“Not any guy, just you.”

Hazel smiled as she leaned back into Snarl’s embrace. His hands felt so good on her, smoothing around her waist before parting company. The left slid upward to cup one breast as the right made its way down to press the satin of her wrap between her thighs. Strong fingers cupped her mound, firm pressure against her still hidden clit making her body ache.

“It had better be just me,” he growled, his voice heavy with both possessiveness and his cat. Her own purred at the sound, wanting nothing more than to roll over for their powerful alpha mate. But the human had other ideas. He couldn’t have this too easy… Or at the very least she couldn’t let him think it was that easy, even if it was.

“Well… I dunno, with a lioness of my own now, perhaps I should cast my net a bit wider,” she teased, tilting her head to the side to allow his lips better access. He kissed up her neck, leaving a fiery trail until he reached her ear. Nuzzling behind it, he found the spot tha
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