Episode 29

"I have nothing to do with what was stolen" I declared though many believed me. They still find it very hard to accept it.

"Andy....did you see her take it?" Mrs Georgia asked but Andy stood looking at me. She was certain she saw me but, she wasn't completely sure. 

"Andy" Mrs Georgia called some of softly after seeing how quiet she was. 

"I...I don't know, I can't remember" She finally answered looking at my sombre expression. 

"Alfred" Mrs Georgia called out to Alfred. 

"I didn't" he declared without doubt. He had a memory of seeing me though, but he just couldn't bring himself to tell them he saw me.

"But you both agreed you saw her closing her locker after putting some files inside. Which was found out to be exactly what we we're looking for?" Mrs Georgia asked staring at them suspiciously. 

"I said books...not files" Alfred rephrase

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