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"You know, don't you?" I took a deep breath. His gaze was still on me. "What do you mean—" "Don't play dumb," he cut me off, and I swallowed. "I..." I paused and stared at the ground. "I don't know much... I don't know yet." "Do you know who I am?" I shook my head. "I know you're not normal." I looked up. "But I don't know why." His eyes flashed silver as I tried to read his expression, but came up empty. "I know your eyes change color because of your emotions. But I don't know what it means." As the room fell silent, he averted his gaze. ******* On her first day on campus, Rayline Hale, an average girl just starting college, never thought her world would change. That's when she meets Cole Spencer, a handsome young man who seems to be every girl's walking nightmare. With his cold stare and mysterious aura, Cole is a young man unlike any other. But behind his frightening appearance, Cole hides a secret that Rayline cannot understand. He is no ordinary man. This is the beginning of an adventure that will change Rayline's entire life. He opens the door to a world far beyond her imagination, where supernatural creatures roam and ancient secrets shroud human reality. The deeper Rayline digs for clues, the clearer the hidden truth becomes. But the closer she gets to Cole, the stronger her feelings for him become. The love that grows between them seems magical, though Rayline is terrified. How can she love someone who is not human?

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I'm in love with the first chapter! gotta finish this one!!
2023-11-21 20:42:42
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Liking it so far. Mysterious characters and suspenseful story is really keeping me on an edge.
2023-11-10 13:22:18
user avatar
I like it!! Looking forward to more!
2023-10-14 23:55:48
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Good story. Keep it up author .
2023-10-14 11:32:19
43 Chapters
Chapter 1 : First Day of College
Rayline Today is my first day at college. Yes, that's right, I, Rayline Hale, am now officially a college student. Just a few months ago, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my parents and my best friend. A month ago, when I walked through the gates of this college for the first time, I felt an unstoppable mix of excitement and anxiety. I knew this was the beginning of a new adventure in my life. High school was in the past, and now I was entering a new chapter. My day began with mixed emotions. In a panic, I shuffled my desk and quickly grabbed the books and pencils I needed. Then I checked myself in the mirror, hoping my hair wasn't too messy. Satisfied with my appearance, I quickly slung my college bag over my shoulder and hurried down the stairs to the front door. "Mom, I'm leaving now!" I called as I made my way to the kitchen counter, where my mother was busy working on her laptop. "All right, honey! Take care!" I heard my mom's warm reply, but she continued to work on her l
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Chapter 2 : The Cold Man
With my heart pounding, I waited for Nicolas to turn the corner and leave me alone. I tried to take a deep breath to calm the last of my nerves. But as I looked across the field, I saw Cole Spencer coming toward me. I immediately looked down, trying not to make eye contact with him as I stood there. I wondered if he was coming over to ask me why I was looking at him so strangely. But before I could prepare myself, he was already standing in front of me. I looked at him slowly until I found him looking at me, and I swallowed. He was tall, and even more handsome from up close. "You're in the way," he said bluntly. "What?" I blinked a few times. "You're blocking the door," he said, and I turned my head to see that he was actually standing right at the entrance to the building. "Oh," I said as I stepped aside. "Sorry." He gave me one last look, and I swear there was a flash of orange in his eyes as he pulled the door open and walked inside without saying anything. Nicolas told me tha
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Chapter 3 : Man with Discolored Eyes
I went through the rest of my classes without anything interesting happening. Since it was the first day, most of them were just going over the semester schedule and other boring things. Luckily, I didn't get lost a second time. "Hey!" I jumped at the voice behind me, but then I realized that it was Darren, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "How was class?" "You scared me!" I put my hand over my heart and he laughed. "And they're good, not too bad." He hummed in response and put his arm around my shoulders. "You want to grab some food and go back to your place?" "Ugh, I can't. I have to meet someone at the library for a project." "Ew, who's that?" "Cole Spencer," I said casually, but he gave me a weird look. "What?" "Nothing, it's just… I always get a weird feeling about this guy." "Do you know him?" I asked him. It was possible that he had interacted with him before. "Not really, he's like a friend of a friend. But there was something odd about him." "Odd, like what?" I ask
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Chapter 4 : The Cold Man with Colored Eyes
A part of me wanted to send Cole a message, to ask him if he was okay, to ask him why he had to leave so suddenly that day. But every time I started typing, I heard his voice in my head telling me not to message him except about the project. But why should I care? My other classes for the week were going well. I had met some nice people so far, but no close friends yet. Meanwhile, Darren made sure to talk to me every day, which I always appreciated. I was surprised when Taylor greeted me a few times when we passed each other on campus. We didn't have that class again, so we only had one interaction, but he's still very nice. It's Saturday, so I've been at home the whole day, getting some work done. I'm typing on my laptop when I notice my phone is on. Darren is calling. "Hey, do you want to go to a party tonight?" His voice sounded cheerful as always. "Party?" My eyebrows knit in confusion. "Yeah, one of my friends is having a party. It should be a lot of fun. So get out of the h
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Chapter 5 : Sparks of Jealousy
And with that, something clicked inside me. I tried to be nice and ask him if he was okay, but instead he snapped at me and told me to leave. My jaw clenched and I knew for sure that he could see the anger that was building up inside of me. "All right, but a word of advice for you, cold bastard — when someone is being nice to you, maybe you shouldn't act like a jerk," I said, the words coming out uncontrollably, but I didn't regret it, and he seemed annoyed by my words, the orange color in his eyes flashing even brighter this time. He opened his mouth to speak again, but his voice was cut off by another. "Hey! Look who it is!" I turned around to see a man, who was not familiar to me, suddenly come over and put his arm around Cole's shoulders. However, from the look on his face, it seemed that he was not happy with the man's presence. The man was of medium build with dark brown hair and was obviously drunk, judging by his body movements and the single shot that he was holding. "I ne
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Chapter 6 : Chased by the Demon
I wanted to say no again, but there was a look in his eyes, something sincere. I nodded reluctantly and he grabbed my wrist, lifting me from Hayden's lap and pulling me into a secluded hallway. I stumbled a little as we walked, and when he stopped, I stood up and crossed my arms. "Anything you want to talk about..." "I'm sorry," he said. There was silence between the two of us as we stood frozen. The last thing I expected from him was an apology, and now I'm really surprised. "What?" I say and he sighs and looks away. "I'm sorry, okay?" He pauses, seeing how surprised I am. "I shouldn't have been so rude to you. You were just trying to be nice." I watched him closely, not sure if he was being honest or not. But something inside of me told me that he was being honest, and I nodded my head. "It's okay." I looked down and played with my fingers. "I've been a bit nosy." I looked back up. There was a small smile on his face, and his eyes sparkled with a hint of yellow. And just like
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Chapter 7 : Your Eyes Tell
There was a warmth that surrounded me as my mind struggled to figure out what was going on. It was dark. I could barely see. But as the light slowly increased, I could make out the outline of the face above me. It took a while for my vision to clear, but when it did, I could see that it was Cole. He was holding me. My head was pressed up against his chest as he carried me, stepping over large branches and rocks along the way. "Wh-what? What happened..." before I could finish asking, a voice called out to me. "Ray!" I heard Darren's voice calling in the distance and when I looked out I saw that Cole had carried me back to Taylor's house and Darren was running over to me. "Where the hell are you going?" I could see the worry on his face and he looked at me and Cole as he helped me stand up. I grabbed his shoulder as I struggled to come back to reality, and he held out his hand to make sure I was steady. " She's had too much to drink," he said curtly as he handed me to Darren. I ra
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Chapter 8 : Project Together
I entered the lecture hall and rubbed my eyes as I made my way to my desk. I wasn't sure why I was so tired. After all, I was just doing my homework and relaxing because I wasn't allowed to leave the house due to the party incident earlier that night. Maybe it was because my mind was still running a mile a minute no matter how hard I tried. I plopped down in the chair and leaned over the table, resting my chin on my arm as a pillow. I only opened my eyes when I heard someone sitting next to me. I was expecting to see Taylor greeting me with a smile, but instead it was Cole, and I quickly stood up to straighten up my sitting position. "Hey," he said as he pulled out a notebook. "Uh... Hi," I looked at him strangely. "What?" He raised his eyebrows and I blinked a few times. "Nothing, I just didn't expect you to sit next to me." I then reached into my bag and pulled out my own notebook, and he hummed quietly in response. I began to fiddle with my pencil. Why the hell did he want to
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Chapter 9 : With Cole
Neither of us spoke for a minute until I finally sat down. "So," I said, and he blinked as he clapped his hands together, "I've been doing a little research on the stories of angels, their attributes and so on." I pulled my laptop and notebook out of my bag."Me too." He took out his textbook as well."Good, now we just need to discuss more about demons," I said as I typed on my laptop and started to concentrate."Okay, I've already highlighted this chapter." He opened the book to the right page and ran his finger along the words. I leaned over to read along, not realizing that my face was hovering next to his. He swallowed slightly uncomfortably and turned the page. "I - um." I turned to him, waiting for what he was going to say. "It says here about their powers and stuff." He pointed to a section and I began to read the notes aloud."Superhuman strength, speed, intelligence..." I continued reading. "Shapeshifting?" I said, tilting my head towards him. "I didn't know there was such
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Chapter 10 : Wounds and Whispers
I glanced down at the notebook to see the notes I had scribbled : Hazel = fear, anxiety — Green = envy/ jealousy? Orange = annoyance — Red = lust, anger Pink = ? — Yellow = happy? Blue = sadness Silver = ? Healing? Speed? Strength? I immediately slammed the notebook down and put my hand on it. At the same time, I closed my textbook, which was still open on the chapter about mythical creatures, and pushed all my notes aside as a wave of panic spread through my body. "Wh-what-what, it's just something for another class." I did my best to sound convincing, but when I raised my eyes to look at him, he was still frozen. When his eyes finally lifted to look at me, I could see a flash of hazel behind the contact lenses, fear. "I - um, I have to go." He quickly went back to his things, grabbing everything and putting it in his bag. "Wait, where are you going?" I asked frantically. "I-I have to go home...sorry." He slung his bag over his shoulder. "W-wait, um..." He stopped and tur
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