Five years later

Snarl stared down into his mate’s eyes. This was their

fifth anniversary of being a mated couple. Damon, godfather to their six

children, all twins, had taken them for the night so Snarl could show his woman

how much he loved her.

“You’re tormenting me again,” she said, whimpering.

He turned her over, dripping some cream onto her back

and licking up the droplets. Pressing the strawberry to her lips he watched the

plumpness take the fruit.

“We don’t get much time alone anymore. We’ve got to

take as much time as we can.” It had taken him over three weeks to get Damon and Scar to

agree to take their kids. In all fairness all three sets of twins were not the

easiest children to look after. Snarl adored them, but he was pleased for them

to be out of the house so he could have some quiet time with his wife.

After convincing the collective that she loved him,

Hazel had accepted his marriage proposal and that very same night he gave her

his mating m
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