His words caused her stomach to flutter all over again and she opened her mouth to respond,

but just as she had, he dove before she could, and all she could do was gasp the moment that his

mouth met her most sensitive area. Still hot and bothered from sucking his cock, Hazel found that she

was more prepared than ever to cum. Her fingers knotted in the bedsheets and even though she was up

on her elbows, her head craned back and she screamed at the ceiling. Even though she knew that

likely half the pack could hear her right now, she didn’t care. She howled her pleasure as Snarl

slipped a single finger deep inside her, using his tongue and his finger to accelerate her pleasure until

her stomach was so twisted in knots that there was only one thing for it.

“Fuck!” she cursed even as the orgasm exploded like none ever had before.

Yet right when she thought she might not be able to take it any longer, Snarl stopped abruptly.

For just a second, Hazel feared something was wrong. She
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