration. "Can you be quiet for a while?" The man spoke and Kathilyn kept muffling with the cloth in her mouth, asking them to take it out, but they didn't listen and continued to stay quiet. After a while, they finally stopped at an abandoned building that looked shabby. One of
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Chapter 5
"Are you going to run away again?" A voice spoke right beside Kathilyn's ear. She then jumped out of surprise, not knowing when Isaac came into the room. "W-when did you get here?" Kathilyn asked, stuttering since she was baffled about how he could be there without her awareness. "Since you were ignoring me," Isaac answered, smirking at her. He then turned the chair so that she would face him and leaned closer. "W-what do you mean ignoring?" Kathilyn asked, her face slightly red as Isaac's face is so close to her that he can feel his warm breath on her skin. "Why are your face red?" Isaac moved closer, his face was only an inch away from Kathilyn. She couldn't help but her face grew redder as time passed. "I-It's not red." She pushed Isaac away and walked away to avoid the awkward situation, but Isaac was faster. He grabbed Kathilyn's wrist and pulled her towards him, his other hand wrapped around her waist. "Where are you going, little miss?" Isaac whispered into her ear, his b
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Chapter 6
"Kathilyn Winston, you were late." A voice of a man can be heard from behind her. She turned her head to see her boss was right behind her. "I heard from Benjamin Adams that you were dealing with a massive diarrhea." The man continued, crossing his arms against his chest. 'Shit. Fuck you Ben.' Kathilyn thought, everyone in the office were doing their work while trying to not laugh. Some of them covered their mouth while laughing. "Forgive me, sir. I won't be late again." Kathilyn apologized, her boss nodded and walked into his office. "Really, Ben?" Kathilyn turned around and crossed her hands, looking at Benjamin who was sitting behind her at his desk. Benjamin jumped on his seat, feeling chills all over his body sensing Kathilyn's anger behind his back. "Massive diarrhea? Are you really out of ideas to make up an excuse?" Benjamin turned around to face her while laughing awkwardly. "Don't be too angry, Kathy. I'll treat you to a meal. What do you say?" Benjamin smirked, knowi
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Chapter 7
"Ben? What is that sound?" Kathilyn asked Benjamin and rose from her seat. "You stay here, I'll check it out." Benjamin said and walked towards the back door that led to the alley. "I told you to not mess with me! Hurry up and pay up your debt, you cunt!" A man yelled at another man while beating him up on his face. Benjamin quickly intervened by walking towards the two men, grabbing the vicious man by the collar. He then punched him on the cheek, causing the man to stumble backwards.   Kathilyn got worried as she perked from the inside, seeing Benjamin fighting him off. The other man who was a victim quickly ran away out of the alley.   "Mind your own business, you wimp." The man yelled again,
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Chapter 8
On the next day, Kathilyn went to work but she couldn't find Benjamin. She waited for him, but he didn't come to work that day."Hey, did Ben tell you anything about his absence?" Kathilyn asked her co-worker who was seated beside her."No, he didn't say anything. Maybe he's sick or something." The woman shrugged and continued working."Why don't you just go and visit him? It's no use if you ask around. I mean, he's not the type to talk about his personal problems." She suggested."Should I just visit him?" Kathilyn asked, feeling embarrassed since she never visited anyone's home, especially a man."What are you worried about? I don't think he will do anything to you. And, aren't you two dating?" The woman asked Kathilyn.
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Chapter 9
"You are lying right?" He smirked, looking at Kathilyn again."Your lips are trembling, you're avoiding eye contact and you're fidgeting. Those are signs that you are lying and you're hiding something." Liam explained.Once again, Kathilyn's body tensed up hearing those words from him. She looked down, thinking of what she should do."Alright, I'm sorry. My bad, I let my habit out and I was just teasing you." He chuckled a little."Teasing?! You asked those questions and observed me out of habit and to tease me? You never change." Kathilyn crossed her arms against her chest, feeling annoyed."You never changed too. It's always fun to tease you because of your reaction." He replied to her statement. 
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