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After Alicia is rejected by Alpha Eric, she runs away from the pack. Years later she gets another mate, Alpha Drake. However, war breaks out pitting her own brother against her mate. Alpha Eric is also involved, and maybe this is a good time for Alicia to revenge for what he did to her.

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19 Chapters
ALICIA It's on a Friday afternoon and I can't concentrate in class. The lecturer keeps looking my way and I pretend that I am serious but my mind is far away. I am thinking about my former pack which is miles away, where I fled after being rejected by the Alpha. My memory goes back to the night when it all happened.We were all gathered at the pack house for a party organized by Benedict, our Alpha. His son Eric was celebrating his twentieth birthday and this was the opportune moment to crown him as the new Alpha.My mother had tagged me along against my wishes. She insisted on taking me with her because the Alpha had decreed that every pack member should attend the party. The reason I didn't want to attend was because I knew Eric as a very contemptuous person who looked down on those below him.At the party I stayed outside because I didn't want to encounter him and the kind of friends he kept. I went to the swimming pool and relaxed on the reclining sofa, listening to the loud mus
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ALICIA.“Hey rogue, how are you doing?” Bernice shouts as she enters the classroom. It's on a Saturday morning and I thought I will be the only one in class so that I can catch up on what I missed yesterday. But now with Bernice around I don't think I will be doing any studies.Bernice and I know each other for a very long time because we were together at my former pack. She was the daughter of a single mother who later left the pack to unknown destinations only for me to discover that they moved here. Bernice has changed from that friendly girl to a bully who keeps on tormenting me, calling me all sorts of names. Of late she calls me a rogue because of my stay in the woods. I always ignore her. “You won't answer me Scarface?” She starts coming closer. The name Scarface is intended to irk me. She is referring to the scar on my face. I ignore that too.“Listen, you can't just ignore me. You are not in my level so you better be humble and answer my simple questions.” She says as she si
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ALICIA I have been having a problem from the day I was attacked in the forest. My wolf disappeared completely. I think it's because of the serious injuries the beast inflicted on me. Melissa told me that I spent about a week in bed unconscious. Since then I have tried severally to summon my wolf but to no avail. Right now I need her most but still she is nowhere to be found. Drake towers before me, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to reveal muscular arms, networks of veins intertwined with toned muscles. That is all I can see for now because my head is bowed but I belief that he is a sight to behold. The girls didn't throw themselves at him for nothing. Silence reigns for a very long time and I just wish that this ends soon so that I may go home. I am inside the biggest office in this pack and the owner is standing in front of me, saying nothing, watching me as I teetering on the brink of fear. “What's your name?” He finally says and I lift up my eyes to look at his. They are st
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DRAKEI can't believe what Alicia has just done. I don't know whether her actions are equal to a rejection or not. If it's a rejection then it will be too bad. As the Alpha, and as a man, it would have been better if I was the one doing the rejection.There is however something I don't understand. Where is her wolf or why is it not responding? Usually, when mates meet, it's their respective wolves that feel the attraction.My wolf already identified her as my mate, so why didn't her's do the same? So many questions linger in my brain after she left and I can't find any peace because my wolf won't let me.“She will come back brother, don't worry so much.” Victor says as he pours some coffee for me. Victor is my step brother.My mother died a long time ago when I was a small boy. I remember how much she loved me because I was her only child. When she died my father was very devastated and withdrawn. He retreated into some sort of cocoon and concentrated all his efforts on pack work. I w
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THIRD PERSON'S POVBernice and Tiffany meet at the canteen on Sunday morning. Tiffany is Bernice's best friend and partner in crime. They have done so many despicable things together and what ties them to each other is the love for crime. As they drink their coffee they talk in low tones.“Tiffany! Just tell me what I am going to do about Scarface because I am losing it.” Bernice seethes in cold rage. She's holding her cup so tightly as if in an attempt to crush it.“Who is Scarface?” Tiffany asks indifferently.Bernice looks at her in disbelief, wondering whether Tiffany has just landed from outer space. Scarface is a girl who is fast gaining popularity among the students and teaching fraternity, with almost everyone talking about her. Mostly, they talk about how goodhearted she is and her dislike for controversy. Just the other day the school administration was thinking about giving her some leadership position and they quietly interviewed some students regarding the same. Bernice k
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ALICIAWhen I get home it's already late in the evening and everyone is worried about my lateness. I never stay out late and my routine is well known. Besides, I have duties assigned to me and I am expected to play my part. I find Benjamin watching TV with David. Melissa is in the kitchen.“Hi guys. Sorry I am late.” I say as I walk towards them. Melissa hears my voice and joins us, very happy to see me.“Hey dear.” She speaks. “I was almost about to call you. Dinner is ready. Come help me in serving.” She pulls me into the kitchen and we start with preparations. The sweet aroma of the food reminds me that I am starving.“I know you are eager to find out where I spent the day.” I break the silence at the dining table. I have now silenced my hunger pangs and I feel like talking. What I have gone through is not something I can keep away from my family anyway.“Yes please. I'll be only too glad to hear that. You see, earlier today the Beta and Gamma found me at work and asked me about y
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ALICIAOn Monday morning I arrive at school very early eager to continue on where I left on Saturday morning. Classes are going to start at midmorning so I have some time alone to do my studies.There are no other students and I take advantage of the silence and delve into my books, but some shadow stands in front me. I think of telling whoever it is to walk away and let me study, but when I look up and find out who it is, I give up. Maybe I should just go back home and come back when classes start.“Hi Scarface.” Bernice says with a sly smile on her face. Behind her is another girl whose name I can't recall.“What do you want this time?” I ask her, cutting to the chase. Her smile changes into a sneer and I can see the contempt that she has for me, it's so tangible. I wonder what it is that I did to her.“You think you are so smart, don't you? But the truth is that you are just a big piece of crap.” She says to the amusement of the girl behind her who grins from ear to ear as she has
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ALICIA“If it was someone else, I would have banished them Alicia.” Drake says. We are together in his office and he's seated behind his big desk while I sit on the couch.After the scene in school he asked the administration to give severe punishment to Bernice and Tiffany. As for me, he told me to come with him to his office and I was frightened all along the way. I thought that he was coming to read me the riot act and banish me from the pack. This alone instilled so much fear in me because Benjamin and his children were my family now and I couldn't fathom leaving them.“I am so sorry for allowing my anger to take control of me. I promise that I won't let that happen again.” I say. He scribbles something on an open file on his desk then looks up to face me.“What really happened?” He asks as he puts down his pen. I narrate to him everything, starting with the taunting by Bernice and the insults. I stress the point that all these actions against me happen without any provocation.“W
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ALICIAAfter lunch I stay on for a while. I decide to help the workers with the dishes and cleaning up the house before leaving. Drake tries to talk me out of it but when I insist he gives up and tells me that he is going to his office and that should I need him I should go there.One of the maids, Katrina is very friendly and we talk a lot as we clean up the kitchen.“Are you his mate?” She asks me. I don't know how to answer this one because I don't know the answer.“Maybe, maybe not.” I say.“I'll stick with the maybe. Now, let me tell you Alicia, you are the most luckiest girl alive. Drake is a great man. He treats us his workers very well so it goes without saying that he will treat his mate like a queen.” She says with a motherly tone. Katrina is about thirty five years old and she has worked for this family since when she was about eighteen. She tells me that her mate is one of the fighters of this pack and when I ask her whether she knows Benjamin and David she says she does.
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ALICIAI am seated by a big gray house, wearing my sunglasses and enjoying the sunlight. I don't know how I have gotten here but that doesn't bother me. Somewhere within the compound someone is cooking a nice meal, my nostrils can tell me that. I am enjoying my life because I have finally found my mate. It's my wolf I should be celebrating really because after being absent for so long she is now active. She is the one who has led me to this mate and I am very grateful.I can sense his scent, a very intoxicating one, as he walks around the house and I am waiting patiently for him to come out so that I can meet him. I wonder why his wolf has not alerted him of my presence but I am willing to wait for as long as it takes until when he will come out. I have waited for this day for too long and I am glad that it has finally come.What makes me happy is that my mate is a person of means. His compound is so tidy. The grass has been mowed to an uniform height and watered properly to a dark gr
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