Episode 31

"Come on guys" I said trying to persuade Andy and Alfred to talk to me since they refuse to say anything ever since the post was decided.

"You screwed up" Andy snapped harshly. 

"I'm sorry. I just think it's for the best, he's better than us-

"Don't you get it. You just made him a gamma, our team leader, he has authority over us. He's in control now and you just gave him your life Ari, like that wasn't enough. If anything happen to you...we don't know what we'll do" Andy explained despondently making me feel warm from the inside, she was very sincere.

"I'll be careful" I promised. 

"I'm sorry" I said with my hand on her shoulder. 

"It's okay" she said finally and I hugged her.

"Alfred" I called immediately I released Andy.

"Come here you" he said and I hug him, together with Andy.

"AAAA" He said taking a selfie of

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