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After transferring to an isolated private Academy on his best friends request, Jason steps into a world he never expected to be in. Dealing with flirty teachers and students is a normal occurrence and one he's been good at forever because all his life he’s distanced himself from the illusion of love. Until he meets her. The Aloof Mystery Student. Never before has his resolve been tested in such a way and he finds himself disturbed by her presence and the strange familiar calmness she brings him. Are the strings of fate being mischievous? Could a teacher x student relationship be his downfall? For as long as Atlas could remember, her life's been a series of hurdles and vast walls she had to overcome. After the death of her Grandmother, she's thrown into a game orchestrated by her selfish father. She must fight not only the hatred of her brother, but the disapproving adults all around her. Meeting the annoying Jason Fairchild throws everything off the rails and she finally finds herself. Together, they stand a greater chance to overcome all internal and external wars they've been fighting. Will they be victorious or succumb to the harsh fates that have been written for them? Only Silence will tell...

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Tamika Kawonga
Lovely and captivating
2023-12-13 16:33:15
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Darlene Anderson
This book was well written. Loved it from the beginning to the end.
2023-02-17 23:31:35
user avatar
Really enjoying it!
2022-11-15 18:15:24
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Evelyn Vasquez
Awesome book ..! I really liked it!
2021-09-16 16:16:58
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Julia Nora
it's a well written story.. i love it. i am wondering, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-08-04 19:15:28
default avatar
What a beautiful story! I wish there would have been translation when needed, but otherwise this was well written. I would love a bonus chapter or maybe a sequel to see what happens next.. any chance on that author? 😊
2021-06-04 03:16:35
user avatar
Linda G
glad the two got their happily ever after
2021-05-23 04:53:20
user avatar
Ron S
So far this novel is progressing pretty well! Character and plot development are very interesting and after only reading a few chapters I can't wait for the future uploads!!
2021-04-01 20:11:23
43 Chapters
The first time I met silence was at the back of an empty classroom. My new classroom to be exact. I thought I'd come in early, get used to the room and start from there."Lessons begin at nine-thirty and it's only eight so I've got some alone time." The statement I held in my head was strung up in hope and sheer belief."I mean there's no way there'll be students here at this hour. I'm sure they're all still asleep after the Spring festival last night... right?"The confusion of this being a question or statement rolled about in the quietness of The Academy halls. Come to think of it, whoever named this school must've been really lazy because it just starts with "The" and ends with "Academy"."Good-morning Mr. Fairchild." The suddenness of the voice made me jump and I dropped my helmet, the sound echoing down the corridor. My eyes met the teacher before me, and I relaxed slightly."Good-morning Ms.
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The end of the week seemed to arrive much sooner than I thought it would. Adjusting to the school was just as quick and surprisingly smooth considering I'm surrounded by rowdy teens. The students were all talkative and energetic but I suppose it's because I'm the science teacher and the anatomy of the body is somewhat interesting to their age group - or they just prefer hearing their voices instead of mine. Although the school is rather small, I still haven't seen her again. She definitely doesn't attend my classes, nor my tutorial. I've searched the other classes with my only clues being the hat or headphones, but she was no-where.I'm starting to wonder if she's even really a student here. If she wasn't, why would she be wearing a uniform... idiot. Now I'm beginning to wonder if she was actually real. She was here quite early on Monday and then M.I.A all week?"What's with her?!" The anger in my voice surprised even me. Sigh."I n
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The soft hum of the music coming from my headphones move around in my head. Great, I fell asleep with them on again. I hurriedly take them off as I hear footsteps approaching my door. As he enters, I get up and move to the bathroom."Good morning Milady." I scowl at him before closing the door."I told you not to call me that old man." He starts to protest but I turn on the shower drowning out all the noise around me."Today you finally start attending the Academy normally again." He says as I exit the bathroom."So, back to fake normality. Hopefully, father doesn't find a way for one of his stupid games anytime soon." I stare at him as he places my pill bottle into my bag along with the text books I'd left on my table."Your father would be pleased with how well you're holding up Milady." Pleased my ass."We both know I'm still playing along with his stupid game because I have no c
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Going off quicker than I thought it would my alarm sounds through my headphones stalling my music.“Ugh, I've got five minutes to get to tutorial.” Sighing, I switch off my alarm, looking up at the sky... looks like rain. Sigh."Today truly is going to be interesting." As the final bell for tutorial rings, I begin making my way from the roof. By now, everyone's in their respective classes so weird looks are at a minimum, my footsteps sounding along the near empty halls. As I approach my classroom my body slows down and I stare at the door. Another day in paradise, right gran? With my headphones still on I push up the door and enter. The shocked looks on their faces are enough, and the gasps are blocked out by my headphones. I smile inwardly as he looks towards me, and by god that man’s eyes shouldn’t be on a teacher. Especially not him. Shallowing nervously, I step further into the room. He looks equally as shocked as my classmates but he quickly re
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"I can't believe she called me annoying." Taking another sip of my beer I glare at my colleague sat across from me laughing."That's Atlas for you. However, I'm surprised she even spoke to you," his brow arches as he looks at me over the brim of his glass, "I must hand it to you, your persistence, though annoying, really is beneficial.""What do you mean by beneficial?" Iask returning his stare."I mean maybe you'll be able to help her out of her shell. Help her have a more natural high school experience.""Wilson. I'm simply a teacher..." I place my glass on the table sitting back in my chair, "By the way. Why did you give her the sheet for the essay assignment without informing me?""I see she told you," he sighs as he finishes his drink. "Atlas misses lessons quite often because of her family situation, although no one really knows what that is exactly. However, she never fails any of her exams a
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My feet seem to move by themselves and before I knew it, I was standing behind her. Scanning over the contents on the pages I felt my body react. Clearing my throat, I look away and she jumps in response, a soft shriek escaping her lips."Atlas.""Sensei!" Her face goes blank and she snapped the book shut. The cover catches my eye and I smile as realization sets in."So that's what you read in school, Ms. Winters?" She glares at me before looking away."So what? These books are prohibited so I found a way to read them without disturbing anyone." her voice as she spoke seem to lose pitch and drift off at the end. Ah, so she can be cute too."I see. Is that what you're always reading?" I ask as I move to stand in front of her. As though on guard she moves her feet from the ledge turning to face me tucking the book in the satchel at her feet."No." She looks away again as a slight flus
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The ride to her house was quiet as we maneuvered through the late-night traffic. Far too quiet. Her light tap on my shoulder stops me in front of the Havens apartments blocks and she gets off."Is this really where your parents live?" I ask, looking from her to the building."No," I look at her in confusion, "this is where I live.""What?!" The surprise in my tone was evident as she stares back at me weirdly."I don't live with my parents. I live alone." Her tone was flat as she said the word parents."But... You're still in high school!" she continues to stare at me in that weird way with her head tilted to the side like a confused puppy, "What parent allows their sixteen-year-old daughter to live by herself! I don't care how much money you have." She continues to stare at me in silence."You really can be funny sometimes Sensei.""I'm serious, Atlas." I could feel
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I groaned, annoyed at the sound of my phone ringing. I knew who it was without even looking at the caller ID. He's been calling to wake me every weekday for the past two weeks, at the same time to ensure I don't sleep in, so I'm not... late. Sigh. Sensei, you need a better hobby."I do have an alarm you know." I answer with a sigh."Well, it doesn't seem to stop you from turning up to tutorial after the last bell, so, I'm your alarm." He sounds slightly sleepy still, a soft yawn escaping him causing me to smile broadly. I haven't been able to tell him that I do in fact arrive an hour early every day but just choose not to go to lessons till the last minute. To be honest, after what happened between us that night I still haven't told him much about me and he doesn't push me to answer the questions I know he wants to ask. I haven't told him exactly who and what I am and I don't think I have the guts to, well not now anyway. I mean how would anyone rea
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Following our eventful morning, I leave her in the classroom to go collect the attendance form from the office. And as scripted, someone was due to disturb my peaceful journey."What do you want Jon?""You seemed in high spirits so I thought I'd annoy you just a bit." I roll my eyes, ignoring him and continued walking."I swear you are the definition of a pain in the ass." He chuckles, making me frown. This guy is too weird."So, was that the chairman’s car I saw leaving as I was coming through the gate?""I wouldn't doubt it. He came by to welcome me apparently.""Hmm... he came personally? What's the old man planning now?" His voice was low but I could still make out enough of what he said and I stopped in my tracks."What do you mean? You know something don't you?" He grins, putting his hands up in surrender."I know nothing, my friend."
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Ah, there it is again. For the past couple weeks after the chairman’s visit that morning, she’s been called to the Head’s office every Wednesday during her lunch break and normally stays in there till the bell sounds again. She always looks more exhausted than she went in. I want to ask her to tell me more, but I know my poking and prodding isn't helping her. From the rumors, she's supposedly the student council president but that’s yet to be proven since no one's ever met the president - apparently. This school has a weird tradition where the presidents' identity is known only by the Head and the staff and then at the end of their three years, they reveal themselves and get rewarded based on their services and achievements rather than their families status. But for the past two years, no staff has known who it is, only the Head. Even the title of Council President was changed to Deputy Council Rep, meaning there’s definitely someone above. I can’t help but find it suspicious that t
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