Episode 32

"Hey" I greeted as I sauntered into my room and my roommates all shoot to their feet immediately. 

"Where on earth have you been?" Andy literally yelled. 

"I'm sorry" I apologized timidly. 

"Well...I think you owe us all an explanation" Emily started with her face narrowed at me in question. 

"We were worried sick about you" Andy added, her voice lace with concern. 

"Guys...I'm fine, I just had take care something" I briefed. 

"'s your wound? I heard Nicholas whoop the ass outta ya" Emily mocked and I batted my lashes at her feeling irritated. 

"Emily! That's painful" Andy reprimanded her with a frown on her face.

"I'm's Tina?" I asked recalling she wasn't feeling so well. 

"You should worry more about yourself" I heard her mutter as she walked out of the bathroom with

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