Episode 25

 "Congratulations" My new family shouted as they brought out the cake from the kitchen to the dining table.

"I'm so proud of you" Mrs Smith.

 My mom said ruffling my hair which I had dyed dirty yellow. 

"That's all thanks to you.

"Dad" I said smiling and he returned the smile warmly, he was so proud of what I had become, even I wasn't his daughter. After having dinner with them and chatting with Ashley about her new school till she fell asleep, I left for my room, took out my old phone under a hidden box at the entrance which was covered with foot rug, it was a box imbedded in the floor, I dialled my mom's number and she picked at once, as if expecting my call, I told her about my progress and she was very happy with it, she congratulated me and wish me good luck, then I called my brother, sure that guy always had something to talk about, I didn't know how the time fly so fast, I had to sleep around 11.30

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