The Hunter'S Mate

The Hunter'S Mate

By:  Aina  Completed
Language: English
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I grew older knowing supernatural creatures. For example, I could tell a vampire if I see one. It was strange that I was more powerful than any of them. At first, I thought I was one of them but the more I studied about them, the more it gave me reasons to doubt that I was like them. I gave up trying to find the race I belonged to, so I went about my daily life living like humans. But my world began to crumble when I found my mate. He is a warlock of the witch's coven and one of the mermaid hunters. Through him, I started to find who I really am and my purpose on earth.

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A very nice book
2022-09-01 14:02:58
93 Chapters
Part 1
Chapter 1: The new boy in school.   I snapped my eyes open with an unsteady breathing. My alarm beeped again reminding me I was late for school. I turned to the alarm and shut it off.    I left the bed and went to the bathroom to shower up. Time spent evolving me pondering weird nightmares. "Ellie, breakfast is served." A voice interrupts my thoughts. I sighed, moved away from the shower and got into my bathrobe.   I searched through piles of clothes in my closet and finally settled on a pair of ankle length jeans with a graphic tee. I carried my bag pack and exited the bedroom for dinner.   My dad looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and settled on a chair opposite Julia who didn't spare a glance. I shrugged and took a sip from my coffee.   "Are you alright?" My mom's worried voice asked me. I smiled faintly and nodded, I started picking my food into my mou
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Part 2
    I've literally exhausted my time walking through almost all the classes and showing this dude every part of the school. We've gone to the court, music class, bathroom, library and detention class where I met Jackson sending glares and threats.    And another thing was that I can't understand the feelings I'm developing toward him, like every part of me screams and becomes active when they see him. It's very difficult to say that I'm falling for him, which I know I'm not because I've barely stayed up to 6 hours close to him. And I've decided on the best way to avoid him.   And we were just coming out of the dean's office with the school map and school time table. I turned to stand in front of him "And here we part ways." He scoffed. "What do you mean?"    "I meant we never meet each other and if we do, we don't talk to each other." I walked away before he could stop me. That was bri
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Part 3
She's my mate   -Stefan's pov-   After the fight yesterday, Wendy had me down on a chair and helped me with the ice bag. She applied ointment and closed up the wound. "Do you want me to teach him a lesson?" She asked me.    "No." I replied fully aware of what she would do to him. Wendy is highly trained in the town. Master G insisted she joined us on this mission and she's already thinking of killing. She's the first daughter of Lady Ursula, the greatest dark witch of our kind. You might wonder, do witches exist?. Yes, they do and my mom is one of them, it's a long story though.   Aaron came in with his crossbow and dropped it in front of us. "Found something?" I asked.    He sat on a chair opposite mine and shrugged. "Nothing. Are you sure we are in the right school?. Cos this school is full of shit." I laughed.    "My mother never makes mista
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Part 4
I am obsessed.     ~Ellie's pov~   My gown torn above my knee, tied on a tree, I felt immense pain weakening my body, I could not move. I wanted to scream but could not. I could not use my power either, the more I tried to, the more the pain hit me.    I looked, saw an older looking man in front of me. Stefan stands beside me, right in front me. The man handled the sword of Goujian, the oldest sword ever made to him. "If you want to see your mother again, kill her Stefan."    My eyes instantly changed from gold to red and then a bright blue. I fought, tried my best to shatter the chains but I couldn't. Someone was holding back my powers.    Stefan stepped forward, walking slowly to me with his eyes fixedly on me. I shivered when I saw him draw out the sword from its sheath. "You can't do this, Stefan. You are destroying your life, Stefan. You can not k
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Part 5
    "Tell me. How did it happen?." I bent down on the desk. She pulled me up and slowly held out my hands in hers. A worried look on her face with her ear pecking up to hear from me.    "I don't know how it happened." I finally said. She breathed out and nodded. "It's bound to happen." I raised my brows.    "I mean..Stefan's handsome, everyone wishes to have him." She said, I rolled my eyes.    "I'm not everyone. I just feel something different for him. It's a sort of..we are made for each other. Like there's really something about him that draws me near to him. I know I barely know him but I feel like I've known him all my life." I explained.   "I think you should stay away from him. I know I like him but not to the point of obsession. Please stay clear until you are able to control your feelings." She advised me. I concurred.    
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Part 6
Tongue tied.  I have just delivered a very long speech to these people to see reasons with me about not being the culprit, all to no avail. I kept quiet and waited patiently for Molly to come with my laptop. "Miss Wilson, you said you had your laptop with you." Said the principal. "No. I said my best friend had gone to my house to bring it."  "Don't you think you're wasting a little bit of our time?." Dean asked. I looked at him, very angry that he was taking things too far, I mean if he wanted his daughter to go in my place to the spelling bee competition, he would have told me and I won't mind backing out, how am I not sure he wasn't the one trying to frame me up?. Such a pathetic man!! Molly walked in and looked at me. She had my laptop with her. I was very happy, at least they will believe I had no hand in stripping money from the fund. Chloe took the laptop to the principal. "This lapt
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Part 7
: She attacked us. I sat, bent down on a desk and reminiscing on what just happened in front of Stefan. Molly had gone to get me something relieving to drink. She comes back later on to give me a glass of warm milk.  "Thank you very much, Molly. I don't know what I would have done without you." She grabbed my hand. "What are friends for?." I smiled and squeezed her palm lightly. I sighed. "I'm gonna miss you tomorrow." I said, "It's not like you are traveling, we're still in the same school, I'm just afraid Jackson won't take it lightly with you."   "Oh. True. Remember he was kicked in there because of me." She added. I laughed. "I know. He was such a stubborn boy. We've had rest since he left." She stated and I shook my head. "And now, I'm gonna join him there. What would he think?." "No, we should probably ask what they would do to find you there." Said M
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Part 8
Time to move.  My mom is standing by the door, looking at me as I come closer to the front porch of the mansion. I had forgotten about my punishment with the school board after my subtle encounter with Stefan back at the car. I stood in front of her, waiting to be interrogated before finally let into the house. "Ellie." She called me. "I absolutely think you should leave your school." "What do you mean?" My eye brows furrow, confusion washes over me. The only sound being heard was the continuous tapping of her fingers at the door. "Why would you say so?." "Child," She strode in front me, staring at me with worried eyes. Sometimes, I feel she was hiding something from me, but you never can tell. "It has become dangerous." I moved away from her. "Mom. This is the fifth time I'm changing the location of study and this.." I pointed at her, "And this flimsy excuse is what I get. What exactly is the problem?" 
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Part 9
: I met a Siren. I walked into the messy detention class and everyone's attention focused on me. I looked around and found my supposed seat, somewhere I'd like to sit, i scrutinized the seat and scoffed.  I smell a prank. My table had no legs neither is the chair. I noticed that once i sank my butt in that chair, it would instantly gum to my butt. I heard a cleared throat behind me and i turned to see Mr Alan. "Find a seat." He ordered. I looked at where she was supposed to stand and teach, a bucket of paint placed up the ceiling with a rope tied down the window. "Take my advice, avoid the front corners of the classroom." I told him and started going to sit in between two guys, Jackson and his friend to their utmost surprise. I was still glaring back at Jackson when I heard a shout from Mr Alan. I gasped when I saw Mr Alan covered with crimson red paint and everyone burst into laughter except me
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Part 10
: At the diner. ~Stefan's POV~ I felt bad for Wendy. Wendy and I have been best friends since childhood. She was one of the few people who made my childhood memorable. Until one day, we decided to take it deeper, if I had known, I wouldn't have agreed to her first proposal. "Why don't we have fun and I'll back out when you find your mate?."  Haha, that was hilarious. We do things that mate does for each other and every moment we shared with each other was breathtaking, not until I found my way to WLHS.  The very first moment I stepped my foot into the building, I felt her. It was just like every moment everyone waited for and I knew my life wasn't gonna be the same anymore.  Ever since Wendy found out, it had been hell for her, Wendy is not someone you caution, you use action. Wendy tried every possible means to kill my mate. I was surprised after cautioning her oneday abo
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