All Chapters of SILENT THOUGHTS : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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 This book is written, compiled and Edited by OYELEKE MARIAM BUKOLA (OMB) Email address :  Follow up on Instagram: oyeleke Mariyam BukolaDo follow my page on Facebook OMB stories, for more exciting and intriguing novels...  Disclaimer .........   Author This book is written, compiled and Edited by OYELEKE MARIAM BUKOLA (OMB) Email address : Do follow my page on Facebook OMB stories, for more exciting and intriguing novels...  DISCLAIMER This is a work of friction. Name, character, businesses, events, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner, any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental.  
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My name is Natalie Howard, a high schooler, I'm 18 years old and I come from a family of four, have an elder brother who schools outside the country by scholarship, well. I have an average family, my dad works as a secretary, and my mom is a beverage store manager, I wish I was normal like everyone else, why is that? My dad calls it a curse my mom calls it a gift, this is my secret ability, my ability to read people's minds, it all started after a heart transplant when I was 6, three days after I had a heart transplant after suffering from heart disease for two years, my parents finally raised the fund for the heart transplant, and that put me into a dilemma, i was still in the hospital when it all started, the doctor was thinking I had an obvious resemblance with his dead daughter, why the nurse was thinking the doctor back ass looks sexy... I was so confused hearing their thoughts so loud, I had asked the doctor if I really look like his dead daughter, he was so surprised, he asked h
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Episode 1
I couldn't wait to get to my new class final year will be fun...I thought but I knew it couldn’t be that fun, no friends no boyfriend, what a boring life I thought, I remove my headset, hang it over my neck, sipping my coffee before I took my seat, I could hear various thought, different things going through peoples’ minds so to avoid all of those I decided to put my headset back on.I was about to put my headset back on when something caught my attention, it was Hanna's inner voice 'he's so handsome’ I heard her exclaimed, ‘how can a nerd be so gorgeous' she added, I was starting to feel irritated, I looked back to see the new guy they were all ogling at, he wasn't bad I thought as I turned to the front, I saw Hanna staring at me, then I heard her inner voice say, 'looks like the isolated beauty found him attractive too', I smirked on that, and I heard her curse using her inner voice, ‘nobody does that to me,' she added then tu
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Episode 2
"What are you doing?" He asked me looking at me sternly, despite holding my hand I couldn't hear his thoughts, I pulled away from him and stood, "I wanted to wake you," I said and started moving, I was almost late for class, I saw Mr. Blair on the way but I run past him to get to class, looks like Mister handsome will face Mr. Blair after all, I thought as I settle down, Mr. Blair was a black dude who managed to make dread look cool, he was addressing us about the semester topics when Adrian came in. "Hey, you?" Mr. Blair called as Adrian was walking towards his seat, he turned to him in surprise "Why...are.. you...just coming?" He asked through gritted teeth annoyed, He was upset...really mad, he had a misunderstanding with one of the teachers and was ready to punish any student that messed up today, he didn't want to care if we just resumed, thanks to his mashed up thoughts I was able to pick out something. "I asked you why you are just coming!?" He yelled at the dumbfounded Ad
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Episode 3
"Mom I'm ready to go," I said standing from the dining table, well it's another day of school. "Goodbye dad, mom," I said pecking them both. "Bye dear," mom replied casually. "Bye" my dad shrugged taking his coffee, I don't get along well with my dad you can guess why. "Should I drop you off?" My mum offered, "No... I'll take the bus" I turned down politely raising my headset to my ear, finally leaving. I was leaving our compound which was fenced round with designed wooden bars, pointed and painted with white, when I saw Mrs. Smith's car, a small red Camry pass by, she stopped and call on me through the window, I didn't hear at first, but when I saw her head poked through the window I had to raise down my headset. "Morning" I greeted indifferently as I enter her car after beckoning me to get in. "Morning" Mrs. Smith and Ashley replied, Ashley was in front and I was sitting next to Adrian. "How are you, Natalie?" She asked nicely with a jolly bright smile on her face afte
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Episode 4
I know Adrian's problem was psychological, but I can't figure out exactly what was wrong with him. I sighed as I watch him in the clinic bed, we had rushed him to the school clinic after calling him several times and he was still unconscious, but he had been attended to after immediately he was brought. Mrs. Smith entered as I watch him sleeping peacefully after he was attended to, Mrs. Smith sighed after placing her hand on his forehead. "What happened?" She turned to me and asked after that. "He put up for me when I was ganged up against. Then he suddenly- "Reacted " Mrs. Smith completed and took her seat next to his bed. "He has a psychological problem. He is sociophobic, can't stay in a social environment, he is isolated, I didn't want him to be sociopathic because of his phobia, that's why I had him transferred to have him under my watch, so he can relate since we had it under control. We already get him some drugs that seem to work perfectly for him I just-" She sighed aft
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Episode 5
"Hi" I greeted feeling suddenly nervous. "And you are?" Adrian's dad asked turning to me. "Natalie... My name's Natalie" I introduced feeling a little terrified of him. "She's my friend" Adrian added proudly and he nodded, Thankfully. "Glad you finally had one" Mr. Smith commented, I could hear his thoughts too, he was really happy Adrian finally had a friend and he was worried as well. "I heard it happened again in school today," Mr. Smith said referring to the incident in school, from his thoughts he hate the fact that Adrian was weak which irritate me on my end because he was supposed to be on his side. "I'm sorry" I apologized making him stare at me. "I got into trouble and Adrian had to put up for me" I defended him. "Adrian put up for you?" He asked surprised, he really thinks Adrian is weak, always coiled up and avoiding trouble. "Yes...I was surprised he did that despite his condition" I added studying Mr. Smith's expression closely. "Nat-" Adrian tried to s
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Episode 6
Mrs. Smith brought me to school again and I thought that was somehow raising my savings I was glad. I didn't talk much to Adrian today, because many things were assumed already including something was going on between us, and not just that, I didn't want to be like I'm throwing myself at him. I shouldn't be the only one calling on him, he should try to be communicative...sometimes, Hanna has been giving me killer look since I arrived in school not just her but Bob too, they were planning something and I had no idea cause I couldn't get an explicit detail from their thoughts. During recess, I left to sign up for my extracurricular activity, I have always been a karate girl, and a good swimmer, I'm also a basketball freak but I couldn't sign up for basketball not now that I'm studying for my final exams, but I love Karate the best, I was the best karate student last year, I can't lie my ability is really helping in this, in every training I was able to gain more moves using the experts'
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Episode 7
"Hey, guys! don't you think you're suffocating us by filling up the space" I said trying to get them to move away, I could see Adrian was trying his best to hold it in. "Oh come on Nat...You should know no one gets this topic, it was like the teacher was rapping at the board all I could make out was X, that's all I keep hearing" Gregor gruffed and the class laughed as usual, Adrian was sweating, his breath getting shallow. "Adrian, would you mind teaching us the topic please?" Cassie pouted trying to look cute and pitiful but I grunted in disgust. "Oh come on guys we have somewhere to be," I said having a headache myself, my head was crowded, all noise in my head makes me wanna faint, I took his hand and take my bag since he was already carrying his and lead him out, we were around the stairs up to the floor of the library when I turned to Adrian as he was breathing so fast. "Hey, you okay?" I asked worried for him but he didn't say anything he just hugged me. "It's okay Adrian,
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Episode 8
The atmosphere between Adrian and I was a little bit tense after what happened, we all had dinner together and immediately after we finish doing that I heard Mr Smith's car pull by. "Looks like your parents are here," my mom said wrapping some pie in the kitchen serviette, she packed it up with two bottles of juice and handed them the basket. "Thanks, Mrs. Howard" They spoke at the same time but my mom just shrugged it off with a wave of her hand. "Don't mention darling" My mom said, then we heard a knock and I quickly get the door. "Hi Mrs Smith" I greeted and let her in. "Thank you so much, Mrs Howard, I'm really grateful for allowing my babies to stay with you," she said shaking my mom's hand. "You don't have to mention, I'm always available...anytime" My mom replied nicely, that was all that was said before Goodnight, I really couldn't make the rest out cause I had my headset on, then but I had to hold it down as I saw Adrian waving me goodnight so I waved back. "You know...
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