The Last Immortal

The Last Immortal

By:  Tikali  Ongoing
Language: English
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Akira, daughter of fruit vendors, was living happily with her family in Ehtrehto Edis. A world far from the human world. Her family got killed by the Aquans, headed by the cruel general of Aqua Edis. She was able to escape but she was chased by his men. Marcus, the son of Aqua Edis King, helped her to escape to the human world where Martin and Margarette adopted her and allowed her to use their lost daughter's identity. She was then known as Adele Brown. When they died, she was left alone in their house. Her life is set to one ultimate goal. That is, finding the real Adele as Martin's last wish. Akira happened to help a woman from wicked men. It's Catherine whom she later became friends with. One incident leads her to suspect that Catherine is the real Adele. That same day, the nightmares from her fast flipped backward. She crossed paths with some Ehtrehtians, who together with his long been friend, Hunter, persuaded her to flee back to Ehtrehto Edis. Akira's identity was then revealed. She's Lady Amara, one of the four Guardians of Lights and the last immortal. She was faced with many battles when she came back to her world. The Aquan king is determined to kill her and even sent an assassin to kill her. In Manhakan, a village where people who do not surrender their loyalty to any of the four empires of Ehtrehto Edis live, she had a face-to-face encounter with General Thud, the one who headed in the killing of her known family. Just when they were about to be defeated, Hunter, Ignis Hella Knights, and her biological father King Suxx came. Will they be able to save their world? Is Catherine the real Adele as she suspected?

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Ladyvi Pacayra Gui
..this book is great..the twists and turns of the story were giving you thrill and read for more to know more what will happen next..
2021-12-30 22:39:23
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Nice story. Keep up the good work........
2021-11-07 12:07:05
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Nice story, keep up the good work! ...
2021-10-07 01:35:08
user avatar
Lynie Lyn
Nice story...
2021-09-30 06:02:29
90 Chapters
"Hmm," I muttered.I've felt a sharp pain in my temple upon waking up. I surely got hungover from last night's outing. I can't raise my arms to touch it, as if something is hindering them to move. I slowly opened my eyes only to see nothing but darkness. My hands are tied at the back of the chair where I am sitting."Oh my God!"I panicked when I realized what had happened last night. I heard the creaking sound of the door being opened."Where am I?"I didn't hear any answer from the person who just entered the room. I can hear his big strides going in my direction."Where am I?" I shouted aggressively. "Where are my companions?""You won't get an answer. You better shut your mouth up." Said the cold tone from the man whom I can sense standing a few meter
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Chapter 1
My house is far from the city and it needs a long drive before I arrive at the noisy market of the small town of New land. So, I normally go out for groceries twice a month. I'm into web development and am a freelancer. I work from home using my laptop and the internet. No need to wake up early and rush to the office. Above all, no need to mingle with other people. I see this as an advantage.  I skillfully park my car in the left-wing of the roofed parking space of the market. This space is quite impressively wide for such a small town. I shut the engine off and get out of the car. I walk around the market seeing familiar friendly faces and nod at the old man who smiled at me while walking in opposite direction. I head towards a narrow path where rows of meat shops are located. "Good morning Ms. Brown!" A cheerful voice of a white, middle-aged woman greets me as I enter their small meat shop. She is fat and seems to bounc
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Chapter 2
It's early in the morning. The sun is rising brightly in the eastern mountain, spreading its light in the white puffy clouds.My hands tightly grip on the handle of the ax as I strike the wood I am chopping. Its breaking sound as the sharp edge of the ax lands on its surface mixes up with the chirping of the birds and crowing of the roosters. I stop, seeing that I have chopped enough firewood for a week. I throw the ax to the side and start to gather the chopped wood. Two meters away from me is the detached kitchen. It's built using bamboo and palm leaves. Beside it is a tall mango tree. That is where I am placing these chopped woods. This place is somewhat hilly and going down while carrying a bundle of woods will be a struggle. But not for me. My strong arms do not feel the weight of woods. That's an advantage of not being human. I am about to finish piling the woods when I hear a loud flapping sound. I tilt my head trying to receive the sound wave from the direction where
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Chapter 3
"Thank you for saving my life." She tells me while I am cleaning her wounds in her arms."That's fine. What is your story?" I ask referring to the incident that just happened. It reminds me of the thirteen-year-old me trying to escape from General Thud of the Aqua Edis. "I stole their money." Her honest and straightforward answer fascinates me. "That must be a large amount." I glare at her before I continue cleaning her wounds. "These need to be stitched. About six to eight stitches." I point to the two-deep wounds."I needed money for my son. He is in the hospital right now." She didn't seem to care about her wounds, stitches, and anything. Her tears flow down on her pretty face. I see deep sorrow and pain in her eyes. She continues to tell her story. "I took million from Zubah's syndicate and now they are hunting me. I managed to hide my son in the hospital with the help of my friend. And maybe, he is n
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Chapter 4
Four days had passed since Catherine left my house. It is a cold day and I am still curling up in my bed. Today's the tenth anniversary of my coming into this human world. I can't help the flashing back of the memory from that day.  After crossing that passage that connects my world and this world, I found myself in the middle of the thick woods. I can still remember the feeling when the cool air touches my skin. The atmosphere here was quite different from where I originated. My feet kept walking for days without food and water. I could feel my knees were shaking and my stomach rumbling in so much hunger. My sight was getting dim. I didn't know if I would survive. "Help! Help!" I tried to shout when I sensed activities not far from where I stood with knees shaking intensely. My strength was slowly weakening and my voice was too shallow to be heard. I fell with my face right to the ground
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Chapter 5
I decide to leave for town instead of thinking about the past. I put on my plain white t-shirt and blue denim pants. I reach for my socks and put on my favorite black, high-cut leather shoes. I grab my black cardigan and hang it in my left arm. I check the doors and windows to make sure they are all locked before I leave. I'm whistling and at the same time tossing the car keys in the air using my right hand while heading my way towards my wooden garage. I lift the garage door and get to the driver's seat of my red Ferrari. Well, technically without the real heir, I as the adopted child inherited the Brown's wealth. Yes, it's not only that they let me borrow their daughter's identity but they adopted me legally.  They had personal reasons why they didn't let people know that they've lost Adele. It's only them, their families, and the private detective who knows about it. It wasn't explained to me and I didn't even try to find out the real reason for using my telepathy. I
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Chapter 6
I slowly turn the wheels backward from the parking spot and speed up after making sure that the road is clear."You're not human?" Catherine asks weighing my words."Yes.""...""That's true and I am more dangerous than Zubah so don't you dare unveil my secret to anyone or you'll be as good as dead." I twitch my lips gracefully."Of course!" She lifts her hands in the air and swears like a child. I chuckle and glance at her. Why do I have a light feeling for this woman? I glance at her once more and our eyes met. Her eyes. Why are those pair of amber eyes familiar to me? My eyes are hook into hers and the surrounding seems black and white. I only see those pair of amber eyes. "Watch out!" She yells and quickly grabs the steering wheel to the side of the road. I managed to hit the brake before my car possibly hit the tree on the side of the road. Our bodies lean violently forward. Thankfully we have our seatbel
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Chapter 7
I feel a sudden thirst as though my throat is dry. "Can I have some water?" "Oh, yes of course! I'm sorry I almost forgot to give you drinks." Isabel hurriedly gets a pitcher from the fridge. I listen to the melodious flow of water as she pours it into the glass. She goes back to where I am standing and hands it to me. She is watching closely as the water goes down through my throat. She seems to be enjoying the view. What's with this woman? Is she a lesbian? She seems to have a crush on me. Well, I knew perfectly that I'm attractive but it never cross my mind that I can also capture a woman's interest."Beware of how you stare, you might fall in love with me."I see her blush and her earlobes turn red as tomatoes. That's cute. I smirk and give the glass back to her. "Thank you." "You're welcome and excuse me, I was not looking at you for any reason that you're thinking. It's the tattoo just below your ea
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Chapter 8
It's good to see the incredible building of Brown's Architectural Design. This only proves that the company is going successful as it used to be. The fruit of my father Martin's sacrifices is visible in the face of the company. I park my car and quickly get out of it. I go straight to the elevator exclusively for VIPs and click the button to the 30th floor. That's going to the President's office, or I may say Uncle Marco's office.  Click. The elevator opens and my swift stride follows.  "Good afternoon Cecelia." I greet her in a monotonous tone. She's the secretary to the President. Cecelia startles after hearing my greeting. She slightly jerks from her seat.  "Jesus Christ Adele! You startled me."  "Is Uncle Marco inside?" What a foolish question. Of course, he is. Wherever is the boss, the secretary follows, right?  "Yes, he is. I'll tell him that you are here." "No need. I'll tell him myself.
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Chapter 9
Hours have passed and I stayed in the kitchen of the mansion helping the servants prepare meals. Before dark, we are already done in the kitchen. Rosemary is giving instructions to the other servants in the living room. I decided to stroll around the mansion while waiting for the arrival of my grandparents. I was walking around the garden when I heard the horn of the car. I bet it's already them. I excitedly walk my feet towards the front yard. Silhouettes of the familiar figure were standing on the porch of the mansion. Rosemary and the other servants greeted them. They started to take their baggage inside. The old man smiled widely when he took a glimpse of me going their way.  "Akira!" They know my real name.  "Grandpa! Grandma!" I hugged and kissed them on their cheeks.  "I'm so happy to see you back!" "So are we, my dear." My grandma said merrily.  "Look at you, you're all grown up!" Grandpa said while looking
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