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"Dean, calm down." she said softly. "Calm down? The day I find you, you have a human boyfriend and almost reject me. They you're kidnapped that night, then your brother and I track you only to find that you are running from us. We finally find you to see you kissing some other dude that you just met. Sure, I'll calm down as soon as you have MY mark on your neck and your screaming my name in OUR bed!" I snarled as I leaned closer to her. Willow is happy in her unusual pack. She's the Alpha's daughter with a protective brother, a loving family, great friends and a loving human boyfriend. She decided long ago not to look for her mate. She was satisfied with her life and more importantly, she was safe. Willow is a rare type of wolf and her family and pack protect her secret from the rest of the werewolf world. If others found out what she is, they would never stop hunting her and no pack would be safe with her in it.Everything changes when Alpha to be Dean comes to visit. Of course, he's her mate and of course, drama follows.His pack is known to be ruthless, heartless even.Just when things start to look up for the couple, her secret is slipped and Willow must make choices that she never wanted to.

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YourDaily Outfit
its totally bewitching! author is impossibly amazing in driving its readers eagerness on what will happen next! the twist and turns, darn! just read it guys and you'll understand what i'm talking about!
2021-10-02 17:56:39
user avatar
PJ Kryk
so far the story is cool...cant wait to finish this...
2021-09-11 14:03:53
user avatar
YourDaily Outfit
nice one...not yet done with it though...
2021-09-11 12:29:28
user avatar
Great book
2021-07-29 09:29:16
default avatar
This was a fantastic story! Well written, flowed well, and loved the different POVs. Definitely had some twists and turns throughout with a few sad moments, but also had some beautiful, loving moments as well. Also happy with the epilogue & how it tied everything together. Nicely done author! 😊
2021-07-07 10:58:51
user avatar
Liesel Goetsch
Love this book... 🤗
2021-07-01 00:26:33
user avatar
Miranda Hill
great book
2021-06-28 19:02:45
user avatar
Tina Staab
It was a good book but it would be cool to know how there son and daughters lives turned out. And it was heartbreaking that Willow's dad died though
2021-06-11 07:44:52
user avatar
Deneen Elder
i loved this book.
2021-06-10 00:39:03
user avatar
Cindy Hiscock English
Was a great read. Wish it had been longer.
2021-05-21 10:18:24
user avatar
Marion Morris
great book.
2021-05-20 10:57:27
default avatar
Loved it great story
2021-05-14 13:44:45
default avatar
Sian Thomas
Really enjoyed the story
2021-05-07 17:20:26
default avatar
Louise Von Dohren Lane
Not a bad read.
2021-05-07 14:43:07
user avatar
Very interesting and different than the rest of the werewolf novels
2021-04-29 04:23:19
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60 Chapters
Chapter 1
POV Willow"Come on, Willow! We're going to be late" my best friend Carla yelled from the car as I walked out the door. I rolled my eyes knowing that we weren't even close to being late. Carla was just like that. She always wanted to be early. Not just early but the first person there. That's why she was frustrated today. We wouldn't be the first to arrive at school. I got in the car and barely had time to pull on my seat belt before Carla pulled away.I glanced and smiled at the person I grew up with. She and I were exact opposites in everything, looks included. She was tall and slim with blond hair and brown eyes. I was shorter with a curvy figure and black hair with blue eyes. We were also opposites in personalities. She was reserved and calm (most of the time) and was best classified as a bit of a perfectionist. I on the other hand, played a bit more fast and loose. Sometimes I wondered how we were such close friends but
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Chapter 2
POV DeanI sighed as we pulled up to the little school."Do we really have to do this, Dad?" I complained."Yes! Stop whining. The Shadow pack may be small and weak but they've done something here that no other pack has done. Imagine, being able to live without hiding who we are day in and day out? We are honored that we get to experience that for a few weeks. Learn, my boy. You might be surprised" My dad snarled as we got out of the car.Dad was always grumpy when we traveled. His Beta, Ben nodded in agreement while his son, my beta and best friend, Liam chuckled at me. I glared at him and he smiled. His dark hair, eyes and complexion all sparkled in the early morning light. I drug my hands through my dark curls and rolled my green eyes at him in frustration.We were members of the Dark Star pack, the most ruthless and fiercest pack in the world. I seriously doubt
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Chapter 3
POV WillowJust as everyone turned to us, four women walked in the door. They were laughing and talking but stopped as soon as they saw us."What's going on?" the redhaired curvy woman asked."Well, dear wife, it seems that our son has found his mate" Alpha Lex smirked gesturing to me. I looked around in panic as the red head hugged me."I'm Luna Stephanie. It's so nice to meet you, my dear. Dean's been searching for you for a long time" Luna Stephanie said as she embraced me. I looked desperately at my brother and father who both looked as stunned at I felt."If you'll just excuse us for a moment, I need to speak with my daughter and son" Dad hurried over to grab me and Devon and rushed us out the door. We walked down the hallway until we were out of earshot."Dad! What am I going to do!" I whispered as Dad pace
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Chapter 4
POV DeanI was shocked by Willows words and fire when she pushed me away. I knew that my pack had a bit of a reputation but did she really believe that she would be mistreated there? That I would allow her to be harmed? Our mates were meant to protected and cherished. Our whole pack believed that. My father would never allow anyone to mistreat their mate and neither would I.{These rumors could be the reason why we have been getting less and less visits from unmated wolves} Trevor pointed out.{You're right. We need to discuss this with father and put a stop to it} I replied.{What did she mean that there were things we didn't know about her? That she would be hurt?} Trevor asked.{I don't know but I do know that no one will ever touch her no matter what. We need to sit down and clear all this up and find out what she was talking about} I decided and Trevor agreed.
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Chapter 5
POV WillowI was too startled by Jake's kiss to react. He knew better than to kiss me in front of Dean and it pissed me off. I heard Dean's growl and then I heard Devon's. I pushed Jake away."Stop it. All of you." I commanded. Jake looked hurt again and walked out to the hall. James quickly followed him as Carla checked in with me."You okay" she asked in my mind. I nodded and weakly smiled at her."I'll be over in an hour to get ready" She said aloud."See you then" I replied. She walked out of the room."Do you all need to go to your lockers or anything?" I asked Liam, Ash, Sam and Dean."Nope. We're good" Ash replied as Dean just stared at me.POV Dean"Okay. I'll show you to your car after Willow gets her things." Devon decided as we walked out to the hallway.
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Chapter 6
POV Willow "Are you really going to break up with Jake? Tonight?" Carla asked after I told her everything that happened.I was glad that I heard Dean and his parents leave a few minutes before so we wouldn't be overheard."I don't want to but I think I have to" I sighed and buried my head in my pillow."I really don't want to hurt him but Dean's right. I need to give him a chance. Plus this mate pull is harder than I thought to deny." I added and Carla looked sad but nodded."It will only get worse too. Unless you reject him" she explained."I've thought abo
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Chapter 7
POV Willow It only took a few minutes to drive to the pack house and I grinned when we pulled up. The pack house was designed to be intimidating and it did a good job of it. It was a huge structure with imposing pillars in the front with a wide porch. Devon pulled up to the front door and one of the humans hired for the night took his keys to park his car for him. We thanked him and walked in.The party was already in full swing when we got there. The dinning room was full of tables of wonderful food laid out buffet style and the meeting room was set up with a dance floor and the DJ was already playing loud music complete with flashing lights and a fog machine."Hey Mom! What can we do to help?" I asked as we s
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Chapter 8
POV Willow As we walked back out, Carla came over to me. My mom walked away with a smile towards my Dad and the other adults."Everything okay?" Carla asked and I nodded."Yep all good." I replied as I surveyed the rest of the room.We were in the dining room and the visitors all had a plateful of food and seemed to be happily chatting with each other and some pack members as they ate. Devon noticed me and hurried over."You all good, Wils? Want some food?" he asked as he offered me his plate and I smiled at him.As annoying as he could be sometimes, he was
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Chapter 9
 POV Willow"Hi everyone! Having fun?" I asked toward the group. They all turned to me with looks of shock and surprise."We're good just worried for you. Jake here was telling us about the breakup. I'm really sorry Wils. That's BS" Nate said.Nate was a year older than us and was good friends with Devon. He was one of our warriors and had always looked at me like another big brother. "He was?" I asked turning toward Jake.I glared at Jake as he looked at me sheepishly and I could tell that he had been drinking. Jake was well known for making bad choices when hes drinking. "We won't allow you to go to the Dark Star pack and be mistreated. I know that your brother won't either. We would rather go to war than allow you to be taken" Nate continued.I sighed and was about to respond when we heard a loud growl. I closed my eyes, knowing who it came from and bracing myself for the fall out that was about to h
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Chapter 10
POV WillowI shook my head as we arrived outside. Our pack and town's teenagers were everywhere along with most of the 20 something year olds. There was loud music playing and the bonfire was huge. It was a madhouse and people were making out all over the place while others were dancing and drinking. Sam, Ash, Liam and Dean all looked surprised as Devon and I chuckled, knowingly. Our town may not seem like much but the younger crowd sure knew how to party."This is awesome" Ash laughed."Is this normal?" Liam asked me and I nodded."Yep. There's not much to do in our little town so we have blow out party's whenever we can. We usually have a party every Friday or Saturday night. We have it down to science." I explained
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