After Dark

After Dark

By:  Nova  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maya had been searching the busy streets of Hungary in hunt for jobs under the scorching sun. After so many turn downs. She finally gave up her dream of becoming an accountant. She was wandering the streets after the last turn down when she saw a billboard with a job ad. The job was totally different from what she wanted to do but she had to survive. By hunting down predators. They called it. 'What kind of predators? Dangerous ones?'. She thought. She frowned at the ad as she read the tiny inked letters, her mind was running faster than her brain. A pain jolted through her fragile body due to overstressing herself She shook her head then retraced into the crowd after taking note of the address. 'they won't make us do things that'd hurt us'. If only she knew that wishes don't come true.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1
The sun was setting. People were rushing, rushing to get home. To people who they haven't seen for the past 8 hours. Some rushing back to the kids waiting for them at home. And others rushing back to their spouses at home. Some to their friends who lived with them. Friends like families. They were all rushing back to people who loved and cared for them. A family who would welcome them back home with open hands and smiles and probably would have a dinner set for them. But I? Nah, I'm not that lucky. Well it's not a surprise, I've always had bad lucks. The people around me have always made it their job to remind me that I'm a bad luck. Even my own mother died after my birth, I guess my bad luck affected her too. She should have just aborted me. My father tells me that every
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Chapter 2
Miss, wake up'. 'Madam says you should come down for dinner'. I woke up to the sound of my door being banged accompanied by the shouts of the maid, Zina. 'Miss, please wake up or madam will get angry'. 'Okie, coming I'm coming. No need to bring my door down'. I heard her giggle and I rolled my eyes. 'Zina?'. 'Yes ma'am?'. 'How many more times do you want me to tell you not to call me miss or ma'am before you'll actually listen to me and stop calling me that?'. 'Err-- I'm sorry ma'am. So sorry'. 'There you go again'. She giggled once more. Sometimes I wonder if I'm that funny or she just finds everything funny. 'You should get ready,--- Maya'. 'That's better. Now go tell 'Madam' that I'm coming right away'.&
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Chapter 3
The hall was bustling with people. They were all hurrying about. Trying to do their various works. I made my way the receptionist sitting behind the desk. She looked in her early twenties. 'Good morning'. I greeted. She looked up and surveyed me. She scrunched her nose up in disgust, probably not satisfied with my dress. But I've gotten a lot of that so it doesn't affect me anymore. 'Good morning to you too'. 'How can I help you?'. 'I-uh' I cleared my throat. 'I'm here for an interview for the post of an accountant. Can you kindly lead me to where it's supposed to take place?'. 'This way please'. She led me through a narrow door I didn't notice before and it led into a bigger room where at least fifty people were seated waiting for their turn. I turned to thank the last for her help but she was go
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Chapter 4
Well, my subconscious self had been right. It seems she knows me more than I know myself. You must be thinking what could have gone wrong. Plenty did. I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe Liza was right. Nobody would want me to work for him and even if they let me I was going to ruin it like I ruined this one. They had given me the job and I was wearing my uniform and helping Katherine throughout the day. It was just 30 minutes before closing time when Katherine asked me to do my first job alone. She asked me to kill a chicken. As simple as the job was I fucked up. I had put the knife on the  chicken's neck and slaughtered it forgetting to cut whatever still keeps it alive.           Then I went to cupboard area to change my clothes. 
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Chapter 5
Yawn! Splash!  That was me splashing water on my face and trying to wake at 6 in the morning. I just don't get why life has to be so hard. I don't have a particular place to go for an interview but I just couldn't give up. I had to keep searching if I don't want to end up with James. Thinking about that made me shudder. I don't know a fate worst than having to end up marrying James.  Except from the fact that he's a spoilt brat. He is a popular womaniser. I still don't get why some women are ready to be in a bed with someone that looked like that all because of money. I looked at myself in the mirror imagining how we'd both look on the altar, swearing to be by each other's side forever. Geez, I don't even wish that for my greatest enemy which happened to be Sadie. Ar
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Chapter 6
I've been trying to locate the building but all my efforts has been in vain.Maybe the job ad was fake and was put there by an insane person.Why the hell would they put a fake ad on a bill board?Was it a trick? Maybe they thought nobody in their right senses would want to apply for a job that makes it clear that what they're doing is dangerous.I shook my head to that thought. Surely I can't be the only desperate unemployed graduate.Did they move to another location?But the ad looked new.And even if they moved to another place at least the old building should be there.They didn't move the old building too. Could they?Definitely not.The only building I've see so far since I've been wandering this particular street I didn't even know existed is an old manor with pealing paints and gates that looked like that of
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Chapter 7
Well, she was wrong.You know when she said I should bid my family goodbye.I don't have a family, not that I didn't know before but I at least had a little hope.A tinny bitty little hope that perhaps they'd miss me.When I got home they were already in their respective rooms, so I decided to surprise them a little.I went to Sadie's room first, being the one that hates me most she deserves to hear the news first and be shocked.I couldn't wait to see her surprised face.I knocked her door. Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!'Who's there?'. She grumbled.'It's me. Your favorite sis'.She grumbled again. 'What do you want?'.'OK, coming right away'.I entered her room and saw her in front of her mirror, cleaning her face caked with makeup.'Thanks for allowing me
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Chapter 8
'Woof woof'.'Yeah I'm happy too'.We were in the cab already heading to where would either be our doom or salvation.Though I suspect the former.But that wasn't the case with Roddy. It was very obvious that he was very happy and thought that where we were heading was our complete salvation.Whatever he thought changed the moment we got to the front of the manor.'Woof?'.'Yeah, this is where we're staying'.'Woof!'.'I know, it's very bad looking. But let's get inside and you'll see the real definition of bad'.I had to drag Roddy into the manor. It was obvious that he was scared of whatever lies inside the building.Well who wouldn't be?I succeeded in dragging him inside by telling him how I regret taking him along with me and how he isn't faithful by wanting to leave
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Chapter 9
'Wow!'.I couldn't help but admire the dress.I wasn't the fashion lover type but I admire something pretty when I see one.The dress in my hands looked very pretty.It was a mermaid one-shoulder long sleeve front split evening gown with sexy sequins.I decided to put it on.'Wow'. I said again.It brought out a shape which was certainly not mine. Maybe there was something in the dress that makes the person putting it on looks sexy.Because I was definitely not the one in the mirror.Or is there something wrong with the mirror?It doesn't matter though, as long as I'm pretty in it.I packed my hair up into a rough bun and slipped on a black heels and moved to go out when I heard a knock.'Who's it?'.'It's the cleaner ma'am'.'OK...hold on
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Chapter 10
'I like your hair'.'Oh, really?'.'Uh uh'.'What's there to like about it?'.'The colour, the texture'. She said running her fingers through the strands.I snorted. 'I'd chose yours anytime'.She rolled her eye and smiled.'Eleanor said we look alike'.'Really? She said that?'.'Yep'.I nodded. 'I'm glad to look like someone as beautiful as you are'. I winked.She blushed. 'The honor is mine'.'By the way, who is Eleanor?'.'The cleaner, I thought you meg her already. She said-'.'Oh yeah, we did. But I didn't ask her name'.'Oh'.Irena and I had become good friends that she moved all her belongings into my room.She said she's used to sleeping with someone cause she sleeps with her 3 you
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