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TEASERTHIS IS A TRUE STORY.Breaking the heart and ruining the life of her one true love. It's definitely a nightmare for Annabelle but it happened anyway.Now that she is back, will she be able to gain forgiveness after a several years of being apart.

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Mary Ann Cuico
nice story
2021-02-05 22:08:52
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Oni Kehinde
The cover got me hooked and the fact that it's a true love fe story prompted me further .Such a good read
2020-07-16 08:21:04
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Leiya Gonzales
Nice story!
2020-07-15 17:14:19
user avatar
Michael Shelby
A lovely start. I just began reading but i had to drop a review based on the intrigued nature of the book. Can't wait for more
2020-07-11 09:23:51
21 Chapters
“LADIES and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Thank you,” voiced over on the plane as it took off. "Finally, I’m back." Annabelle whispered with a smile as she hides a little pain in her chest. She looked outside her window and leaned on her arm rest. Watching from up above, she stared blankly at people who looked like ants and the buildings and houses that looked like toys. She fathomed, she’s home. Seven years. It had been seven years since she left for the states and stayed with her aunt. With those long years she only went back home in the Philippines once – when her father passed away. It was even only for a week. As much as s
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Miguel was cleaning his caliber 45 in his hut at their camp. That’s where he would live with the other soldiers. He felt like the gun is already a part of him. It was with him like forever. It was his partner way before he was still starting in the army up until now that he became an officer designated in this province. At the age of 28, he’s already successful with what he has achieved in the army. But he admits that it was not an easy road going to where he is now. He grew up in Laguna with his younger sister who he sends to college. They became orphans when their parents died in different causes. His father died with complications from diabetes. Her mother followed after a year because of a heart disease. “Bud, that’s enough. A genie might come out of there. Haha!” joked Rudy, his bestfriend who is also a soldier. “Come with me. Let’s go over to Manong Ben. He owns the store at the corner of this
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Jenny and Annabelle are preparing for their report to be presented in class. They sat on a round table at the students’ park. “Good afternoon, girls!” greeted Fred. He was Annabelle’s very persuasive suitor. He might have been sun bathing when the Lord showered the world with perseverance. No matter how many times Annabelle turns him down, he never gives up and would still keep on courting her. He was their schoolmate but he was taking a different class. Like the girls, he was also on his third year in college. He’s a son of a councilor who’s a very good old pal of Annabelle’s father. That’s why she also considered him to be her childhood friend. Fred was seemingly good looking and also intelligent but he’s slender and quite short. He’s almost at the same height as Annabelle. He is basically just not her type. She’s more attracted to men with big body builds; tall and muscular
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“SIS! I have one sizzling news. Definitely hotter than that fishball you’re eating” Jenny said in excitement. They were outside the school gate while Annabelle savoured the freshly cooked fishball that she bought. “Hmn, what again?” Jenny was always first on the buzz. Wether Annabelle liked it or not, she was also updated with what had been happening around. “Guess what?” Jenny started. “What?” “Those handsome soldiers will help our school’s security management. Which means, we get to see them and be close to them everyday! Oh how pleasing it is to our sight! My heart and eyes will be filled!” Jenny giggled. Maybe that was what they were talking about. “They look so good! Don’t you agree? I have a crush on the pale skinned one. I hope he’ll come here,” said Jenny.
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IT'S lunch break. Anna and Jenny rushed to the cafeteria to grab some decent meal but got stucked in an everlasting line."Anna, Jen, I'll join you. It's too boring to eat alone. Will that be alright?""Of course! You're free to join here," said Jenny."Before everything else, are both of you coming to the disco this Sunday? I hear the town captain got a new sound system, bet it will be awesome! Many of our neigboring town’s people will also join!" he said."Oh yeah! Let's go there , sis. How about cutting this monotonous school –home, home-school pattern? Sounds great, yes?""A, I'll try. You know, Dad would..." She’s sure as the sun set that her father will forbid her to go to such place. Her family’s what you call conservative."Don’t be such a killjoy! We can make a way. They say grab the beer while still full!' You know what I mean? Life is short, just like you!" Jenny said wit
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The next day afternoon, Miguel waited for Annabelle after school. He was quite a view while standing outside, wearing a white t-shirt, black leather jacket and faded jeans. He stood with his left foot and the other is on the footrest then leaned on his black motorcycle. He flashed a smile when the girls caught his eyes, especially when he saw Annabelle. Annabelle felt butterflies and sparks as she saw the dashing man’s handsome face. “Whoa, Annabelle! Is that who I think it is? It’s THAT guy, right?” Jenny insisted. “It’s Miguel. His name is Miguel.” Annabelle confirmed while fixing her hair and smiling back at the man. Jenny stood in front of her folding her arms.“Hmm...I remember someone warned me to watch out from those Manilenos. Who could that be?” “Can you just stop? Looks like the guy is genuine and maybe he has a
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While Annabelle is seated in the dining table.“Annabelle, It has come to my knowledge that Miguel frequently fetches you from school.” The girl was left unguarded with her father’s sudden interrogation. Even though she expected them to know about those things, she could not stop feeling startled.“Y-yes,” she answered in a lowly manner. Nervous that he might get angry and yell at her. She's a daddy's girl but her father can be as strict as a dictator sometimes.Silence ruled around the kitchen breaking in only the clanging of their silverwares. Mrs. Cora was even left unuttered.“Well, that’s nice to hear!” surprisingly, said her father. Annabelle looked up, totally shocked. Her mother had raised her brows even.“Oh, what’s with you two? That is actually good. My daughter now has a bodyguard, and on top of that, he’s an army official!” He proudly said with joy.“You’re...not mad, D
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It’s five past the afternoon when Annabelle finally finished her school project and got home. She had to submit it by Monday. Good thing, she worked on it early, so now, she can slack leisurely.As she opened their front door, her brows stretched upward by the sight of Miguel idly sitting in the living room with eyes directed on the TV. “Sir?” Annabelle’s face was a picture of bewilderment. “Welcome home,” he greeted with a grin, acting as if he owns the house. He then got up and took Annabelle’s things and set them aside on the chair. “Come, I prepared a snack for you. I’m sure you’re starving.” He headed to the kitchen while the girl stayed at the door, still puzzled. “Come on,” he tilted his head to emphasize the invitation. “Sir, where’s Mom and Dad? Why are you here?” she persistently aske
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Miguel continued his gestures to Annabelle. He still fetched Annabelle from school but this time he was more caring, sweeter and especially more protective. There were times that he got too strict particularly with the way she dressed but instead of Annabelle getting mad, she actually finds this cute and felt giddy with the idea.He also made sure to court Annabelle formally, and that matter started that night.Miguel looked dashing with his light blue jeans and black polo shirt. Traditionally, like what he promised too, he brought a bouquet of flowers and a huge teddy bear. Annabelle does not like sweets that’s why he didn’t bother bringing chocolates. Sometimes not only Annabelles gets something when he visits, her parents gets presents as well. Her parents warmly welcomed him because they liked him very well especially her father. Some days, it looked like Miguel is courting Annabelle’s father because both men spend the whole night chatting. He really fanci
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TUESDAY morning. Miguel was giving instructions for his troop in preparation for their mission. The entire batallion was properly lined in front of him, hads on their back and heads straight. All are full geared. “At exacyly ten hundred hours, everyone is expected to arrive the destination. Further instructions for this assignment will be given by Captain Francisco. He’s waiting for us there,” his voice resonated the entire area. Rudy, came behind him from nowhere and whispered, “Bud, your precious angel’s here. In the receiving area.” “Really? Thanks, Bud.” He then dismissed the others as he didn’t have anything to say anymore.
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